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Pushing the boundaries of urban mobility, the Olaf Scooters provide you with a cool and smart way to carry your stuff around the city in a multipurpose package. Incorporating a foldable scooter into a backpack or a suitcase, the Olaf Scooters solve in one single stroke the problem of having to carry around a lot of stuff while remaining mobile and fast.

Before this invention, nobody would imagine heading out on a scooter while carrying a big backpack or a bag full of groceries. The bulk and weight are simply too much to handle if you have it around your shoulders since it moves your center of balance way too high to be able to comfortably maneuver a scooter. On the other hand, only using a trolley slows you down considerably.

Now, thanks to the Olaf Scooters, this problem is solved. Not only that, but two different models are available, Business and Urban. The Business model doubles as a carry-on bag that is designed to pass airport controls, while the Urban model also hides a skateboard under its hood. The Olaf Scooters are one of those products that change the way we think about our habits, bringing creative solutions into everyday life.


The basic idea of the Olaf Scooters is to combine a scooter into a suitcase or a backpack, enabling the user to quickly switch between the two uses. The company has made two different models, intended for two different everyday scenarios, which we will now examine separately and in detail. In both cases, the scooter rests against the back of the bag when it is not in use and can be quickly deployed and locked in place with a pedal.

The Business model is designed to bring a cool touch to workdays and corporate environments. When nothing is extended you would be forgiven if you mistook it for a simple trolley suitcase, so well does the scooter blend in with the back panel. Once you decide to use it, a strip of the back panel descends smoothly and can be quickly locked in place, with the trolley handle figuring and the main scooter bar. The height can also be adjusted with two clasps. The Olaf Business Scooter is sized to be brought on an airplane as a carry-on bag and has enough space to hold a 17-inch laptop. It can be loaded with up to 120 kg of material and has an overall volume of 25 liters. 

The Urban scooter is designed for less formal scenarios, and unlike the Business model, the scooter platform can be completely detached and used as a skateboard. The Urban scooter features an ergonomically shaped backpack that is attached to the trolley bars with two clips and rests on a wide platform. With this model you can also choose to detach the backpack and replace it with a bag of your choice, so you can even just use it as a shopping trolley if you should need one. The backpack is waterproof and includes a wheel cover so you won’t get your back dirty after you’ve ridden the scooter around. The scooter platform is made from flexible wood, designed to absorb the impact of road bumps. The whole setup weighs little more than 5.2 kg, can also host a laptop up to 17 inches wide, and has a volume of 26 liters.

Here is a recap of the most important features of the two models:

Olaf Business Scooter

  • Compacts down to suitcase with is carry-on certified
  • The Scooter board is easy and quick to deploy
  • The corporate look fits well in formal situations
  • Has space for a laptop up to 17 inches
  • Adjustable trolley handle height

Olaf Urban Scooter

  • Comes with an ergonomically designed backpack
  • Scooter board can also be used just like a skateboard
  • The backpack is replaceable with any other bag
  • A protective wheel cover prevents clothes from getting dirty
  • Flexible wooden scooter platform



Olaf Business Scooter

Dimensions: 55 x 34 x 23 cm, 21 x 12 x 8.5 inches

Total weight: 5 kg, 11 pounds

Maximum load: 120 kg

Volume: 35 liters, 1183 ounces

Front wheels diameter: 110 mm, 4.3 inches

Rear wheels diameter: 55 mm, 2.2 inches

Olaf Urban Scooter

Dimensions: 80 x 29 x 20 cm, 31.5 x 11.5 x 7.9 inches

Total weight: 5.2 kg, 11.5 pounds

Maximum load: 120 kg

Backpack weight: 1.1 kg, 2 pounds

Volume: 26 liters, 880 ounces

Front wheels diameter: 145 mm, 5.7 inches

Rear wheels diameter: 80 mm, 3.2 inches

User Experience


Usability: The Olaf Scooters handle beautifully. Both models feel smooth and easy to use and the scooter also feels rock solid and well built, with the hinge never being a problem to its usability. Having the most amount of mass close to the ground as you ride along helps with your stability and keeping your balance. Both bags are waterproof and the wheel cover on the Urban model can be a lifesaver on rainy days. The scooters feel comfortable to ride and are designed to reduce the impact of potholes. Furthermore, they are very easy to steer simply by shifting your body weight from one side to the other. It’s rare to encounter a product that is so straightforward to use and performs so well as soon as you take it out of the box. 

Design: One of the most remarkable features of the Olaf Scooters is how well they look while performing at the highest standards. Usually, items that try to combine several different things in one end up feeling very cumbersome and overburdened with features, but the Olaf Scooters strike an excellent balance between form and functionality and deliver a product that is a joy both to look at and to use.


  • Smart, well-implemented urban mobility concept
  • Both bags are waterproof and feature ample storage
  • The scooter is solid and easy to ride and steer


  • A bit expensive

Overall Rating


Usability: 98% – The Olaf Scooters are a sight for sore eyes for all of those who have ever dreamed of a cool and simple way of getting around while carrying all their stuff with them. The beauty of the idea blends perfectly with the design of the product, making for a killer combination that smoothly transitions from one situation to the next. Whether you want them for work or for your free time, the Olaf Scooters will perfectly and let you take around your things without breaking a sweat.

Design: 99% – What the Olaf Scooters achieve in design almost surpasses the bar they set for usability. Both the Business and the Urban model fit perfectly into the modern standards of cool and functional items, with the Urban model going one step further and giving you the choice to swap out the bags if you need them. The Business model can also be personalized with engravings so you can add a touch of style to your business meetings if having an incorporated scooter was not enough. 

Price: 93 % – Price is the only complaint one can have about the Olaf Scooter line, as they do sit quite high on the list. Understandably, a brand that has spent so much time developing a product that works so seamlessly might want to charge a premium price for it, especially since the materials used are of such quality as airplane grade aluminum. We still consider it to be a good buy and we understand why the price is what it is, but some buyers might be discouraged when they see it.

Overall: 98% – It is truly refreshing to see smart ideas being brought into the world and having an impact on people’s everyday life. The Olaf Scooters have the potential of being truly innovative and becoming one of those items we just get used to seeing on the streets in a few years. There is nothing to regret when it comes to usability and design, as the products are easy to use and don’t disappoint. The price might even be coming down if these become more popular, and we are pretty sure they will.

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Combining a suitcase or backpack with a scooter might seem a far-fetched idea the first time you hear about it, but when you see it put into practice it makes a whole lot of sense. The Olaf Scooters have intrigued and amazed us and we believe the concept has a long life ahead of it, so we warmly encourage you to join the ride.

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Olaf Scooter Review
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