10 Best Places To SUP In Florida


The Florida waterways are filled with sights that are simply stunning. This and the warm weather make it the perfect destination for standup paddleboarding. Whether you are using an inflatable paddleboard or a hard top SUP, the watersport is ideal for all ages which means that anyone can enjoy the beauty and wildlife that is found in Florida.

These are the 10 best places for paddle boarding in Florida.

1. Augustine

St Augustine is Florida’s oldest city. Many stand up paddle boarders who have discovered its unique waterways will happily return here. The Matanzas river for one is very simple to access as well as Faver-Dykes state park.

Also, you can head out to the Castillo de San Marcos and enjoy the cannons as you cruise on your SUP. The experience is simply remarkable.

And the fact that the waters here are gentle means that you can put down the paddle and lay on your back and simply relax. You can even do Yoga on your Yoga paddleboard. The beauty of nature is unspoiled and there is plenty to take in.

2. Destin

Whenever you are in the northwest of Florida, check out the peaceful and beautiful waters around Destin. This is another great SUP Florida destination. Beach lovers are particularly attracted to this side of Florida owing to the soft sands and natural beauty. This is also a great place to bring kids on their paddleboards for kids.

There are plenty of areas around the waterways to explore which include bayous, and intercoastal canals. Just make sure you are using the best stand up paddleboard.

And while you are on your SUP, there are plenty of chances for you to spot beautiful marine life.

While you are here, why not visit Crab Island, a now eroded island that serves as a stop for sailors where they can tie their boats after spending a fun and productive day in the ocean. The sights here are simply magical and the area includes restaurants where you can fill up on delicious seafood.

Also, check out the Big Kahunas water park where you get the chance to race through the slides. You can even simply take a glide along the lazy river. At the big Kahunas, there is something for all ages.

If you love spending time with the animals, check out the Gulfarium where you can interact with dolphins, turtles, and plenty more. Put on your snorkeling masks and get in the water with stingrays.

3. Naples

One of the main destinations in Florida that you want to check out is Naples. It is nicely located being situated on the gulf and having calm waters makes it a great choice for paddleboarders.

The fact that the waters here are so calm makes this location among the best places for beginners to learn the art of SUP Florida on their beginner stand up paddleboards. And if you are an animal lover, then you will almost certainly enjoy watching dolphins playing in the water.

You are also likely to spot sea turtles coming up for air. This is an idyllic location that doesn’t see many tourist crowds compared to other destinations in Florida.

Back in 2016, two Naples beaches were named the best beaches in the US so you know that this is one area in Florida you want to check out.

And when you are feeling hungry, Naples hosts both local and international cuisine that is sure to ignite your taste buds. Whether it’s Japanese food or French cuisine, you will find it all in Naples.

If you are an avid fisherman or you would like to try fishing from your standup paddleboard, Naples is a great destination. You can catch fish from the corkscrew swamp, the everglades, as well as the gulf. And to get to some of Naples’s remote locations, you can rent an SUV from the many car rental businesses to be found here.

4. St Petersburg

St. Petersburg leaves paddleboarders simply spoilt for choice.  With both the bay and the gulf located on either side, there are plenty of sights to take in.

You will share the area with other watersport enthusiasts thanks in part to the clear and blue waters, marine life, and excellent weather which can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

As a SUP enthusiast, you can check out the other nature tours that are provided in St. Petersburg. Here you will glide through the bays, waterways, mangroves, and nearby islands. Make sure you choose the best all-around paddleboard.

What’s more is that when you finally get out of the water, you will be able to enjoy the year-round festivities. There is always a party whether it’s the Clear Water Jazz holiday or the Highland Games which take place in April.

You can also enjoy the arts and tastes. And when you are feeling hungry there is a variety of delicious seafood to choose from including grouper which happens to be the official dish of the city.  There is always something to occupy your time in St. Petersburg.

5. Florida Keys


One of the most recommended areas for SUP Florida is the Florida Keys. One of the main reasons why is due to the variety of natural beauty to see here including the beautiful marine life which can be seen under the water. Why not try out that aqua marina paddleboard.

Such stunning beauty includes coral gardens. You will also pass through mangrove forests and the great thing is that the waters here are calmly making them perfect for the SUP enthusiast.

And as you glide in these waters, you may even come across turtles as well as playful dolphins that will be more than happy to come closer and check you out.

