Mountain Climbing Outfit Guide And Checklist


Mountaineering is an act of ascending a mountain using specialized equipment, such as climbing ropes and climbing harnesses. A super-charged version of hiking, mountain climbing requires the appropriate outfit for your safety and comfort. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the essentials for a mountain climbing outfit. From head to toe, make sure that you are prepared for the demands of this physical activity. 

Mountaineering Clothes Checklist 

Before you hit the mountains, here is a quick guide on what to wear. They will help make sure that you are protected from external elements that can transform your trip into a nightmare before you are even done!

1. T-shirt 

One of the most important base layers that you need to have is a mountaineering or hiking shirt. It gets in direct contact with the skin, so make sure that it will be smooth. Otherwise, it can create friction when you move, and this can lead to discomfort. 

2. Pants 

If you will be in a cold environment, you should wear the right mountaineering pants. Choose one made of flexible materials so you can easily move. It is good if it has insulating materials when temperatures are low. When it is hot, on the other hand, pick one that is made of breathable material. 

3. Shorts 

For people who are uncomfortable wearing pants, since some might find it too hot, look for mountain climbing shorts instead. The main material should have excellent moisture management properties and must be breathable. It will also be good to have pockets to have easy access to the things you will need. 

4. Underwear 

Underwear is one of the most underrated when it comes to mountaineering clothes. Pick a comfortable material that won’t result in chafing. It should also be made of breathable materials for your comfort and to smell fresh. Merino wool, nylon, and polyester are some of the best materials to consider. 

5. Shoes

Ordinary shoes will not be enough. One of the most important is for climbing shoes to have solid traction, which will make it easier to walk even on slippery or muddy surfaces. It should also be breathable to keep your feet dry. The right size is also crucial to avoid excruciating pain while you are climbing. Also, consider mountaineering boots made of waterproof materials. 

6. Socks 

A lot of people ignore socks in their mountain climbing outfit despite their importance. You must wear high-quality socks to keep your feet comfortable and dry. If it is too thin or too thick, you might end up suffering from blisters. 

7. Hat 

Many people forget to wear hats when they are mountaineering. Especially on a hot day, this is a non-negotiable. The best hiking hats will suffice for mountaineering. It must provide shade on the face for protection from the harsh UV rays. It will also help you to see clearly and will prevent your eyes from hurting because of the extreme heat of the sun. 

8. Jacket 

You don’t always have to wear a jacket when you are mountaineering. This will depend on the weather. If it is too cold, pick a lightweight jacket that can provide sufficient insulation. Heavy and bulky jackets can be warmer, but they can be a burden to wear because of their weight. Fleece is one of the best materials to consider if you are looking for a mountaineering jacket. Down jackets and windbreaker jackets can also be effective.  

9. Raincoat

It might rain during the climb, so it is best to get ready with a raincoat or rain poncho. You don’t need to bring a bulky one. Many raincoats can be compact and lightweight when folded, so you can be sure that it won’t consume too much space in your mountaineering gear. 

10. Gloves 

Don’t forget your hands when you are mountaineering. It can get hot or cold, so you need to wear protection in the form of gloves. The right fit is crucial. Otherwise, it will limit the movements of your hands. Dexterity, waterproofing, and durability are also important considerations when picking gloves as part of your mountaineering clothes. 

11. Gaiter 

Even if you have the best boots to wear when you are mountaineering, snow, water, and dirt, among others, will still have a way of getting through. To stay protected, use the best hiking gaiters, which will also work for mountain climbing. They will effectively cover the top of your boots, which will also be crucial for promoting your comfort. 

12. Neck Gaiter

Gaiters are not only for the boots. Some gaiters are designed for the neck, especially for keeping you warm when climbing a cold mountain. This additional insulation will make it easier for you to concentrate during the climb. Otherwise, you will end up freezing. 

13. Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are not just fashionable. They will also be a functional addition to your mountain climbing outfit. They will shield your skin from the harsh heat of the sun, which also means that you can see your path easily. It is best to wear polarized sunglasses, although, make sure that the tint will not limit your vision. 

14. Fanny Packs 

A fanny pack will provide an easy way to store the things that you will need when you are mountaineering. They can be easily accessible in the front instead of getting the small stuff from your bag every time you need them. It is a great place to keep your smartphone, map, and compass, among others. 

15. Face Mask 

It isn’t always necessary to have a face mask as a part of your mountain climbing outfit. This will depend on the environmental conditions. For instance, if you expect that it is going to be dusty, for your health and safety, we recommend that you wear a face mask. A balaclava can also work as an alternative for a face mask. 



If you have questions about the mountaineering clothes, we’ll try to answer some of them below. 

Q: What to wear when climbing mountains?


When you are climbing mountains, wear something lightweight and comfortable while making sure that you are protected. Climbing shoes, pants, shirts, hats, and jackets are some of the must-haves. Research the weather before you go so you will know what to wear.

Q: What jackets do mountain climbers wear?


Fleece jackets and soft-shell jackets are the most common jackets that mountain climbers wear. Aside from providing exceptional warmth, these jackets are known for being lightweight. It won’t be a burden to wear when you are climbing a mountain.

Q: What is the best mountain to climb for a beginner?


Some of the best mountains to climb for beginners include Mount Fuji (Japan), Pikes Peak (United States), Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Island Peak (Nepal), Breithorn (Switzerland), and Tofana di Rozes (Italy). 

Q: What should I bring to mountaineering?


Aside from the right clothing, when mountaineering, you should bring a harness, helmet, rappel device, carabiner, prusik cords, pulley, headlamp, batteries, ropes, crampons, compass, water, and food. The things to bring will depend on the mountain to climb, as well as the duration of the climb.

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