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With the Nayo Almighty travel backpack, Nayo Smart has created the perfect backpack for modern travelers and adventurers. It is spacious, equipped with pockets galore, comfortable, rugged, and stylish. It also has tech-friendly features including a USB charging port and a large laptop compartment.

The large size has a capacity of 32 liters, which is enough parking space for 3-5 day trips and even longer trips when you take into account the more than 20 pockets and compartments. It also comes with two extra bags. One for cables and other electronic accessories and a wash bag for hygienic packing of wet and dirty items. 

One of the features that make the Nayo Almighty an outstanding travel backpack is the 180° open structure. It opens just like a suitcase which makes packing easy and allows you to retrieve what you need easily and quickly without disturbing the other items. Comfortably padded back panel and shoulder straps make it comfortable on the back even when you’ve to walk a long distance while carrying a heavy load. 

Made of rugged polyester, this is a truly almighty backpack that is tough enough for the trails. The fabric has a waterproof coating so you can rest assured your valuables will stay dry if you happen to get rained on. With the sleek, professional design, this backpack is also right at home in offices and on city streets. To learn more about the Nayo Almighty travel backpack, read our full review below.


An innovative design with tech-friendly features makes the Nayo Almighty the quintessential modern travel backpack. It also has all the essentials a great backpack should have – plenty of space, numerous pockets, and compartments, comfort, ruggedness, and style.

It also has modern conveniences such as a spacious laptop compartment and a USB charging port that makes it easy to charge devices on the go. It is a versatile backpack rugged enough for the great outdoors and also sleek enough for city streets and business travel. It boasts the following features:

  • High-density 600D polyester fabric
  • A waterproof exterior keeps your belongings dry when it rains
  • Heavy-duty SBS zippers with a sleek reversed design
  • 20 pockets and compartments for staying organized
  • A laptop compartment large enough to accommodate a 17.3” laptop   
  • 180° open structure – it unzips like a suitcase for ease of packing and unpacking
  • Ergonomic harness with the generously padded back panel and shoulder straps
  • An adjustable sternum strap for stabilizing the load
  • A handy emergency whistle on the sternum strap
  • Strap on the rear for securing the backpack to wheeled luggage
  • An insulated water bottle pocket to keep beverages hot or cool
  • USB charging port with a USB cable already attached
  • A tough ye sleek, professional-looking exterior


SpecificationsLarge Size:

Volume: 32L   

Dimensions: 51 L x 17 W x 35 H cm

Weight: 1.5 kg  

Laptop Compartment: Fits a 17.3” laptop   

Normal Size:

Volume: 25L 

Dimensions: 46 L x 16 W x 32 H cm

Laptop Compartment: Fits a 15.6” laptop

Weight: 1.2 kg

Material: High-density 600D Polyester with a Polyurethane coating

User Experience

User_ExperienceStorage Capacity: The Nayo Almighty backpack is incredibly spacious. The large size has a 32 liters capacity, which is perfect for 3-5 days trips and roomy enough for even longer trips. If you pack light or are looking for a small backpack for short trips, the normal size with 25 liters capacity is perfect.

Pockets and Organization: This backpack has more than 20 pockets and compartments. At the top is a pocket for everyday carry items you want to have on hand such as a notebook. Discreetly located against your back is an anti-theft pocket for keeping your wallet, travel documents, and other valuable items handy yet safe. It also has another security pocket on the inside.

Two small pockets on the shoulder straps offer a place to stash a pass, keycard, or cash. The shoulder straps also have a convenient place to hanging your sunglasses for easy access. At the side is an insulated water bottle pocket that will maintain your water or beverage at the perfect temperature.  

With 20 pockets to work with, staying organized is not a challenge even if you pack a lot of stuff. When you need to retrieve something, it opens just like a suitcase so you can take out what you want and leave everything else in its place.  

On top of this, you also get two extra bags. One bag for organizing electronic accessories such as cables and chargers and another bag with a hook for storing toiletries and the dirty and wet stuff separated from everything else.

