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To make it simple, you can call LINK a travel blanket, but the truth is that it does so much more that it is hard to describe in just one word. Designed by a Swedish couple who loves the outdoors for people who share their passion, LINK can be a blanket, a hammock, a travel sheet, and a pillow, depending on what you need it to be in that particular moment.

For hikers and backpackers, saving space is one of the greatest concerns when packing gear, since the weight of the equipment you carry with you directly influences the distances you can cover. Having items with you that can do several different tasks all the while remaining compact and lightweight makes them worth their weight in gold in the eyes of the avid hiker.

LINK aims to do just that, providing you with several different uses all packed into a single product that can fit comfortably in your backpack or luggage. Having an ally such as this in your bag has the potential of changing the way you prepare to challenge the outdoors, giving you the confidence of having a tool that can adapt to almost any scenario you can think of.


When you pick it up for the first time, the LINK travel blanket is compressed down into a little pouch that measures 17 x 8 x 20 cm, which is perfect to pack in your bag without taking up any space. The pouch has two hems, an upper and lower one, and stuffing the blanket in the upper one will give you a pouch of a slightly bigger size, 18 x 10 x 26 cm. This works great as a comfy travel pillow or is simply a quicker way to stow the blanket if you don’t have time to stuff it down to its minimum size.

Once you unravel the blanket completely, you’ll have more than two square meters of surface available to sit on. Be careful to lay it the right way up, since the outer surface is water-resistant and made to be in contact with the ground, while the inner one is soft polyester. This is designed to keep the moisture and wetness away and give you a soft feeling like the one you have on the inside of a sleeping bag. The long sides of the blanket have buttons, and if you need even more space you can use them to connect with another blanket. You can also simply join the long sides together and turn the blanket into a warm cocoon. This can be great if it starts getting cold outside or if you want to use it as a travel sheet to wear inside a sleeping bag, giving you a few extra degrees of warmth. 

The final transformation that LINK can undergo is becoming a hammock. The shorter sides of the blanket are lined with ropes. These help in keeping the edges down when the blanket is spread out on the ground but more importantly can be pulled tight and fastened to make a hammock, leaving 150 cm of rope to attach to any anchor you might find in the vicinity. The hammock is rated to sustain up to 150 kg of weight and you don’t need extra hammock straps unless the anchors are wide or sensitive.

Here is a list of the standout features of the LINK travel blanket

  • A very versatile blanket can be used also as a travel sheet and hammock
  • Outer layer made of water-resistant nylon
  • Inner layer made of a soft and comfortable polyester
  • Lightweight
  • Can be compressed down to the size of a travel pillow or even smaller
  • Buttons on long sides can be used to join two blankets together
  • The blanket can work as a travel sheet to wear inside a sleeping bag



Outer material: DWR treated nylon, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified

Inner Material: Polyester, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified

Smallest pouch size: 17 x 8 x 20 cm

Larger pouch (pillow) size: 18 x 10 x 26 cm

Fully expanded size: 150 x 250 cm

Built-in rope length: 150 cm

Maximum hammock recommended weight: 150 kg

Weight: 780 grams

User Experience


Usability: The LINK travel blanket is a near-perfect fit for avid outdoor goers, or indeed for anyone just planning to spend a day outside and who would like to feel ready for a variety of situations. The blanket is ready to use straight out of the box and compressing it into the small pouch does not require elaborate folding patterns or special techniques. Thanks to the clean design, switching between users is fast and straightforward and after a few tries, you’ll eliminate any risk of confusion. The build quality feels nice and strong, just as it should be for a product designed to be used outside, and the ropes and buttons never make you feel they will give up on you. The outside nylon is tough and tearproof, resisting water impeccably. So well, that the blanket can be used as a poncho without problems. Overall, the blanket is an excellent addition to any travel kit, given its excellent versatility, durability, and ease of use.

Portability: Ease of transport is another one of the features that make the LINK stand out. It is virtually impossible to find something on the market that does a similar job and almost disappears down to such a small size. The compressed pouch will feel at home in any hiker’s backpack, taking up very little room indeed. Furthermore, the whole blanket weighs less than a kilogram, so it won’t slow you down any more than a simple water bottle would do. Should you choose to put it in your bag or just leave it alongside the things you need for a barbecue, you’ll find there is plenty of space left.

Overall Rating


Usability: 99% – We are confident that the LINK travel blanket will become an item you never want to be without when you are outdoors after you’ve tried it the first couple of times. The usefulness of the simple but smartly designed piece of equipment cannot be overstated, and the fact that it packs several different features in one, very compact, package makes it something that outdoor goers dream of and a product that is truly one of a kind. Switching between different uses is fast and easy and not only that, each one of them is very well thought out and performs their task admirably. This versatility, combined with ease of use and travel, turn the LINK into the only travel blanket you will ever need.

Portability: 98% – When you take into consideration the individual dimensions of all the pieces of gear that the LINK can transform into, you’ll have a sense of just how amazing a job it does at keeping its size nicely compact and portable. Once you’ve compressed it down to its smallest size, the blanket can be carried around anywhere without ever getting in the way. When you decide to open it, the surface you’ll find available to you is hard to imagine when you look at the dimensions of the package it came out from. Overall, as far as ease of transport is concerned, LINK is one of the best pieces of gear we’ve ever seen, and we’re not sure there is anything that can take its place just yet.

Price: 97% – Some people might be taken aback by the fact that the price of the LINK is made up of three-digit numbers. For an item that looks so simple on the outside, it can, understandably, be hard to justify. However, should you consider the individual prices of all the items you would need to replace this one blanket, you will very probably end up with a higher overall number than the one that is required to get the LINK. If you add the fact that this blanket is built to last a long time and that the company has vowed to donate a part of its sales to the environmentally friendly projects, you can understand how this price is more than justified and, if you think about it, not that bad after all.

Overall: 98% – It is always refreshing and inspiring to come across products that change the way we look at things and prepare for certain situations. The LINK fits into this category and stands tall as a unique item, that pushes the boundaries of what has been done before towards new and unforeseen heights. 

Globo Surf Overview

Having enough space to bring everything you need has always been a head-scratcher for hikers or anyone planning a trip outdoors. The LINK travel blanket solves a great number of these issues in one, single swoop, amazing us for design and portability, and earning our enthusiastic approval.

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LINK - versatile blanket, hammock cocoon, travel sheet Review
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