LUFT Cube Air Purifier Review


Whether you’re looking to combat allergens, mold, viruses such as influenza or SARS coronavirus, formaldehyde in paint, or wildfire smoke, the LUFT Cube air purifier can tackle all these and more. It draws in air from all directions and destroys all kinds of airborne pathogens and pollutants including bacteria, viruses, mold spores, fungus, algae, pollen, dust mites, smoke, VOCs, formaldehyde, and even odors creating a personal breathing zone with clean and healthy air.

The best thing about LUFT Cube is that it does more than just filtering the unwanted substances floating around in the air. It utilizes UV LED light and nanotechnology to break their chemical bonds completely rendering them harmless. The byproducts are water and carbon dioxide, which are safe for both humans and the environment. 

A compact and lightweight unit, you can bring LUFT Cube with you wherever you go and protect yourself against pollutants and infectious airborne pathogens. With the compact, unobtrusive design, it fits well in tight spaces such as a nightstand, a baby’s stroller, a desktop at work, or the interior of a car.

You can even hold it in your hands while traveling on trains, buses, or in crowded places such as waiting rooms and movie theaters. It is powered via a standard USB-C cable so you can plug it into a power bank, laptop, or any available USB port. Be sure to read our full LUFT Cube air purifier review below to learn more about how it works and how effective it is.


LUFT Cube is one of a kind air purifier. By utilizing patented Solid-State Photocatalysis Purification (SPP) nanotechnology, it can remove all kinds of pathogens, allergens, pollutants, odors, and toxic chemicals in the air. A UV LED activated photocatalysis breaks down all the harmful substances in the air into water and carbon dioxide. It doesn’t produce ozone or any other harmful by-products.

A personal air purifier designed for use on the go, it is compact, lightweight, and ready to go with you wherever you go. All you need to run it and enjoy disinfected air is a USB-C port to plug it into. Here are the features that make it an outstanding personal purifier that is travel ready:

  • Utilizes powerful Solid-State Photocatalysis Purification (SPP) nanotechnology to disinfect the air
  • A nano-reactor chamber where decomposition and destruction of pollutants happens
  • UV LED light that activates the nano-reactor to produce energy to break down pollutants and neutralize them
  • 360-degree air intake for optimal air purification
  • An anti-bacteria wire mesh that is easy to remove and clean
  • Filterless design for hassle-free maintenance
  • Conveniently powered via a standard USB-C cable with universal compatibility
  • Plug-N-Play operation with a simple on and off button
  • Compact and lightweight portable design


SpecificationsTechnology: Patented Solid-State Photocatalysis Purification (SPP) Nanotechnology

Dimensions: 2.56 x 2.56 x 4.61 inches (65 x 65 x 117mm)

Weight: 5.64 Ounces (160g)

Applying Space: < 178ft2 (16.5m2)

Byproducts: Carbon Dioxide and Water

Noise Level: < 30dB

Material: ABS Plastic/Aluminum

Certifications: SGS and Intertek

Power Source: USB Type-C

Input Power: 5V/0.5A

Power Consumption: 2.5W

Color Options: Sky Blue, Midnight Green, Gold, Silver

Package Contents: LUFT Cube Air Purifier, 1m USB cable

Add-On Items: Directional Air Vent Cap, Vehicle Cup Holder  

User Experience

User_ExperienceEase of Use: This is a Plug-N-Play air purifier that comes ready to use right out of the box. Simply plug the USB-A end of the cable into the device and the USB-C end into a USB port and press the on/off button to turn it on and start breathing in clean and healthy air. It is also an easy maintenance air purifier.

It has no filter so you don’t have to worry about replacing the filter. The anti-bacterial metal mesh is easy to remove and only requires cleanup with warm water. LUFT also doesn’t use batteries so you also don’t have to worry about recharging or replacing batteries.

Uses: LUFT Cube is a portable personal air purifier you can use anywhere – at home, school, work, and even on the go. It is very lightweight at 5.64 ounces and compact in size measuring 2.56 x 2.56 x 4.61 inches.

You can take it with you wherever you go and use it in polluted and crowded places such as trains, airplanes, buses, waiting rooms, and movie theatres. It will fit in a handbag, backpack, or carry-on luggage and doesn’t take too much space on a desk, nightstand, baby stroller. It is an elegant accessory to set on any space and it remains unobtrusive as it does its job.