Tech Features: Designed with modern travelers and adventurers in mind, the Nayo Almighty is a tech-friendly travel backpack. Built into the bag is a super convenient USB charging port complete with a USB cable already attached. All you have to do to charge your electronic devices while on the go is plug in your power bank and devices.  

It is also equipped with a spacious laptop compartment. The large size can accommodate a 17.3-inch laptop while the small has a compartment for a 15.6” laptop. Also included in the package is a pouch for keeping chargers and cables organized and easy to find.    

Carrying Comfort: The shoulder straps and lumbar panel are very thickly padded using 12mm EVA molded padding. This backpack sits comfortably on the back and is easy to carry even when fully loaded and heavy. This ergonomic harness ensures an even distribution of the load and minimizes stress on your back and shoulders. It also has a sternum strap that keeps the load stable.

Whether you will be walking from one sales call to the next, hiking on the trails, or enjoying the sights in a city, you will appreciate the wearing and carrying comfort. Lifting it from point A to point B is also easy thanks to the sturdy metal handle. It also has a luggage strap that you can use to attach it to your roller luggage when finding your way around airports.  

Uses: The tough and waterproof yet sleek exterior makes the Nayo Almighty a super versatile backpack. The large size is spacious enough for use as a vacation suitcase/backpack while the normal size is perfect for everyday carry in the city, short business trips, and as a laptop bag, college backpack, or weekender bag.   

It looks professional and makes a great backpack for business travel. It meets carry-on requirements and has a strap for securing it to the handle of a piece of roller luggage. With the rugged and waterproof construction, ergonomic harness, and emergency whistle, it is also equipped for adventures in the great outdoors. 

Construction Quality: When it comes to quality, the Nayo Almighty lives up to its name. It is strong enough to hold even heavy loads for a prolonged duration and ready for anywhere you might take it whether it be rugged trails or the rough hands of airline baggage handlers.

The 600D polyester material it is made of is highly resilient and durable. It is then coated with polyurethane for a tear-resistant and waterproof exterior. You can rest assured your belongings will stay perfectly toasty and dry if you get caught in a downpour. It features heavy-duty SBS zippers and beefy straps and metal handles that can withstand heavy loads.  


  • Plenty of pockets make staying organized easy
  • Compartment for a full-sized laptop
  • A convenient power back pocket
  • Suitcase opening design makes it easy to access what you need
  • Feels comfortable on the back
  • Protects your valuables in the event of a downpour
  • The insulated pocket keeps your drink warm or cold
  • Suits all kinds of uses and environments
  • Sleek enough for the streets and office and rugged enough for the trails


  • It doesn’t have a hip belt to help with weight distribution
  • Only one color option- black

Overall Rating

Overal_RatingDesign: 95% – The design is well thought out from the large storage capacity, numerous pockets, 180° open structure, ergonomic harness, hidden security pocket, insulated beverage pocket, to the USB charging port. It is functional, tough, good looking and at home everywhere from conference rooms to campsites.  

Material: 100% – The material is superb! The tough 600D polyester is high-density, and the polyurethane coating makes it waterproof, tear-resistant, sleek-looking, and easy to clean if it gets dirty.

Price: 100% – With the large storage space, pockets galore, smart features, durable construction, and sleek appearance, the Almighty looks and sounds costlier than it is. It will set you back less than 100 dollars, which makes it accessible for everyone and fantastic value for money. 

Overall: 98% – A fantastic backpack that ticks all the boxes a great backpack should. The suitcase-style and tech-friendly features make it a no-brainer choice for any modern traveler. We also love that it has all the essentials in a backpack for outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, and backpacking – it is rugged, waterproof, and has an ergonomic harness.

Globo Surf Overview

A quality backpack is a must-have for any traveler, adventurer, student, employee, or business person. The innovative, spacious, comfortable, and fashionable Nayo Almighty Backpack is bound to make all kinds of trips and adventures even better.

It has all the must-have features of a great travel backpack including plenty of pockets, a roomy laptop compartment, USB charging port, luggage strap, and carry-on dimensions. It is the perfect companion on business travels, 3-5 day vacations, and outdoor adventures. The smaller size works great as a laptop, everyday carry, weekender, or college backpack.  

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Nayo Almighty Backpack Review
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