NIXY Dry Sack Review


lifestyleThe Nixy Dry Sack is conveniently designed in three sizing options to be able to cater to your needs. This also means that you can either use the sack for smaller belongings you want to protect or as a full pack to stash all your belongings and gear outdoors. However, in addition to the sizing variety, the sack is built with practicality and functionality in mind. 

First, its built-in waterproofing from the ripstop PU-coated fabric gives it a watertight seal. With this taken care of, the pack offers a pretty reasonable storage design, with smaller elements, such as the top clip that doubles as a carry handle and attachment point. Now, let’s look at the key features you will find on the NIXY Dry Sack:

  • Reinforced TPU coated diamond ripstop fabrication
  • Top clip doubles as a carry handle and attachment point to larger bags, kayak, or SUP
  • D-ring for attaching items such as wallets, keys, water bottles, or small gear
  • Top sealed floatable design
  • Available in 3 size options
  • Foldable slim profile fits on the hand
  • Available in a bright blue finish


specificationsSack dimensions: 15” x 11.5” / 38.1 x 29.2 cm
Rolled up dimensions: 9.5” x 11.5”/24.13 cm x 29.2 cm
Sack weight: 1.7 oz. / 50g
Sack material: Ripstop nylon with PU coating
D-rings: Yes, 1
Pockets: No
Waterproof: Water-resistant
Strap design: Top clip
Color options: Blue

Volume: 10L
Sack dimensions: 19” x 11.5” / 48.3 x 29.2 cm
Rolled up dimensions: 13.5” x 11.5”/34.29 cm x 29.2 cm
Sack weight: 2 oz. / 58g
Sack material: Ripstop nylon with PU coating
D-rings: Yes, 1
Pockets: No
Waterproof: Water-resistant
Strap design: Top clip
Color options: Blue

Volume: 20L
Sack dimensions: 23” x 15” / 59.7 x 38.1 cm
Rolled up dimensions: 17.5” x 15”/44.45 cm x 29.2 cm
Sack weight: 2.4 oz. / 70g
Sack material: Ripstop nylon with PU coating
D-rings: Yes, 1
Pockets: No
Waterproof: Water-resistant
Strap design: Top clip
Color options: Blue

User Experience

user_expericenceUsability: 96% – When it comes to usability, the Nixy Dry Sack scores good points in its design. In fact, the sack features a pretty basic build, with more focus put on the essentials. In addition to its waterproof fabrication and watertight sealing design, the sack opens up to a generously sized and spaced-out compartment, no matter the size you go for. With zero pockets or accessories integrated into the main compartment, you are presented with enough space to organize and stash your belongings. Sure, you will not enjoy access to pockets, but you can still stash in smaller pouches or bags to store items such as phones and wallets. After all, you will be giving them an extra layer of protection. The only downside to this arrangement is you will not enjoy easy access. You will have to pull out the top clip and unroll the top before you can access the interior. On the outside, other than the top clip and D-ring, the sack is pretty plain and simple. But, this is done intentionally to give it an ultralight design, making it easy to carry around with you outdoors for long periods. The ultralight and minimalist design also give it a slim packable profile, making storage and transportation easy when not in use. The dry sack fits right on your hands when empty and folded. On the other hand, the top clip is super functional, doing more than just securing the sack’s watertight seal. It also serves as the sack’s sole carry handle and can be used as an attachment point to larger bags or equipment like kayaks. You can even use the top clip for hanging storage, say on the wall of your outdoor camping tent when it still has your belongings in it. The D-ring can also be used as a storage attachment point for smaller gear, depending on the volume of the sack.

Durability: 98% – The dry sack integrates a durable construction. The pack’s durability is amongst one of its key highlights. The manufacturer’s smart decision to use ripstop nylon doesn’t only reinforce the pack’s ruggedness, rip-free function, and ability to hold well outdoors. The load-bearing fabric still manages to stay light and packable. The PU coating helps maintain the sack’s waterproofing and resistance to elements too. Its minimalist design means there are fewer accessories and add-ons to worry about, further extending the bag’s durability. The only accessories, the top clip, and D-ring are manufactured from ultra strong plastic, giving them a rust and corrosion-free function while maintaining reasonable weight-bearing abilities. 


  • Clean minimalist design
  • Multiple sizing options for different volume needs
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Multipurpose top clip handle design  
  • Small gear supporting D-clip 
  • Foldable lightweight design 


  • Only available in a single color – Blue
  • Lacks pockets

Overall Rating

Usability: 97% – The Nixy Dry sack’s design focuses on functionality and practicality. It offers a lightweight and packable function, giving it great multipurpose functionality. It also offers a generous interior compartment and just enough exterior accessories for smaller essential easy access items and gear.

Durability: 99% – Every detail in designing the bag is carefully and well thought-out to optimize its longevity. Even its minimalistic design, cuts down on accessories and parts, to ensure you carry only what you need and not strain it. Paired with the PU coating, the rugged nylon ripstop fabric is the right choice for its material. Plus, its robust plastic clip and D-ring eliminate any chances of damages, such as rust, that may be caused by the environment.

Price: 95% – The dry sack has an average price when you consider the waterproof function, durability of the fabric, and additional features, like the D-ring attachment. Moreover, it still offers good value, especially when compared to the quality of other dry sacks of the same design on the market. As the size goes up, the value increases. There’s not that much of a steep gap between the 5L and 20L sizes.

Overall: 98% – Combining its construction, design, and affordability, the Nixy Dry Sack is worth the investment. It would’ve been even better with at least a few convenient pockets to stash smaller items and more color variety. But, it is still sufficient with its current design.

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What sets the Nixy Dry Sack apart is its functional design. The design fits the purpose, giving you adequate space to protect your belongings in wet conditions. Plus, the sack’s versatile design gives it its multipurpose use, allowing you to take it anywhere with you. So, if you can get past the single color options, it’s an excellent purchase.

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