Mountain Warehouse Powder Women Padded Ski Jacket Review


The Mountain Warehouse Powder padded ski jacket is made from tough polyester that undergoes an extensive water repellent treatment. This makes it able to provide effective protection from the wet snow, something no ski jacket can be without. Body heat is maintained thanks to padded insulation with microfibre filling, which closely resembles the down used in much more expensive jackets as far as feel and performance go. The choice of synthetic materials makes the Mountain Warehouse a viable option for animal lovers or anyone who prefers wearing garments that don’t make use of animal products.

More proof of the manufacturer’s attention to specific sensibilities is the choice to include a beautiful faux fur hood as a lining for the detachable hood that tops the jacket off. This gives you, even more, insulation and warmth but can sometimes get in the way on the slopes, hence the decision of making it removable. The jacket is equipped with several zippered pockets to keep your valuables or ski pass at hand, with one of them being conveniently placed on the right forearm. There are also two pockets under to arms but these are reserved for ventilation, should you start feeling too warm inside On the inside of the jacket you’ll find a detachable snow skirt, whose job it is to prevent snow from getting inside your jacket should it become misplaced in case of a fall, stopping you from having to head back to the hotel with a humid, and therefore very cold, backside. 

The snow skirt, though, is also removable should you choose to head out with the lightest configuration possible. Both the cuffs and the hem of the jacket are adjustable to ensure they fit you best while you slide down the slopes and prevent any snow from coming in contact with your lower layers. The cuffs also feature an internal lining with a thumb hole for extra comfort and extra protection to prevent snow from coming into your sleeves. Here is a rundown of all the most important features of the Mountain Warehouse Powder women’s padded ski jacket.

  • Entirely polyester
  • Thoroughly treated for water resistance
  • Animal-friendly, with synthetic padding and faux-fur hood lining
  • Detachable snow skirt
  • Detachable hood
  • Underarm zips for ventilation
  • Zippered pockets on the main body
  • Zippered pocket for ski pass on the forearm
  • Adjustable cuffs and helms


Specifications_(3)Material: 100% polyester

Available size: 12 to 20

Available colors: White and black

User Experience

Insulation: Those who became skeptical at the mention of synthetic insulation will have to think again. The Mountain Warehouse Powder padded ski jacket surrounds your body with a nice and pleasing layer of warmth and doesn’t make you feel like you’re missing out on anything. Even if the temperature drops considerably under 0°C, you’ll still be able to function perfectly if this jacket is part of your equipment. The hood adds an extra bubble of heat around your head so we would recommend not going without it unless you feel it gets in your way. Once you’ve spent some time inside the jacket, you’ll understand the need for those ventilation pockets because it can indeed get too warm in there. Skiers of any skill level will find in the Mountain Warehouse Powder ski jacket a valid ally during the hours spent on the slopes.

Fit: Thanks to the adjustable cuffs and helms, the Mountain Warehouse Powder ski jacket fits like a glove and also traps a layer of air inside that keeps you warm throughout the day. The jacket clings to your body while leaving you with all the movement freedom you need to be swift and agile down a snowy slope. The snow skirt and the inner lining at the cuffs never get in the way and provide an excellent additional barrier against the outside elements. There is ample choice as far as sizes go, so we are confident you can manage to find the fit that is perfect for you. Just remember to accommodate some space for all the layers you will wear underneath and you’ll be heading to the slopes in no time.

Design: The Mountain Warehouse Powder women padded ski jacket is not built to make you stand out from the skiing crowd, but it is pleasing enough to the eye to make you comfortable wearing it for long hours. The design is simple yet effective, with a minimal choice of decorations and ornaments that never make the jacket look that it is pretending to be something it isn’t. The Mountain Warehouse Powder ski jacket focuses on the essentials, on what is important and what you will need for a day out skiing, and the small choice of stylistic options just makes us like it even more since it allows us to focus on the more important things, such as insulation and freedom of movement.

Overall Rating

Overal_Rating_(2)Insulation: 98% – The Mountain Warehouse Powder women’s padded ski jacket is aimed at the entry-level skier, but by how it performs when the temperature drops you might mistake it for a much more professional product. Warmth and dryness are never an issue, with well-protected joints that keep the snow at bay even in case of a fall and the excellent treatment of the outer layer that leaves all water out. Sub-zero temperatures or wind won’t keep you from enjoying those skiing adventures you have long waited for.

Fit: 98% – A comfortable jacket is paramount for skiers since they have to be able to quickly change direction while sliding downhill, but it is not always an easy job to combine this with the protection that is required by such a technical garment. The Mountain Warehouse Powder ski jacket manages to reach an elegant balance between the two needs, wrapping nicely and comfortably around the body but being flexible enough to let you move around as you please. For this notable achievement, it deserves very high marks on our scale.

Design: 94% – Fashion lovers or trendy bloggers are not likely to elect the Mountain Warehouse Powder ski jacket as one of the most trendy winter accessories, but we still feel that the jacket deserves credit for bringing clean and simple lines to the table in a world where flashy colors are usually the norm. Given that you only have the white and the black model to choose between, combinations will be limited but very straightforward to put together.

Price: 97% – Those just getting into skiing might soon be discouraged by the rapidly mounting costs of all the gear that is needed, but the Mountains Warehouse Powder ski jacket is a great choice to get you started that won’t leave your wallet crying in despair. Covering your basics without spending too much will get you well on the way to enjoying your time on the slopes since you’ll have something left over to make the most of your time there. 

Overall: 97% – It might not turn any head when it comes to style, but we feel that the Mountain Warehouse Powder women’s padded ski jacket does a lot of things right while managing to keep the price well under control. It’s warm, snowproof, and wraps comfortably around you while giving you several options to customize how it feels and wears. If you’re an entry-level skier, there is very little more you can ask from a ski jacket, but we are sure that even a seasoned professional can enjoy an item as well-rounded as this.

Globo Surf Overview

The Mountain Warehouse Powder women’s padded ski jacket does an excellent job of covering all the basic needs of an entry-level skier while throwing in some features that a lot of experts will also like. We believe it deserves praise for what it brings to the table while keeping the price so low, and we’re confident in saying you won’t make a bad decision should you choose to head to snowy slopes with one of these on your back.

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Mountain Warehouse Powder Women Padded Ski Jacket Review
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