MessyWeekend INUIT Photochromic High Contrast Goggles Reviews


With high contrast and photochromic lenses developed especially for mountain conditions, the MessyWeekend INUIT snow goggles will provide crisp clear vision in any condition you encounter on the slopes while skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, skateboarding, or snowmobiling. These are high-end ski goggles packed with premium features and offered at a more accessible price.

They come with two lens options. The XE2 is a high contrast lens that makes colors clearer and reveals the unevenness of the snow and other details you can’t see with your naked eye. It provides crystal clarity on blue-bird days and also comes with a yellow lens for overcast days. The XEp is also a high-contrast lens but with the addition of a photochromic layer that automatically adjusts the visible light transmission to provide optimal vision in any condition.

In addition to providing high-contrast views on snowy landscapes, the INUIT goggles also offer full protection from ultraviolet rays and glare. Like the original Inuit snow goggles, these don’t fog up as they feature dual layer lens, ventilation channels, and anti-fog coating. A flexible frame and adjustable strap guarantee a perfect fit and all-day comfort. A minimalist design and the REVO-mirror coating give them a cool look so you will roll down the slopes in style.

These goggles are also good for the environment.  If you decide to get a pair, you will also help remove the 3kg of plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean. To learn more about the MessyWeekend INUIT snow goggles, keep scrolling to read our full review.

What Makes These Snow Goggles Stand Out?

  1. Premium snow goggles at a more accessible price
  2. Two high-quality high contrast and photochromic lenses
  3. 18% larger field of vision for optimal vision and protection from the elements
  4. A dual-layered lens with anti-fog coating
  5. Full UV-A and UV-B 400 protection
  6. Interchangeable lenses and strap system
  7. Global fit even over helmets and prescription glasses
  8. Triple-layered foam technology for ventilation and comfort
  9. Every sale contributes to cleaning up the Pacific Ocean

Model Specs:

XEp Lens VLT: 20 to 50%

Green XE2 Lens VLT: 19%

Silver XE2 Lens VLT: 16%

Yellow XE Lens VLT: 55%

Materials: TPU Frame and Polycarbonate Lenses


MessyWeekend had one goal in mind when making the INUIT snow goggles: to offer premium snow goggles with quality, fit, and performance up to par with the most expensive snow goggles on the market but at a more pocket-friendly price. True to this goal, these goggles are packed with premium features.

To provide the best vision in a wide range of conditions on the mountains, they come with high-quality lens technologies optimized for the conditions at high altitude. They thought about everything else and these goggles tick all the boxes the best ski and snowboard goggles should.

With an impressive set of features such as the ones listed below, the INUIT offer unparalleled performance, versatility, durability, ease of use, comfort, and style.

  • Two lens options that provide panoramic high contrast vision on the slopes
  • A photochromic lens that provides optimal vision in all conditions
  • Cool looking REVO-mirror coating
  • Wide view – 18% larger than standard- brings the entire trail within your field of view
  • Dual-layer lenses with an anti-fog coating for unobstructed views
  • Easily interchangeable lenses and straps
  • Full UV-A and UV-B 400 protection
  • Lightweight yet durable TPU frame and impact-resistant lenses
  • Nano-coated lenses for scratch resistance
  • Hydrophobic lens coating repels water and makes the lenses easy to clean
  • Triple-layered foam technology provides ventilation and comfort
  • Silicone linings on the strap prevent slipping ensuring a secure fit
  • A flexible global fit compatible with prescription glasses and helmets



Lens Material: Grade 1 Polycarbonate

Frame Material: TPU

XEp Lens

Conditions: All-weather

Lens Type: High Contrast and Photochromic

Visible Light Transmission: 20 to 50%

XE2 Lens

Conditions: Partly cloudy- Blue Bird

Lens Color: Green Revo-Mirror

Visible Light transmission: 19%

XE2 Lens

Conditions: Partly cloudy- Blue Bird

Lens Color: Silver Revo-Mirror

Visible Light Transmission: 16%

XE Lens

Conditions: Overcast

Lens Color: Yellow

Visible Light Transmission: 55%

User Experience


Fit and Comfort: Featuring a flexible TPU frame and stretchy, adjustable straps, the INUIT snow goggles fit well on all head shapes and sizes and even over helmets and are OTG ski goggles that fit well over prescription glasses. Anti-slip silicone linings on the straps ensure the goggles stay on even when shredding the slopes at high speed.

If you prefer to use a different strap, changing the strap is an easy two-step process. With the flexible, lightweight frame and foam padding, the goggles sit comfortably on the face even for extended adventures. The foam is triple-layered to leave channels for airflow.

Lenses Quality: The lenses are the best features of the INUIT snow goggles. They are constructed of polycarbonate with a grade 1 rating when it comes to optical quality. Molded-in film technology ensures uniformed color changes and superior optical quality.

The spherical shape offers an extra-wide field of view that is 18% larger than standard. This means that you can see the entire trail in front of you without distortion or having to turn your head. Dual-layer lens construction with an anti-fog coating in between the layers and triple-layered foam technology ensures that the lenses don’t fog up.