You will want to keep paddle boarding up until the sunset as the experience is simply magical and unforgettable. Watch the sun go under on the horizon as it casts its golden rays across the water.

6. Miami beach

There are many things that you can do in Miami and one of them is stand-up paddleboarding with plenty of sights to see around the waterways of Miami. Receiving plenty of sunshine year-round, you can make the trip any time of year. Don’t forget to bring your paddleboard accessories.

If you live in cold climates and are looking for the perfect tropical destination, then Miami should be top of your list. Spend the day paddleboarding in Florida and enjoy the awesome nightlife in the city that never sleeps.

Also, why not spare some time to go on a road trip through the keys, the beautiful archipelago of islands all connected by bridges. And when you want to get in tune with mother nature, the everglades are not very far. Here you can spot the invasive Burmese pythons or the huge alligators among plenty of wildlife. It is also an excellent place to go birdwatching.

One of the best views that you are going to enjoy is the city skyline. With your SUP you can even make the trip through Biscayne bay and be in awe of the beauty of the Vizcaya Museum. You can take a trip to the lagoon and enjoy the crystal-clear waters to be found here.

7. Santa Rosa Beach

This beach is found to the west of Panama. The beach is characterized by its white sands and beautiful picturesque landscape. It is quite large with plenty of sights to take in within its 26-mile stretch.

Ride the bayou on calm waters on your SUP as you slowly explore what lies in the banks. There are plenty of areas to paddleboards such as Choctawhatchee Bay or Hogtown bayou. Good quality stands up paddleboard for touring is the best. Here you are also going to take in the architecture of the beautiful homes that are built next to the water.

You can also head off to the Santa Rosa sound where you will experience the natural beauty of Florida’s waterways which has remained untouched and pristine. There is the point Washington state forest for animal lovers and those that want to get closer to nature.

The forest is green and lush with plenty of camping spots within.

8. South Walton

South Walton in Florida’s panhandle is a great place for stand-up paddleboarders. You are simply spoilt for choice in this location starting from the Gulf all through to the Choctawhatchee Bay.

There are up to 16 beaches to choose from in south Walton with plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy some great local and international cuisines as well as being a great place for a multitude of water sports.

Remember to always wear your SUP life vest.

It allows you an escape from the hustle of the city life bringing you close to nature and allowing you to unwind and reset your natural clock. All this while you take in some amazing natural sights. Do not forget to carry your camera as you are going to need it.

It is less crowded in this part of Florida and you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing glide across the water as you take in all the natural beauty and wildlife. Here you will see coastal dune, lakes, and may even be treated to a pod of dolphins.

And once you feel like you want to Join your paddleboard enthusiasts, you can head out to Miramar beach. After spending your time in the water, relax at the beach surrounded by white sands.

9. Bahia Honda State Park

This is among the remotest places in Florida. The Bahia Honda state park features an array of different landscapes all of which provide a unique and beautiful experience for the paddleboarder. This area is part of the Florida Keys region.

The beaches here are serene and unique. While being just a few of them, this location is a great spot for snorkeling. If you wish to combine your SUP paddleboard with snorkeling just make sure that you bring your snorkeling gear with you and head out to some of the most beautiful spots in the Bahia Honda State Park.

If you live near the area then a paddleboard car roof rack is a great way to transport your SUP.

And don’t worry about bringing your equipment as you can rent out most of the gear that you are going to need when standing up for paddleboarding in Florida. And once you have made the most of your time in the water, go ahead and buy your souvenirs at the many shops to remind you of your time at the Bahia Honda state park.

It is a big island and is one of the most pristine locations for paddleboarders. Due to the many waterways found here, beginners and expert paddleboarders will have a great time. There are many diverse sights to enjoy including the local wildlife.

If you are lucky you may see a shoal of wading birds and sometimes even a manatee.

10. Grayton beach state park

Another hotspot for SUP enthusiasts in Florida is Grayton beach state park.  One of the main reasons for this is because it is situated between Panama and Destin. Many different outdoor adventures can be experienced here and this also contributes to a large number of paddleboarders who choose to come here.

You can even combine paddle boarding Florida with hiking. The best place to go paddleboarding in this location is Western Lake that is found inside the park.

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There are many areas in Florida where you can take your SUP and join up with like-minded SUP enthusiasts. Combined with its natural beauty and wildlife, pristine beaches with white soft sands, and amazing landscape, Florida is an excellent paddle boarding destination

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