OmniFob All In One Smart Remote For Home And Auto Review


OmniFob All In One Home And Auto Smart Remote

Can you imagine having a universal remote control for all the smart devices in your home, car, or anywhere else? The all-new OmniFob from Keyport offers exactly that. Instead of taking out your phone and switching between apps to perform the tasks you want, everything is now just a few clicks away. The OmniFob can be programmed for dozens of different actions, making things incredibly fast and easy.

This neat little device uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone and controls the IoT-enabled devices using the smartphone app that comes with it. The OmniFob has intuitive buttons with programmable functions, as well as visual and audio signals, and the setup is done through the mentioned app. One of the things we particularly like is OmniFob’s ability to control cars via MoboKey. Besides, you also get extra features like the integrated flashlight or Keyport’s Anywhere Pocket Clip. If you like how all of this sounds, make sure to read the rest of our review and learn more.

What makes this smart remote stand out

  • Universal remote for your house, car, and any other smart device
  • Operates using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Quick Controls significantly increase the functionality
  • Panic button and emergency functions
  • Keyport OmniFob app is easy to use

Model & Accessory Specs

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Physical buttons: 2

Battery Type: Rechargeable

Display Type: LED


Keyport has managed to pack an impressive number of features in the OmniFob. You’ll be amazed by how much you can do with just a couple of buttons and a few other gestures. Take a quick look at everything this sleek-looking remote control has to offer:

  • Connects to the smartphone using BLE and saves power on both devices
  • Controls the most popular smart home devices via SmartThings and Yonomi
  • Two buttons that allow smart clicks (multi-clicks, long and short clicks) for different actions
  • RGB light function and buzzer for easily finding the desired action
  • Long battery life and level indicator on the device and in the phone app
  • The compact size makes it easy to fit in your pocket
  • Equipped with a small flashlight
  • Bluetooth Locator powered by Chipolo for locating the OmniFob with your phone (and vice versa)
  • Compatible with Keyport’s modular key organizers and pocket tools
  • Control remote start, lock/unlock, trunk on any vehicle with MoboKey system installed



Connectivity: BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) 4.2 and up

Range: 60 feet

Physical buttons: Two (with smart click options)

Battery type: Rechargeable, with on-display level indicator

Display Type: PMOLED white

Max number of scenes/routines: 100+

Additional features: RGB light indicator, buzzer, Bluetooth locator, remote camera trigger, mini flashlight, removable Anywhere pocket clip, panic button function

Compatibility (out of the box): Samsung SmartThings ecosystem, Yonomi ecosystem, Chipolo, Mobokey, Nexx Garage

Smartphone app: iOS and Android

User Experience


How It Works: As we mentioned earlier, the OmniFob uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your device (the BLE, to be more precise). This is a great solution because the Bluetooth connection isn’t active the whole time but only when the device is in use, which saves a lot of battery power.

When discussing functionality, the OmniFob is a truly versatile device that can do almost anything you want. It can control the house locks, garage doors, lights, alarms, power outlets, and much more. It can also be programmed through the app to perform action sequences on command (for example turn of the lights, lock doors, and activate alarms with one command). It can also work as a remote for your car if your car has a smart device installed (Mobokey for example).

Quick Controls: Despite having only two buttons, the OmniFob can be programmed to perform more than a hundred different actions. For the actions that you use most, you can set up the so-called Quick Controls (which we really like). These allow you to act without even looking at the fob. There are five programmable Quick Control gestures – double click select button, quad click select button, long press mode button, long-press select button, and shake and press the select button.

In addition to this, you can also program the RGB lights and buzzer to help you find the option you want (without looking at the screen). For example, you can program the garage door open function to go with a blue light and a buzzer when you select it, so you don’t have to read through the functions list to find it. All these innovations really contribute to the overall user experience.

Compatibility: One of the best things about the OmniFob is how easily it works with other devices right out of the box. The Keyport app we mentioned is fully compatible with Samsung SmartThings and Yonomi, and by syncing with those two apps you can control a huge number of devices and appliances around your home, even an automated pool in your backyard.

Additionally, the OmniFob also works with Chipolo, Mobokey car system, Nexx garage systems, and others. If you want to add any other IoT device to OmniFob, you need to allow the Keyport app access to the third-party app (that controls the device you want to add), enable the device within the Keyport app, and it will show on the remote. As for hardware compatibility, the OmniFob comes with Anywhere Pocket Clip from Keyport and is fully compatible with other Keyport holders and devices.

Additional features: On top of the things we mentioned, the OmniFob has a few more tricks up its sleeve. One of the things we particularly like is that it can be used in emergencies and dangerous situations to send a distress call. You can program a certain gesture as a panic button, for example clicking it 5 or more times. It will then send a fake call to your phone, send or call a phone number, or send your location to someone.

Another great feature is the BLE locator. This device is powered by Chipolo, which allows you to find it through the app if you lose it (it starts beeping). As a bonus, you can also locate your phone the same way if you’ve misplaced it. We mentioned the integrated flashlight earlier, and it’s a really cool and useful addition.

Security: With a gadget like this, people are often worried about security. However, with OmniFob, you have nothing to worry about because the device itself basically keeps no data. There are no biometrics, no history, no private information, and it doesn’t connect directly to the smart device, but through the mentioned Keyport app.

Even if your OmniFob gets stolen, nobody can control your devices without access to your phone. It only works in a 60ft range (from the phone), and you can also disconnect it within the app and stop its operation entirely.


  • Works with nearly any smart device
  • Compact and convenient to carry
  • Functions are easily programmable
  • Excellent smartphone app
  • Visual and audio signals
  • Locate function
  • Very low energy consumption


  • Takes some time to learn the functions

Overall Rating


  • Features: 100% – The OmniFob is designed as an all-in-one remote, and it really stands true to this description. As we said, it’s amazing how many features Keyport was able to fit in such a small device. Thanks to its design and the connection to your smartphone, this remote can control literally anything in your smart home (or car).
  • Build quality: 90% – Keyport products are really well-made, and the OmniFob is no exception. The casing is tough, durable, and easily handles daily use. The manufacturer also says that the product is water-resistant, meaning that it can handle some light rain or splash without breaking down.
  • Design: 95% – The creative design is where OmniFob really shines. It’s really small and lightweight, so you won’t even feel you have it on you. The combination of the LED screen, the RGB light, and the buzzer function make selecting the desired mode a piece of cake. The smart click buttons are well-made, although we imagine it will take some time to get used to different click options.
  • Overall: 95% – We are really impressed with the OmniFob, and think that a device like this was needed for a long time. It has amazing functionality and makes operating things around your smart home much quicker and easier, so we think it really deserves the high rating.

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To sum things up, the OmniFob is the perfect solution for all of you who want a do-it-all remote for all the smart devices you own (in your home, car, or anywhere else). Using Bluetooth, it connects to the Keyport OmniFob smartphone app and works as a shortcut for any action you need (without ever taking the phone out of your pocket).

Also, let’s not forget the additional features like the panic mode if you are in danger or the integrated flashlight. It’s pretty clear how convenient the OmniFob can be for everyday use, so give it a thought and take your smart home to a higher level.

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OmniFob All In One Smart Remote For Home And Auto Review
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