Mummypod Sleeping Bag Review


Finding great camping gear can often be about making a compromise. Often you have to sacrifice aspects like comfort and durability to have something lightweight. It’s a common problem and one many sleeping systems haven’t been able to solve.

Ultralight sleeping tents can be great but they still require a great deal of set-up and will take up more space than a tarp. There are also many great sleeping bags out on the market but finding that balance between warmth and weight can be difficult.

Sleeping on a camping hammock can be difficult too, especially if you have poor quality or a small model. The Mummypod Sleeping Bag will solve these issues and the accompanying tarp and hammock can give you a great night of sleep.

These great items can be bought on their own or separately and in this review, we will look at them all to see how good they actually are. We will look at their key features along with their usability. Finally, we will give the products a rating to see how much we would recommend them.



All three parts of this product are made out of the highest quality materials to give you a light and portable sleeping solution. The final product is very impressive and here we look at some of the key features that it has.

  • Ripstop fabric
  • DWR treated
  • Highly insulated
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple buying options
  • Full sleeping system
  • Quick suspension system
  • Heavy-duty carabiner




Weight: 2 lbs 10 – 4 lbs 9oz

Bag length: 75 inches regular, 81 inches long

Compression size: 10.5 x 9 inch maximum


Weight: 13.4 oz

Compact size: 7 x 4.5 inches

Weight limit: 300 lbs

Size: 9 feet long, 4 feet wide


Material: Polyester ripstop

Dimensions: 11 x 6.6 feet

Weight: 16 oz (with stakes)

User Experience

Sleeping bag: The sleeping bag is everything that you need for sleeping outside and will give you a large range of comfort. It goes perfectly well with the hammock to give you a great and comfortable sleeping solution when you’re outside.

The mummy bag comes in a wide variety of different insulation types and will give you a high-level comfort in many different weather types. You will also have a high level of comfort whether you are on the ground or sleeping in the hammock.

One problem with sleeping in hammocks is that you will often get cold spots or the down will move around while you are trying to sleep. This product doesn’t have those issues and will leave you with a bag that is very comfortable and won’t leave you frustrated about waking up cold.

It has a mummy shape which is the optimal shape for both cutting out weight but also making sure that you are as insulated as possible. The set-up is very easy and overall this is an equally impressive product, whether it is in a hammock or on the ground.

Hammock: The hammock comes with everything that you need to set-up your sleeping system but as importantly, it also allows you to easily set it up to prevent you from struggling with it a light fades away from the day.

As with all three parts of this sleeping system, it’s almost unbelievable how compact and light everything is. That is until you unfurl it from the stuff sack and start setting it up. For the ultralight camper, it gives you everything that you need.

With a low eight usually comes a love level of durability, but that’s not the case with this product. The Dyneema whoopee sling gives it a huge amount of strength and the ultralight carabiners only add to the great design of the product.

Despite its low weight, the hammock is going to be able to hold 300 pounds in weight which is going to be able to accommodate almost all backpackers. It allows you to have peace of mind to help you further to have that great night of sleep.

Those that might not have been in a hammock that much before, may question how secure it is going to be. This product though is incredibly secure which is helped by the double looped polyester tree straps that work perfectly on both small and larger trees.

Tarp: Even with the best hammock and sleeping bag in the world, you still need cover from the elements and that’s what a camping tarp is going to give you. It is made from ripstop polyester that is going to remain taught throughout the whole night.

It can be placed either over the hammock or simply over the ground, whichever way you prefer to sleep. It contains silicone and has a PU coating which is not only going to keep the product waterproof but will also prevent any build-up of water through misting.

One great aspect of the tarp is that it is easy to set-up and is highly adjustable, which means that you’re not going to struggle to get it covering your sleeping bag. The whole sleeping system uses very complicated materials but with ingeniously simple solutions.

Of course, it’s not going to be able to give you cover from the sides which might be a problem in a large storm but with the cover from the ground that the hammock will give you, you’re going to be more than protected when you are sleeping.


  • Complete sleeping solution
  • Incredibly light
  • Highly durable
  • Comfortable dimensions
  • Great individual products
  • Small packed size


  • Lack of coverage

Overall Rating


The sleeping bag of this sleeping system is a brilliant product, as are the other two parts of the system. Here we look at the products about how they rank in some specific areas.

  • Price: 95% – With this kind of gear, it’s not just the sole price of the item that you have to take into account. This is a multi-use sleeping system that you will use time and time again and will prevent you from having to buy other products. When you look at the price in terms of a balance of quality, it’s extremely good. Cheaper products are available, but every aspect of them won’t be as good. For the build quality and materials used, you’d guess that it would cost a lot more than it actually does.
  • Material: 100% – There isn’t a hole to pick with the materials that have been used here. All the materials have seemingly been choosing with two key areas in mind and they are that they have to be light but also durable enough for the job. The materials used do that remarkably well as they somehow manage to achieve what many other products don’t. Usually, you either have to decide on whether or not to get a light product or a durable one. With the Mummypod Sleeping Pod, you can get the best of both worlds.
  • Design: 100% – This system isn’t going to give you the most comfortable camping system of all time. Sometimes though, getting a great backpacking tent, a camping pad and a thick sleeping bag aren’t going to be an option as they are heavy and hard to carry. This is designed for those that want to pack light and be on the move. In that context, this product gives a genius sleeping solution with the minimal about of bulk possible. The compact size, lightweight and easy set-up means that it’s pretty much perfectly designed.
  • Overall: 98% – This product perfectly sets out to achieve what it wants to achieve. It gives you a great sleeping solution at a very affordable price with an excellent design and using the best materials possible. It deserves a high rating and that’s exactly what it gets.

Globo Surf Overview

If you’re looking to have a cozy camping experience where you can fire up your portable grill and have a home away from home, then this product is not going to be for you. If you want to truly head out on an adventure without breaking your back with heavy camping gear, this is perfect.

That’s not to say the product is uncomfortable though, far from it. Compared to other ultralight camping methods this is as comfortable as it comes and will be great in many different situations. It has a remarkable mix of very impressive qualities.

The Mummypod Sleeping Bag and the sleeping system are the best of both worlds type of product. There is no compromise as you will have a wonderful sleeping solution that is not going to be a burden to your back when you are trying to carry it.

Overall, it’s a highly recommended product. The sleeping bag is great in any situation, the tarp is great for those who want a lightweight cover and they both work perfectly with the hammock. It’s a product that has a lot of great features and would be a great investment.

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