Nect 4G LTE Modem Review


The Nect 4G LTE modem provides you with a simple, secure, and most of all very fast internet connection in most parts of the world. The device works wherever there is a cellular network in over 150 countries, and only needs to be plugged into your laptop to let you access everything you need online. Small and portable but very powerful, the Nect modem is perfect for those young, active professionals that need to be able to get online at a moment’s notice.

Despite our world is becoming increasingly better connected with every day that goes by, finding a reliable, secure, and fast internet connection is not easy to do at a moment’s notice. The hotspot that your phone can generate may help you out in a critical situation, but most of the time it doesn’t have the speed and the security that you need for more serious work or entertainment purposes. 

The Nect modem solves this issue by delivering a reliable and safe connection in almost any country in the world. The little box only needs to be plugged into your computer’s USB port and it will work as long as there is a battery to power it, letting you transform any park bench or subway station into your office in a matter of minutes. Being able to connect with speed from wherever you are can make a significant difference in your career, so the Nect 4G modem is likely to quickly become one of your new best friends.


The Nect 4G modem is a cute little square box that connects to your computer via USB, through which it also draws the power it needs to function. This means that as long as your laptop has a charge left on the battery, or is powered with an electrical cord, the modem will never switch off and you won’t have any connectivity issues. The modem is compatible with all laptops and operating systems, so even Linux fans will be satisfied with its performance. To install it, simply peel off the protective cover from the sticker on the back and then stick it to your laptop, then plug it in thanks to the included cord.

The Nect modem lets you connect to the internet by purchasing gigabytes of traffic through the dedicated app, and since the device works in over 150 countries this means you can be connected wherever there is phone coverage, which equals most of the known world. Not only that, but the connection will always benefit from an excellent level of security since you can use VPN access, proxy, and a firewall to protect your sensitive data. Remember that a skilled hacker only needs a minute to access your vital information, so being protected is always a better choice.

The network that the Nect modem can generate is strong enough to connect ten devices at the same time. The manufacturers estimate that the average connection speed that is attainable with the device is around 33.8 Mbps, while most other networks you will encounter struggle to maintain much more than a tenth of that. The use of a USB connection makes everything more stable and reliable, as well as blistering fast. The Nect modem also supports a SIM card from the operator of your choice and doesn’t limit you to buying data from the provided app. Here is a comprehensive list of features of the Nect 4G USB modem:

  • Provides internet wherever there is a phone network
  • Guarantees safe connection with VPN, proxy, and firewall
  • Powered through USB directly from your computer
  • Works in 208 different countries
  • Attains significantly higher connection speeds than a phone hotspot
  • Can sustain ten simultaneous connected devices
  • Nice colorful design



Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 9.4 mm

Weight: 69 grams

Cellular networks: 4G, 3G, and 2G

Compatible operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux

Power consumption: 500mA (with WiFi on), 350mA (with WiFi off)

USB top speed: 150 Mbps/50 Mbps (4G), 42 Mbps/22 Mbps (3G)

WiFi top speed: 150 Mbps/50 Mbps

SIM card compatibility: eSIM, Nano-SIM

User Experience


Usability: As soon as you take it out of the box, the Nect 4G modem is ready to go and deliver the high-speed connectivity you seek. Simply connect it to your laptop and you are ready to browse the internet. With universal compatibility and no SIM card needed, you can be up and running in a matter of seconds, after you’ve purchased a data plan via the dedicated app.

Once you’re online, browsing is as smooth as stable as you like. The Nect modem can even surprise you when compared to your home plan, given the snappiness of the response, the speed of the transfers, and the rapidity of the downloads. The inclusion of VPN, proxy, and firewall gives you the reassuring feeling of being safe on the internet, which is hard to put a price on, making the Nect 4G USB modem the perfect companion for mobile freelancers or professionals in need of good internet in a pinch.

Design: Aside from the impressive and reliable connectivity features, the Nect modem is also just undeniably cute. It may seem irrelevant but very few people will be interested in a product that looks bad, even if the performance is stellar. The Nect modem is a simple little square, available in two colors, which adheres to your laptop thanks to a sticker and adds a little spot of life to what are usually grey or black surfaces, giving you one more reason to prefer it over the usual bland-looking modems you can find on the market. 


  • Provides excellent and secure connectivity
  • Works in 208 countries
  • Very easy to use


  • Can be fragile and prone to breaking if mishandled

Overall Rating


Usability: 99% – Few other products are as simple to use as the Nect 4G modem, and that is exactly what you want when dealing with connectivity, avoiding getting wrapped up in cables and numbers you don’t understand. Once you’ve stocked up on a few gigabytes of traffic, just plug the device into your computer and you’ll be ready to enjoy steady and reliable browsing, which may even surpass the one you have at home. 

The protection delivered by VPN, proxy, and firewall is something you can’t touch with your hand but that is almost invaluable in this day and age, and the fact that the modem can work in more than 150 countries makes it an ideal choice if you think you’re going to be on the move a lot. Overall simplicity, reliability, and security make for an excellent deal you’ll be hard-pressed to match.

Design: 97% – Tech products, unless they are extremely high-end, don’t usually stand out for their looks, but the Nect 4G modem strikes a nice balance and even gives the option of choosing its color. It’s a cute little box that will add a little spark to your laptop, which is usually just black or gray. The sticker on the back that lets you attach it to the computer is also a nice, intelligent little detail that simplifies its use.

Price: 97% – The Nect 4G modem is priced perfectly in line with every other portable hotspot you can find on the market, and this puts high-speed, secure connectivity within reach of almost anybody. Few other products, however, as universally compatible and usable worldwide as the Nect is, without even having to switch SIM cards which is often a delicate process. This means that the purchase has significantly greater value than most other portable WiFi hotspots, and if you are someone who knows they will be on the road a lot then the choice becomes a no-brainer.

Overall: 97% – Combining ease of use with looks and excellent and secure connectivity, the Nect 4G portable modem does a lot of things right, and will soon become an integral part of your everyday working equipment. Being able to access the internet from your laptop anywhere you are can prove to be a game-changer, and is something you are more and more likely to need in our ever more connected contemporary world.

Knowing you can rely on a device as powerful as the Nect modem instead of just a flimsy phone hotspot can truly make a difference in your work and let you be present when that crucial client calls to finalize the contract. Don’t let opportunities slip because of a weak connection.

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The Nect 4G modem is one of the most well-rounded portable hotspots we have seen and stands out from the rest because of its flexibility, which allows it to work almost anywhere in the world. This, combined with the protection and privacy it ensures, makes it an excellent choice for any dynamic professional needing reliable internet on the go and earns our praise for being a very well thought-out and designed device that shows what good ideas can look like.

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Nect 4G LTE Modem Review
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