10 Best Tips For Bass Fishing At Night


Bass fishing at night offers a whole different fishing experience, one that you surely won’t forget soon. Aside from the possibility of landing those magnificent, trophy-sized bass that only comes out at night, you also get to escape the legion of boaters and anglers flocking the river or lake during the daytime. However, many anglers find night fishing, whether for bass or any other fish species, quite intimidating. If you feel the same way, then we’ve got something for you. Here are some tips to help make your night fishing escapade more enjoyable and fun.

Head to the Docks

Whenever you go night fishing for bass, it is always a good idea to stay close to the docks. For one, this is much safer than being out in the middle of the lake or the river. Also, it’s a prime feeding area for bass fish, especially those docks which remain lighted at night. The lights attract various insects and planktons, which in turn attract baitfish. More often than not, bass will be honing in on these lighted docks because of all the baitfish activity. Look for lighted docks that are near the main creek or channel that have immediate access to deep water. These are where many anglers usually find the most bass at nighttime.

Cover the Rip-raps

Many anglers also like covering rip-raps, and claim that doing so can result in a very productive night fishing. This is especially true during late spring and early summer when shad spawn. Shad spawning activity mainly occurs during the last light of the day and very late at night. If you see any shad activity on the surface near the rip-rap, then you’ll probably want to spend a little more time dropping your bass lures there. Again, look for rip-rap banks near the main creek or river channel with immediate access to deep waters.

Search the Rocks

Rivers strewn with rocks are also good places to look for bass at night. Shad often spawn on rocks near the banks which then attracts the bass. Be sure to keep trying different areas since bass will probably not stay in one area for long. One moment they could be found along bluff walls with deep water, and the next time they may be hanging out in shallow points of the water surrounded by rocks.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Where night fishing is concerned, keeping an eye on the weather is crucial to success. More often than not, you’ll want to go night fishing when temperatures are consistently warm like during spring and summer. Watch out for storms as well. Some anglers brave small storms but we wouldn’t recommend it. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to be out there when there’s lighting.

Stay Organized

Being organized is essential to a safe fishing trip during the day and even more so at night. Remember, it is dark and visibility is low, and walking around a boat strewn with tackle boxes and fishing gear can result in broken bass fishing rods or worse a quick trip overboard. Keeping your deck clean and your gears organized will prevent any of these accidents from happening.

Pack Light

As mentioned earlier, you’ll want to stay organized during your night fishing trip to avoid any mishaps, and one way of doing this is by packing light and bringing only the essentials. You don’t want to be lugging around items that you wouldn’t be needing or using. That said, some essentials that you should bring (aside from your fishing gear) include:

  • Bug spray or insect repellent (mosquitoes are very active at night)
  • A life vest (just in case you trip and fall overboard)
  • A fishing jacket and a cap to fight off the cold
  • A headlamp
  • Snacks and water

Use the Right Lures

The topic of which is the most effective lure for bass fishing at night is often a murky one. However, many anglers generally agree that you’ll be more successful by using those lures that create plenty of disturbance in the water. Keep in mind that bass can’t see at night and that they will rely on vibrations sensed through their lateral lines to determine their prey’s location. That said, here are some lures that you should consider bringing with you.

  • Many anglers favor the use of topwater lures for nighttime fishing. Lures like spooks, frogs, and prop baits are noisy and create a lot of disturbance on the water’s surface which makes them perfect for attracting bass. Some anglers use a double-buzz since this creates a lot more noise and disturbance.
  • Bladed Swim Jigs. Bladed jigs or chatter baits also give off tons of vibrations, if not more than buzz baits. The blade in front of the jig is what creates water displacement and creates the noise. When it comes to night fishing, you’ll want something with a bigger profile to make it easier for the bass to detect.
  • Some bass hold in the water bottom at night, and when they do you’ll want to make use of bottom baits like jigs. As with the other two lures mentioned above, you’ll want a jig that is bulky and heavy to create a lot of water disruption at the bottom.

Tell Someone Where You’re Going


This should come as no surprise. When you go night fishing for bass (or any other fish for that matter) always make sure that you let someone know where you’re going. Tell them where you’ll be fishing and at what time they can expect you to come back.

Fish with a Buddy

Having a friend with you on your night fishing trip is one of the best safety advice that you can get. At least there’s someone to pull you back up in case you accidentally go overboard. Besides, it’s much more fun to have someone with you on a cold, night. Don’t forget that a fishing buddy can also be helpful for picture taking purposes.

Don’t Give Up

Although night fishing can yield some trophy-sized bass, don’t expect that you’ll be landing a whole lot of them. In most cases, you may end up catching less bass than you will when fishing for bass at daylight. Sometimes, you may have to wait for a significantly long time before any bass takes your bait. Just be patient, and know that although you may not catch a lot of basses, the ones you do will be worth all the trouble.

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Night fishing is much different from fishing in broad daylight. For the most part, it’ll take some getting used to. But once you give it a try, it will open up a whole new bass fishing experience for you. Just keep the above-mentioned tips in mind when do decide to try bass fishing at night. They can help ensure that your night fishing expedition is not only successful and fun but (more importantly) safe.

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