Why Do You Need Mental Training For Climbing


In addition to being physically difficult, climbing is also a mentally challenging sport. There is a lot more to climbing than simply fitness and ability. That is why dedicated climbers spend a lot of time going through mental training for climbing.

Mental training can lead to a major improvement in both your skills and endurance, no matter if you are a beginner or a professional climber. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know for successful rock climbing mental training. 

Mental Training for Climbing Guide

Separating Self-Worth from Performance

Self-worth refers to how valuable we feel, and it is very important when it comes to climbing. Climbers can feel like their self-worth is dictated by their performance. That is when the need for success turns into something too overwhelming. When the climbers validate their self-worth through sport, it can lead to anxiety and remove the inherent joy of climbing.

If the climbing session goes wrong, the climber will feel bad and the bad performance will affect other aspects of their life. On the other hand, if a climber has a successful day, they will feel elated and uplifted.

As a part of rock climbing mental training, you should remember that the climbing process brings you the most joy. Switch the focus from the outcome to the actual climbing experience. Whenever you feel stuck, remember what makes you happy when climbing and why you are doing it. You should practice having a positive mindset from the moment you put your climbing shoes on. 

Positive Self-Talk

Believing in your abilities can make the biggest difference in your climbing. Even if an obstacle seems impossible to overcome, you are more likely to achieve your goals if you believe it is possible to do it. You could read more about that in our selection of the best climbing books

You could motivate yourself by introducing positive mantras, such as ‘Stay calm’, ‘You’ve got this’, or ‘You are very brave and strong’, or whatever motivates you to keep going. It is very important to remove any negative phrases and words. Avoid using ‘not’, ‘can’t’, ‘don’t’, or ‘won’t’. Changing your mindset will make you realize that it is not true that you ‘can’t do something’. Instead, it will become obvious that you simply ‘haven’t done it yet’.

Staying in the Present

Being present is of great importance when climbing. If you stay in the moment, it will be much easier to focus on the important things, stay aware of the potential dangers and risks, as well as reduce distractions. 

To achieve this state of mind, you need to prevent your thoughts from wandering. Try not to think about something that you did earlier that day or a problem you have at work. If you focus on something other than climbing, you are more likely to get injured or lose focus.

Beta Maps and Visualization

Visualizing yourself as a successful climber with the best climbing backpack can bring you closer to achieving your goals. If you can see yourself climbing a difficult route, you are more likely to believe it is achievable and in turn complete the task.

While you’re climbing, take some time to memorize how exactly your hand and feet are moving, your body positions, as well as breathing patterns. This rock climbing mental training technique may reduce the time it takes you to finish a route.

Also, you could try the ‘beta maps’ method. Draw the route you are trying to finish, making sure you illustrate the features, moves, rests, and cruxes. The more detail you include in your map, the better. You could also add notes on what you should think about when dealing with various sections of your route. If you combine beta maps and visualization, you will realize that the more you think about the route, the less frightening it becomes.  

Separating from Your Ego


One of the most crucial as well as difficult parts of mental training for climbing is separating yourself from your ego. To do this, you should implement all the aforementioned strengthening methods. 

If your ego becomes too powerful, you may become more dependent on the climbing outcome and associate the success in the sport with how others perceive you. If you evaluate your experience according to external factors, you are missing the opportunity to realize how your climbing experience is.

Every climber has many weaknesses and strengths as well as limitations to their body type. Also, each climber has a different sports history. If you compare your abilities to others’ external conditions and performance, you will not help yourself get better at climbing.

Instead, learn to value the climbing process and shift the focus from the outcome. It is important not to give up when things seem difficult or impossible. There is always room for the appreciation for the overall experience and movement, as well as your performance.


Q: Does Rock Climbing Make You Stronger?


Rock climbing can make your upper body and core muscles stronger, even though it is not its primary focus. Climbing is all about balance as well as using and conserving your energy in the most appropriate way. While you are pulling yourself upwards, you are engaging your arms, abs, calves, quads, biceps, traps, lats, and obliques, among other muscles.

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Being physically fit is crucial for climbers, but being mentally prepared is equally as important. That is why regular mental training is highly recommended, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced climber.

It is very important to separate your self-worth from the climbing success to stay positive. Also, you should motivate yourself by repeating different mantras. It is essential to learn how to stay in the present when you’re climbing to avoid potential injuries. Lastly, don’t forget to visualize yourself as a successful climber and separate yourself from the ego. 

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