NitraPro Protein Shaker Review


The NitraPro protein shaker is an innovative shaker designed so you won’t have to buy another one ever again. By using high-quality materials, such as food-grade stainless steel, the NitraPro shaker will never become smelly and foul-tasting as all its other plastic counterparts, thus enabling you to use it over and over again without ever having to replace it. Combine this with a stylish design that makes it look modern and daring and you’ll have a shaker that will get people in the gym looking your way.

Protein shakes have been growing in popularity with gym members everywhere since they are a simple and convenient way to increase your daily protein intake. This, in turn, helps a great deal in developing muscle mass, the holy grail of most gym-goers. Protein shakers, on the other hand, have the annoying tendency to develop a nasty smell because of the buildup of bacteria on the inside, especially if you forget to wash yours right after you come back from your training session.

The NitraPro protein shaker aims to fix this by introducing a superbly designed product made from stainless steel and entirely BPA free, which is easy to clean and features no moving parts for ease of use. The shaker is impressive both on the inside and on the outside, with double-walled insulation and an agitator built into the cap protected by a shattered and uneven exterior which makes it stand out amidst all other training bottles. It might seem hard to innovate on a product as basic as a protein shaker, but the NitraPro is proof that it’s possible and that it can be done well.


The NitraPro protein shaker comes in the form of a tall, stylish bottle that looks like it has come out of a science fiction movie. The outside is beautifully fashioned with an intriguing shattered design that gives the bottle a sharp, contemporary edge while at the same time making it easier to hold. The bottle is BPA-free and the cap comes with a screw-on agitator design to completely dissolve the protein powder used to make the shake and avoid unwanted clumps, all without the slightest rattle. It can also double as a useful ice holder or even a fruit infuser for those warmer days. 

The inside of the bottle is rounded to be easier to clean and is protected by vacuum insulation that can keep your drink at its original temperature for up to 12 hours. Measurement markings on the inside help you precisely prepare doses and all the materials are 100% BPA free and food-grade to make the NitraPro one of the most hygienic shakers you can buy. This choice also allows the shaker to be virtually odor-free, and very easy to take care of to avoid the buildup of unwanted bacteria. The cap also features a 180-degree swivel, so it won’t get in your nose when you try to drink from it, as well as a silicone strap to let you carry it around from one training spot to the next.

The bottle is entirely leak-proof, even when capsized, thanks to the tight screw of the cap, and is available in various colors to complement any one of your training outfits. Its versatility makes the NitraPro bottle a valid choice for all seasons, given the excellent insulation it provides and the modern look that makes it feel at home at the gym but also in most corporate or startup environments. The fact that there are no moving parts inside makes it very silent even if you shake it with force, and the bottle fits in almost all available cup holders. Overall, it’s quite a special bottle that you’ll enjoy carrying around the more you use it. Here is a rundown of the standout features of the NitraPro protein shaker.

  • Odor-free
  • Modern shatter design looks good and enhances grip
  • Made with kitchen-grade stainless steel
  • Vacuum insulation keeps drinks hot or cold for 12 hours
  • Rounded inside makes for easy cleaning
  • Fits in all standard cup holders
  • No inside moving parts make for a very silent operation
  • 180-degree swivel cap
  • Silicone strap for ease of transport
  • Various color options



Volume: 16 fluid ounces/ 475 milliliters

Material: Stainless steel

User Experience


Usability: The NitraPro protein shaker performs its duties admirably, and never makes you worry about something dripping out. The second you screw the cap into a place you feel everything line up perfectly and squeeze shut. Once you do so, the sound virtually disappears even after much shaking and capsizing, and the liquids inside never change the taste they had when you pour them in. Drinking is easy and comfortable thanks to the 180-degree cap and once you’re done the whole thing cleans up quickly and easily. The inside is smooth stainless steel from which any trace of powder or liquid slides off after a rapid rinse, and then you’re ready to use the bottle again.

Design: With an intriguing, shattered surface, the NitraPro protein shaker also stands out because of its looks, and you will as well if you choose one. The design is not what you would expect from a regular training bottle, but this only makes it that more interesting. It blends perfectly into a modern, metropolitan environment and will be equally at home in the gym, for which it is designed, and the office or the coworking space. If you are someone who wants every piece of his or her gear to mean something and make a statement, then the NitraPro shaker is bound to strike a chord in your heart.


  • Excellent heat retention
  • Preserves flavors
  • Easy to clean
  • Audacious design


  • It Maybe expensive for those looking for a more basic model

Overall Rating


Usability: 98% – Using the NitraPro protein shaker to complement a training session in the gym is pure joy, given how smooth it feels when you prepare your concoction. The agitator twists nicely into place, and once it’s there it feels nice and solid while drinking through the cap is flawless and enjoyable. The internal measurement markings are perfect to know exactly how strong you want your cocktail to be and even after prolonged use the taste of liquids stays the same and no nasty smell develops. The vacuum insulation works wonders and the silicone strap is perfectly placed to carry the bottle along, making the NitraPro protein shaker a true pleasure to take out.

Design: 99% – It’s refreshing to see a company try and push the envelope even for an object as apparently simple as a training shaker. The NitraPro is intriguing in the beginning, and the more you look at it the more you start to like its bold lines and uneven surface. This innovative look also makes it easier to hold, bringing together style and functionality in a harmonious blend that fits with the times and places we live in today. For a bustling, contemporary city-dweller we are hard-pressed to find a bottle that best fits the mood and the style of the moment, and that would make a better show of itself than the NitraPro.

Price: 98% – Despite being priced slightly higher than the most basic models you’ll find on the market, the NitraPro protein shaker is still an excellent buy that won’t set you back too far. The purchase is especially worth it if you consider that the NitraPro is very likely to be the last shaker you’ll ever have to buy. Not only that, but you should consider that one of these bottles will replace countless plastic ones, that would otherwise have ended up polluting the environment. This is hard to put a price on, and that will make your financial efforts, albeit contained, feel all the more valuable.

Overall: 98% – Thanks to a bold design and excellent performance, the NitraPro protein shaker comes strongly recommended as a versatile and modern item that is also one of the most hygienic and sanitary options you can find. Finding a fault in the design of this shaker is truly a difficult task, and we have to say that this item does almost everything right. Insulation and cleanliness are also top of the notch and the manufacturer’s claim that this product is built to last becomes more and truer the more time you spend holding it.

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The NitraPro protein shaker is full of big ideas and manages to push them forward in style. Built to replace all the plastic bottles you have previously owned, the shaker not only succeeds but does so with a bold, outstanding look which challenges you to consider it not only as a practical tool but as a stylish garment to compliment your outfits. The NitraPro protein shaker does its job well but has quite a few surprises up its sleeve.

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NitraPro Protein Shaker Review
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