Klean Kanteen Classic 27oz Water Bottle Review


The Klean Kanteen Classic 27oz water bottle is a tall and thin bottle made out of 18/8 stainless steel. Its shape makes it fit very nicely in the outside lateral pockets of backpacks, so those who are headed outdoors will find it nice and practical to bring along. The neck is thinner just under the cap, which makes it easier to grab with one hand and slide out of your backpack pocket. It is also very convenient to attach the bottle to something.

The inside of the bottle is electropolished, so you can be sure that the liquids you pour inside will be protected in a safe and non-toxic shell. The bottle does not have sharp corners which also makes it very easy to keep clean. The top opening, while not the widest on the market, can accommodate full-sized ice cubes, and the exterior of the bottle features a chip-resistant coating treatment aimed at preventing damage from scrapes and falls. This, in turn, will make your bottle much more durable and prevent you from having to buy a new one every couple of years.

The volume of the Klean Kanteen Classic holds enough liquid to get you through a whole day or can even hold the contents of an entire bottle of wine. There are two different caps available to close is, a Sport version and a Classic version, so you can choose the one that best fits your activities. The bottle is comfortable to hold, fun to look at, and easy to bring around. Here is a run-down of all its stand-out features.

  • The tall and thin build makes it easy to handle
  • Premium stainless steel build
  • Smooth electropolished interior, easy to clean
  • Does not alter the taste of beverages
  • Durable powder coat finish avoiding chips
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lifetime “Strong as Steel” guarantee
  • Two available caps, Classic and Sport
  • BPA free
  • The opening is wide enough for full-sized ice cubes
  • Numerous color options


Specifications_(5)Capacity: 27 ounces (800 milliliters)

Weight with loop cap: 7.2 ounces (204 grams)

Weight with sport cap: 7.5 ounces (212.6 grams)

Height with loop cap: 10.6 inches

Height with sport cap: 10.9 inches

Bottom diameter: 2.9 inches

Top diameter: 1.75 inches

User Experience

User_Experience_(6)Usability: The Klean Kanteen Classic bottle has a solid and reassuring feel in the hand, with the stainless steel built giving out that nice sensation that makes you feel like you’re holding something very sturdy. Drinking from it is nice and comfortable as there are no sharp edges and the fluid always tastes the same as it did when you poured them in. The width of the bottle makes it easy and comfortable to grip with one hand and the thin neck provides you with a solid hold if you need to fill it up somewhere on the go. Both of the caps do an excellent job in preventing leaks, whichever way the bottle is turned or shaken, and we found that the bottle even manages to hold a little more liquid than the advertised 27 ounces.

Design: With a sleek and slim design, the Klean Kanteen Classic bottle works well in combination with backpacks, sliding effortlessly into a side pocket or just being easy to pack if you don’t happen to have one. These features make it a great match for people who will find themselves outdoors for long periods, or those that are planning several day trips. The thinner neck may seem quirky when you first see it but soon enough it becomes something you start to appreciate, finding comfort in holding it that you never imagined in the first place. The bottle looks stylish enough to fit well even with your work outfit and the wide array of available colors gives you as much customization as you could want.

Construction: The build quality of the Klean Kanteen bottle is another feature that makes it stand out from the lot. The food-grade 18/8 stainless-steel build makes the bottle slightly heavier than thinner options you may find on the market but gives it that heft that makes you feel sure it won’t let you down. Not only is the bottle tough on the inside, but the outside powder coat finish is designed to be four times more durable and chip-resistant than previous models. Since the goal of the company is to make products that you have to buy only once, to reduce waste and pollution, this bottle is built to last you a lifetime and it certainly feels like it will.


  • A slim design makes it easy to pack and bring along
  • Fluids always retain their taste
  • Tough stainless-steel build
  • Chip-resistant outer layer


  • No thermal insulation

Overall Rating

Overal_Rating_(5)Usability: 99% – The Klean Kanteen Classic 27oz water bottle has all the features you would expect from a reusable water bottle and more. Fluids retain their taste even after long hours and the bottle is easy to grab and handle because of its sleek profile. The caps are excellent and prevent leaks, and despite the lack of thermal insulation the bottle still manages to contain heat dispersion for a significant amount of time. The capacity might not seem huge, but it is enough to get you through most of the day.

Design: 98% – It’s often hard to make simple things look elegant, but the Klean Kanteen Classic water bottle manages to pull it off. The body is perfectly proportioned and strikes an excellent balance between width and height. The numerous solid colors available are bold and will look good when paired with whichever outfit, be it a climbing harness or a smart suit and tie for corporate days. Despite placing functionality first, as should be the case for a product such as this, the Klean Kanteen Classic water bottle doesn’t leave you wanting when it comes to style.

Construction: 98% – Construction and built quality are two of the prominent selling points of this bottle, and with good reason. The finish is luxurious, and you can feel that nothing has been left to chance during the manufacturing process. Both the interior, designed to prevent unwanted flavors from seeping into your drinks, and the exterior, programmed to avoid chips and dents, perform their functions admirably. The bottle might feel a touch heavier than other models on the market, but you know that that little extra weight all goes into making the Klean Kanteen Classic an extremely durable product, one that you won’t have to replace anytime soon.

Price: 96% – The price of the Klean Kanteen Classic water bottle might take some people aback at first sight. When we think of water bottles, we imagine something simple, so it might take a moment to understand why the bottle is priced as it is. However, when you realize that you are taking home a premium product that will likely prevent you from ever having to buy a plastic bottle again, you can understand that the price is well worth it and be sure that you won’t be regretting the purchase.

Overall: 98% – The Klean Kanteen Classic 27oz water bottle does a lot of things right. It looks good, feels great to hold, resists shocks, and provides some thermal insulation despite being only a one-layer bottle. Outdoor enthusiasts or corporate workers will both find a tool that they can take in their respective environments and not feel out of place. Versatility and durability blend with design, for a very well-rounded item that will find its place in a wide number of backpacks.

Globo Surf Overview

The Klean Kanteen Classic 27ounce water bottle is an excellent product that you can take everywhere with you, knowing that you can count on it to effectively protect your drinks. It is a product we can confidently recommend, one that will stick around for a long time and always be there to assist you when you need it.

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Klean Kanteen Classic 27oz Water Bottle Review
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