Morph Smart Power Bank Review


Equipped with two USB-C PD ports, two USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 ports, a Qi wireless charging pad, and a swappable battery with a 20,400mAh capacity, the Morph smart power bank is a universal charger that can charge all your gadgets, charge multiple devices simultaneously and charge them fast. If you’re going off the grid for an extended duration, you can get an extra battery and equip yourself with 40,800mAh of charging power.

The power-packed battery and PD ports that deliver 100W and 60W of power and QC ports with 24W output ensure a fast charging experience whether you’re charging a MacBook Pro, a smartphone, or a drone. The power bank itself recharges in 1.5 hours and you can recharge it from any source you have access to including car outlets on road trips and portable solar panels when camping in the wild backcountry.

All this power and incredible features are packed in a portable gadget that easily fits in a backpack, doesn’t weigh you on the trails, and meets FAA and TSA regulations. The casing is impact and shock resistant and will survive any accidental drops or bumps while on the go. If the Morph smart power bank sounds like the kind of power bank you’ve been searching for and you’re considering whether it is worth investing in, read our comprehensive review below to make an informed decision. 


Designed to be the ultimate solution for all your charging needs, the Morph is a universal power bank equipped with multiple ports and outlets that are compatible with virtually all electronic gadgets from smartphones to drones. A powerful and swappable battery and high-powered outlets ensure devices charge at impressive speeds even when multiple gadgets are plugged in. 

As for the smart part, it features an OLED screen that displays the charge status, power consumption rate, battery charging time, port status, fault alerts, battery temperature, and more. You can find out the remaining battery power and how long it will last at a glance. This power bank also allows you to set a reserve battery capacity for emergencies. Safety features offer multi-level protection in the event of a surge or short circuit keeping you and your devices safe. This is an advanced power bank with an impressive set of features including:

  • An impact and shock-resistant polycarbonate shell
  • Two USB-C PD outputs and two USB-A Quick Charge ports
  • An AC wall socket, USB-C PD input, and a solar charging port for recharging the power bank itself 
  • Qi wireless charging surface
  • Pass-through charging allows you to charge your devices as you charge the power bank itself
  • Smart OLED status display and emergency power reserve
  • Modular battery design that allows you to swap batteries
  • Compact, travel-friendly design that complies with FSA and TSA regulations
  • Overcurrent, over-discharge, overload, and overcharge protection



AC: 100W 120V 60Hz (International Version: 230v 50Hz)

USB-C: 100W and 60W USB-C PD

USB-A: 24W QC 3.0  

Input: 100W USB-C PD and DC Solar Charging Port

Qi Wireless Charging: 10W, 7.5W, 5W

Battery Capacity: 20,400mAh (Swappable)

Emergency Power Reserve: with 1500 or 3000 mAh  

Dimensions: 5.5 by 5.5 by 1.1 in

Weight: 1.43lb

Shell Material: Polycarbonate

Operating Temperature: 32F to 113F

Optional Accessories: Extra Batteries, Morph Dual Battery Charging Hub, Add-on Apple Charging Dock, and Data Hub

User Experience


Ports and Outlets: The Morph is equipped with the essential ports and outlets the best power bank should have. For PD and USB enabled devices, it offers a 100W USB-C PD port, a 60W USB-C PD port, and two 24W USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 ports. For wireless charging, it has a 10W or 7.5W Qi wireless charging pad. It also features an AC wall outlet serving 100W/120V 60 Hz (International version: 230V 50 Hz), and a USB-C PD input and solar charging port for recharging the power bank itself.    

Compatibility: The Morph is compatible with any PD enabled devices as well as USB powered devices. Since it features multiple ports and outlets with varying power outputs, it can charge all kinds of gadgets including smartphones, laptops, projectors, printers, scanners, games and RC controllers, cameras, and even drones. It also supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 with a 24W output charge and can safely charge even low power devices such as Bluetooth earbuds and smartwatches. It also has a Qi wireless charging pad so you can charge your Qi-enabled devices wirelessly. 

Charging Experience: Featuring USB-C PD, USB-A QC ports, and wireless charging capability, the Morph power bank will be able to charge virtually all your electronic devices. You can even have multiple devices charging simultaneously. 