To provide the best vision in all kinds of light and weather conditions on the snow, the INUIT Messy Weekend snow goggles come with two types of lens technologies:

XE2 Lens: Featuring dyes that increase contrast and reduce glare and a violet base that makes colors clearer, the XE2 is one of the best high contrast snow goggles lenses on the market. It reveals the unevenness of the snow and unveils details you can’t make out with your naked eyes. It comes in green and silver Revo-mirror coatings with visible light transmissions (VLT) of 19% and 16% making them perfect for beautiful and sunny bluebird days.

To ensure you’re covered on overcast days, the XE2 lens comes with an extra lens. Yellow in tone with a VLT of 55%, the XE lens provides the best visibility on cloudy and snowy days. Switching out the lenses is via a clip-on mechanism, which is easy to perform while on the mountain.

XEP Lens: Featuring high contrast, photochromic, and Revo-mirror coating technologies, the XEp is an innovative lens that provides an optimal view in a wide range of light and weather conditions. As the light changes, the photochromic molecules recalibrate and automatically adapt the VLT to suit the weather condition. The transitions happen in 20 to 25 seconds.

It has a VLT range of 20 to 50% that makes it good for all kinds of conditions from bright bluebird days to cold and wet powder days. Developed specifically for snow sports and conditions on the mountains, the XEp lens is at home at a high altitude. With it, you don’t need to pack any other lenses or stop your ride to switch out lenses.

Protection: UV-protection is vitally important while in the mountains as UV radiation and glare are more intense on snowy landscapes at high altitude. The INUIT snow goggles offer the highest level of protection from harmful UV rays. These goggles provide full UV 400 sun protection from both UVA and UVB rays and even filter out harmful blue light. The extra-wide spherical lenses provide a great seal around the eyes and block wind, cold, UV rays, and glare.

Quality and Durability: The construction quality of the Messy Weekend INUIT snow goggles is comparable to that of the most expensive goggles by top-end brands. Designed for snow sports and the extreme conditions on the mountains, these goggles hold up well to their intended use.

Grade 1 polycarbonate construction makes the lenses thin and lightweight yet impact resistant and very hard to shatter. Molded-in film technology provides weather resistance while a Nano coating provides scratch resistance ensuring that the lenses provide long-lasting optical clarity.

Made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), the case is lightweight and highly flexible yet sturdy and durable. The straps are a blend of polyester and elastane, which makes them elastic and long-lasting. The inner grips and logos are silicone and the protective case is robust.


  • High contrast and photochromic lenses
  • High end-snow goggles at a more affordable price
  • Global fit compatible with prescription glasses and helmets
  • Lightweight and flexible yet sturdy and durable construction
  • Designed especially for snow sports and conditions at high altitude
  • Dual-layered lenses with anti-fog coating
  • Well ventilated with triple-layered foam
  • Full protection from UV rays and glare
  • Wide-angled lenses that provide an extra-wide field of view


  • These are more expensive than regular snow goggles. However, they are premium snow goggles equipped with high-quality lenses and features only found in the most expensive goggles and yet their price tag is much lower. This makes them fairly priced and well worth the money.

Overall Rating

Based on our assessment of the INUIT goggles, here are our ratings of the most important aspects of ski goggles.

Design: 95% – The design gets a 5-star rating from us. The wide spherical lenses provide a panoramic view of the entire path before you as well as protection from the elements. With a flexible frame, adjustable straps that are long enough to fit over a helmet, and an OTG design that accommodates prescription glasses, the fit is spot on even for Asian features. The minimalist Scandinavian design combined with the REVO-coating makes them cool goggles.

Materials: 95% – Grade 1 polycarbonate for lenses and TPU for the frame are excellent choices! They make for a lightweight and flexible frame that feels comfortable and fits well while also being tough and durable. The lens material delivers superior optical clarity and is extremely hard to scratch or break. The polyester and elastane straps with silicone linings are also optimal choices.

Lenses Quality: 95% -With the XE2 and XEp lenses, Messy Weekend wanted to create some of the best lenses in the world and we can confidently say they have. The XE2 on par with the best high-contrast lenses in the world while the XEp is an exceptional photochromic ski goggles lens.

Price: 90% – MessyWeekend is all about high-quality gear and great designs offered at fair prices. The INUIT is no exception. It is a premium pair of snow goggles with quality, fit, and performance comparable to that of the most expensive snow goggles but offered at a much lower price. This INUIT is second to none in this price range.

Overall: 94% – We’re impressed with the INUIT snow goggles and the lenses they come with! They are high-quality snow goggles to offer an optimal vision in almost all conditions in the mountains. They offer a comfortable global fit, don’t fog, and look cool on the face. Without a doubt one of the best snow goggles on the market, right up amongst the high-end offerings but with a more wallet-friendly price.

Globo Surf Overview

Snow goggles are crucial gear when skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling. They protect your eyes from the snow, wind, UV rays, and improve your vision on snowy landscapes.

The MessyWeekend INUIT high contrast & photochromic snow goggles are premium quality snow goggles that provide crystal clear vision in a wide range of light and weather conditions. They also offer full UV protection and excellent protection from the elements. If you’re on a budget but want the very best ski and snowboard goggles, these fit the bill perfectly.

Armed with the INUIT goggles, you can enjoy your favorite snow adventures and have a phenomenal experience no matter what a day on the snow will have in store for you. You’ll also contribute to the clean-up of plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean, which is a great cause for any nature lover.

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