Ahera Osia – The Ultimate Fitness Solution Review


The Osia smart sensor made by Ahera is one of the most useful tools you can have if you are planning to embark alone on a long workout routine. By communicating in real-time with your smartphone, the device can keep track of your every move as you lift weights, do push-ups or pull-ups, or any kind of repetition. You can then look at your progress over time, comparing your results with a huge online community, so you can stay motivated and focused on the next objective.

When working out, and especially when you’re doing it alone, maintaining your motivation is one of the hardest things to do. Bringing yourself to do all the repetitions you have on schedule without anybody watching over you and giving you that little push is extremely difficult, especially in the beginning when you don’t see the results yet. This often ends up in the person just giving up on their goals and objectives.

Thanks to a smartly designed and user-friendly interface, the Ahera Osia is the ideal tool to help you overcome your resistance by keeping track of your progress over time, motivating you to always push your limits a little bit, every day. The app lets you select which exercise you want to do and emits a sound when it’s time to move to the next one. Analyzing your workouts and sharing them online will then make you further understand how you can improve, working effectively to turn your workout routine into a regular habit that you won’t want to walk away from.


From the outside, the Osia looks very sleek and modern, albeit very simple. The sensor is enclosed in a tough black plastic box, with a small LED light to let you know when it’s on, and it connects to a rubber wrist strap thanks to stainless steel lugs. The device is designed to be worn like a watch so it can track your body’s movements but also features a magnet in its case so you can stick it on the moving part of one of the machines and be completely free in your workout.

What is remarkable is not what catches the eye from the outside, but rather what happens between the device and the connected smartphone. Housing a state-of-the-art motion sensor, the Osia can send real-time updates to the app you have installed on your phone, which allows you to keep track of your progress, count your repetitions, and analyze all your workouts once you’ve completed them. A point system keeps you motivated to reach the next objective on your list.

The system leaves you free to completely focus on the effort, without having to worry about remembering to add more weight, since the app will also remind you of that. As you progress, you can also receive tailored suggestions on how to up your game and push your limits even further. You can choose between many pre-made workout routines, so you don’t need to spend time looking for them on the internet. Your progress is also recorded on the app, along with other data such as calories burned, so you can get extra motivation from seeing that you are improving after every session.

The motivating effect of tracking your progress is amplified by the fact that you can share your results online, with a vast community of users that are also in need of motivation. The app gives you the possibility to challenge your friends or respond to pre-made challenges, send congratulations and kudos to other users for their achievements and, in general, connect with like-minded people that can help you overcome the mental block that sets in after an extended period of working out on your own.

The Ahera Osia uses Bluetooth connectivity to communicate with your smartphone and has a battery that is rated to last more than six hours. There are several different color options available for the wrist band, to match your gym outfit for the day, and Indiegogo backers will also receive an included protein shaker when their product is delivered. Much care has also gone into the manufacturing process, which is kept as environmentally-friendly as possible by using only recycled plastic. Delivery is also carried out with plastic-free packaging.

Here is a complete list of features of the Ahera Osia fitness solution

  • The hard plastic case houses an excellent movement sensor
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows real-time tracking of exercises
  • The app counts repetitions and tells you when to switch exercise
  • Progress is tracked for motivation
  • Large archive of pre-made workout routines
  • Access to a huge online community
  • Access to remote challenges
  • Long-lasting battery life



Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 16 mm

Weight: 40 grams

Battery life: 6+ hours

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Materials: Recycled PC, stainless steel, silicone

User Experience


Usability: The Ahera Osia has been designed to provide the user with a smooth and enjoyable experience, and it shows. The motion sensor only features one simple button, to switch it on or off, and connectivity is quick and without hiccups. Its design is beautiful and simple, and the device itself is so small and lightweight that you'll soon forget you have it on.

The app itself is very user-friendly, clearly displaying the information you need in easy to read fonts and providing intuitive menus. Thanks to the smart use of color, the app makes it very easy to navigate to where you need to be, and the audio cues used to let you know when it's time to switch machines are the little touch that gives that feeling of having a truly premium experience.

Motivation: Being able to keep track of your progress after every workout can be a huge boost for your motivation to keep exercising, and the Ahera Osia is the perfect tool for the job. Seeing your stats gradually improve gives you that gratification you need to go on, and being able to connect with a huge online community of people just like you is another great tool the help you continue. If you are someone who needs a little push to get started, then the Ahera Osia may well be a perfect fit. The app also lets you set personalized goals so you can manage your training down to the smallest detail.


  • Beautifully designed and easy to use
  • Small and lightweight motion sensor
  • A huge online community to share with


  • Battery life may not be enough for some users

Overall Rating


Usability: 98% - As far as usability, there is very little to complain about regarding the Ahera Osia. The motion sensor is very straightforward to use and connectivity with your phone is never an issue. Being able to magnetically fasten it to a machine is a very nice touch and extremely convenient. The app is intuitive to use and the menus are very well designed, letting you easily navigate through all the available information and rapidly find the data you need. Progress is nicely displayed so you can have an idea of how you are doing with only a glance.

Motivation: 98% - Many gym-goers end up giving up too soon on their workouts because they get frustrated by the lack of results. Combine this with repetitive training sessions all by yourself, and you can easily understand why. The Ahera Osia fixes both of these issues in a single swoop, providing the user both with a very accurate way to track progress and means of communications with a whole online community of other users, who are likely struggling with similar issues. Seeing yourself progress almost in real-time and sharing with others on the way can provide a great boost in motivation, helping you bring your workouts to the next level.

Price: 96% - Unlike many other smart devices on the market, the Ahera Osia manages to keep price reasonably well contained, when you consider the features it brings to the table. Since you can already rely on your smartphone and only need to purchase the motion sensor, the investment you have to front is truly small compared with your potential gains in terms of physical and mental well-being. Just buying the device may be an extra source of motivation by itself, and you can even save on a gym membership since the app can guide you through many exercises you can do at home, with minimal gear.

Overall: 98% - The Ahera Osia fitness solution may just be the thing you need to help you get fit and stay motivated while you work out. Blending advanced motion sensor technology, a very well designed and easy to use the app, and a large online community, it can give you the support and guidance you need without having to rely on an expensive personal trainer. As smart devices make their way more and more into our lives, we believe this to be an example of how things are done right.

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The Ahera Osia fitness solution is a very well designed gadget that can make a significant difference in the intensity and frequency with which you work out. It is one of the best smart devices we have seen, whose unobtrusive size but excellent functionality can seamlessly blend into your daily life without a hiccup, making it better and more connected to the world.

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