It is powered via a standard USB so you don’t have to worry about finding a wall outlet. You can plug it into any USB port whether it is on your power bank, laptop, or airplane. The power it draws is negligible. 

Effectiveness: Don’t let the size of this air purifier make you skeptical about its ability to clean the air effectively. It has rave reviews by users for its air cleaning performance. Packed with powerful air purifying technology, it does what other air purifiers don’t and the quality of air it emits is top-notch.

It not only eliminates bacteria, dust, and allergens, it uses photocatalytic disinfection, which research has proven can kill all kinds of pathogens including viruses such as SARS coronavirus and influenza.

LUFT Cube also breaks down toxic chemicals such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde, removes smoke particle matter, dust mites, and odors. The best part is that LUFT Cube actually destroys the pathogens and pollutants and thus disinfects the air. 

It draws air from all angles and the air passes through the anti-bacteria wire mesh and is then propelled to the UV LED activated nanoreactor where super free radicals and super oxidizing substances are formed to break down and destroy pathogens and toxic chemicals. As for certifications, the air purifier has passed independent testing by two third-party laboratories – SGS and Intertek.

By-Products: Some air purifiers break down pollutants into substances that are harmful to humans and the environment. This is not the case with this air purifier. It doesn’t produce ozone or formaldehyde even when used in an environment with high humidity.

This is because the UV LED light ensures a complete breakdown of the pollutants into water and carbon dioxide, which are harmless to human beings and the environment. It also does not make a lot of noise. With a noise rating of 25dB, it is whisper quiet and won’t distract you as you work, disturb others, or ruin your sleep.


  • Removes all kinds of pathogens and allergens in the air
  • Easy to bring along everywhere you go
  • Compact, unobtrusive unit that you can use anywhere
  • Powered by a standard USB outlet
  • Hassle-free maintenance – no filter or battery replacement
  • Removable and washable wire mesh
  • An attractive unit that looks good anywhere
  • Simple Plug-N-Play, at the touch of a button operation
  • Low noise level and no harmful byproducts


  • This is a small air purifier designed to clean up an individual’s breathing space
  • Does not come with a carrying case for on the go use

Overall Rating

Design: 100% – The design is fantastic! Most air purifiers are bulky, noisy, and unseemly but the LUFT is compact, whisper-quiet, and looks great. It is designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Every aspect of its design makes it easy to use on the go – simple plug and play, one-button operation, USB-C power source, and a compact design. The German engineering inspired modern minimal design and pretty colors make it an attractive accessory.      

Material: 95% – As a portable personal air purifier, LUFT is meant to be moved frequently and the choice of material is perfect for on the go use. ABS plastic and aluminum makes this air purifier lightweight and easy to carry yet strong and durable.  

Price: 95% – While this isn’t the cheapest air filter you can buy; it is cost-effective in the long run. The principal maintenance cost with air purifiers is the cost of replacement filters, and this is filter-less and doesn’t require battery replacements or recharging. It is powered by USB and will only set you back less than 2 dollars per year. This low-cost maintenance brings the total cost of ownership down and makes LUFT Cube an affordable option. Plus it is a high-quality device designed to protect you for a long time.

Overall: 96% – LUFT Cube takes personal air purification to a whole new level. We’re incredibly impressed with its ability to neutralize all kinds of air pollutants even the toughest airborne viruses such as influenza and SARS coronavirus. The best part is that you can use it anywhere, as it is small, lightweight and USB powered. We recommend it to anyone who has issues with allergies or asthma or anyone traveling to a polluted place.

Globo Surf Overview

There are so many pathogens, allergens, and toxic chemicals floating around in the air we breathe. Many diseases and health problems we experience originate from the air we breathe. An air purifier is a great way to improve the quality of the air you inhale and safeguard your health and wellness. If you would like an air purifier you can take with you everywhere you go, LUFT Cube is the ultimate personal air purifier.

It is small enough to fit in even a small bag and you only need a standard USB port to operate it. The best thing about it is that it will protect you from all kinds of pathogens, allergens, and pollutants – bacteria, mold, pollen, dust mites, airborne viruses, toxic chemicals, and even wildfire smoke. As for maintenance, it doesn’t require filter replacements and draws very little electricity.

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