The battery comes with packs a 20,400mAh, which is a lot of power. It can charge a 13’’ Macbook Pro once (2x with the spare battery), an iPhone 11 Pro five times, and all other devices multiple times before it requires a recharge. If you need more power, you can get an extra battery and double the capacity from 20,400mah to 40,800mah, as the modular battery system is swappable.

This power bank is designed to ensure that you never run out of juice. An emergency power reserve ensures you never run out of juice completely. When it needs a recharge, you can plug it into a wall socket, charge it using a USB charger or 12V car charger, and even a camping solar panel when off the grid.  

The ability to charge multiple devices at once isn’t at the expense of charging speed. With the powerful battery capacity and high-powered USB-C ports that deliver 100W and 60W, you will enjoy a high-speed charging experience whether you’re charging a full-size laptop or the latest iPhone. For example, it can take a MacBook Pro from 0 to 80% in 1.5 hours and an iPhone X from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes! It is also fast charging itself as it features a 100W PD input that recharges it super-fast – in a record 1.5 hours.

You can charge your devices through Morph as it recharges itself thanks to passing through power delivery charging. This way, it functions as a power strip. You can also remove the battery, plug it into a wall outlet directly, and use it as a charging station. As for safety, it is equipped with overcurrent, over-discharge, overload, and overcharge protection features to keep you, the power bank, and your devices safe from faults.

Portability: Built for charging devices on the go, the Morph is a portable charger. The incredible amount of power it offers is contained in a compact and lightweight package that easily fits in a purse or backpack pocket. It comes in a case that protects it from dents, scratches, and other elements while on the go. You also won’t have problems traveling with it on airplanes as it is built up to TSA and FAA regulations.

Durability: With its capacity, the Morph power bank is built for adventures whether traveling in urban areas or adventuring in the great outdoors. The build quality is tough enough for this. The exterior is a polycarbonate shell that is impact resistant and, shock resistant. It can withstand shocks due to drops and bumps and will keep going if you accidentally drop it. It also comes with a nice protective case for when you’re not using it.


  • Exceptionally fast charging experiences
  • Powerful capacity for charging multiple devices for longer
  • Multiple ports and outlets
  • Compatible with virtually all PD and USB enabled devices
  • Supports quick charge and wireless charging
  • Interchangeable battery system
  • Travel-friendly and shock-resistant 
  • Smart power bank with battery reserve and safety features


  • The Morph is expensive but it is not the typical power bank. We feel it is well worth the money when you consider the power it delivers, the super-fast charging experience, the versatility, and the features it is packed with!

Overall Rating


Based on our assessment, here is how we rate the different aspects of the Morph smart power bank:

Design: 95% – It is user-friendly, lightweight, and portable, and it meets FAA and TSA policies. It’s pretty sleek too. The best thing about the design is the modular battery system that allows you to swap batteries. It is also equipped with advanced fault protection features. 

Ports and Outlets: 95% –  It is equipped with all the essential ports including an AC wall socket, USB-C, USB-A quick charge, wireless charging pad, and even a solar charging input port. This means that it can charge nearly all devices and the power bank can be recharged from any source.

Price: 90% – As you can expect with all the advanced features and capabilities the Morph delivers, it doesn’t come cheap. For the high battery capacity, interchangeable battery, multiple high powered ports and high-speed charging, and compatibility with all devices, we think the price is fair and the Morph a worthy investment, if you have high capacity power, needs, or often venture into the outdoors for days at a time. 

Overall: 93% – The Morph is a cutting edge power bank with advanced features and capabilities. It is by far the best power bank we’ve come across. The specs are amazing and the quality control is on point as well. It will definitely morph the way you power your devices on the go.

Globo Surf Overview

If you’re a jet setter, often venture into the outdoors for extended durations, or usually need to charge multiple devices while on the go, the Morph Smart Power Bank is exactly what you need. It comes with a powerful 20,400mAh battery and you can carry along extra batteries to swap when the current one is depleted. That you can charge it using solar panels gives you unlimited power even when off the electricity grid.  You can enjoy your work or adventures with peace of mind that your gadgets won’t run out of juice. It makes an awesome gift idea too!

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