10 Best Kiteboarding Spots In The World


Finding an ideal kiteboarding destination can be tough, and as the sport continues to grow globally, so does the number of must-visit kiteboarding spots. After doing thorough research, we have put together a list of ten incredible kitesurfing destinations that are a must-see for both experienced and new riders. 

Featuring silky-smooth waters, strong & consistent winds, and plenty to see and do when you are not kiteboarding or using your beach chair to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, these kite surfing locations are worth a visit. 

Top-Rated Kiteboarding Spots 

1. La Ventana – Baja, California 

The beautiful town of La Ventana is consistently rated as one of the best kiteboarding and kitesurfing destinations. Visitors are guaranteed great winds and warm water from fall through spring. This makes La Ventana a great stop for spring and winter breakers looking to learn kiteboarding and experts looking to enhance their skills or show off. 

In addition to kiteboarding, local activities include fishing, diving, kayaking, and if you remember to bring your snorkeling gear package, you can always go snorkeling. If you are an absolute kiteboarding beginner, you can easily book lessons and work with professional instructors to improve your skills. 

2. Cabarete – Dominican Republic 

If you have created a kiteboarding bucket list, a trip to Dominican Republic’s Cabarete should be on that list. The beaches in the location are protected by a reef – this means breaking waves outside the reef and silky-smooth waters inside. 

Cabarete is perfect for both advanced and beginning riders, with the La Policia Beach serving up amazing breaking waves for a more difficult ride. The wind in Cabarete is usually strong all year round, but it is most reliable in the early fall and the summer. 

3. Taveuni Island – Fiji

If you have been trying to find an answer to where to kitesurf or kiteboard, you should consider visiting Taveuni Island in Fiji. Blessed with consistent and strong winds funneled between the Taveuni islands, the region is one of the best kite surfing and kiteboarding spots. 

The reef nearby creates an expanse of flat and shallow waters ideal for beginners. To enjoy a more challenging ride, you will only need to travel outside the reef. 

4. Cumbuco – Brazil 

The fact that Cumbuco beaches are a popular training spot for kiteboarding professionals is a sign that this Brazilian fishing village has prime kite surfing and kiteboarding conditions. The beach is over 6 kilometers long, giving the riders plenty of space to enjoy the strong winds, flat & shallow lagoons, and the small breaking waves located just offshore. 

If you are into reeling in fish, be sure to bring a fishing rod and reel along with your kiteboarding gear. Being a fishing village, Cumbuco offers visitors an ideal opportunity to cast their spinning rods and hook some fish. 

5. Tarifa – Spain

Tarifa_–_SpainTarifa has managed to grow into one of the most popular kitesurfing destinations in Europe. With approximately 300 days of sun and strong winds each year, it is easy to see why Tarifa is an ideal option for people wondering where to kitesurf in Europe. 

The location is filled with great beaches for kiteboarding, with Valdevaqueros and Los Lances being eyecatching. The strait of Gibraltar forms a perfect wind tunnel that brings consistently strong winds throughout the year. 

Note: Being extremely popular, Tarifa’s waters can get crowded. Waking up earlier than everyone else may be the only way to enjoy some solitude on the waters. 

6. Jupiter – Florida 

Sitting on Florida’s southeast coast, Jupiter offers everything from glossy flat waters for beginners to the big swells for advanced riders. To launch, you will simply need to head down to Juno Beach which is appropriately named Kite Beach. 

Jupiter is one of the few kiteboarding spots with extremely friendly locals – if you are not sure about anything, do not hesitate to ask. If you happen to forget some of your gear, you can always rent from the local rental shops. 

7. Calamianes Islands – Philippines 

If you are trying to figure out where to kitesurf in the Philippines, you should consider visiting the Calamianes Islands. Featuring unspoiled tranquility and uncrowded kitesurfing conditions, the destination is worth a visit. The secluded area has conditions ideal for every skill level, with the smooth waters and open water chops being surrounded by unspoiled beauty. 

When you are not kiteboarding, you can take a kayak tour through the mangroves, trek through the jungle, or put on your full face snorkel mask and explore the Japanese shipwrecks. 

8. Maui – Hawaii 

Maui is arguably one of the best kitesurfing destinations in the entire world, and Kite Beach is the best place to enjoy all that Maui has to offer. The amazing tropical beach has warm & clean water, steady trade winds, long stretches of calm water, and gentle waves ideal for experienced riders. 

The area is full of world-class instructors and amazing athletes. If you are a complete beginner and you are not sure where to start, finding a good teacher should be extremely easy. 

9. Nabq Bay – Egypt

A beautiful beach town, Nabq Bay offers a riding area that is guarded by reefs, which create flat and relatively shallow waters. The wind blows at an average speed of 20 knots on most days. With the reef keeping tides away, riders get to enjoy hours of uninterrupted playtime. 

If you need to take a break from kiteboarding, you can always head south to Ras Mohammed National Park. In addition to being Egypt’s most famous national park, Ras Mohammed is one of the best dive sites in the world.  

10. Grand Cayman – Cayman Islands 

Featuring steady and warm winds, and protected bays all over the island, the Grand Cayman offers lots of room for beginners to build their skills and for experienced riders to cruise around. For beginners, lesson packages are available on the islands. If you are not interested in traveling with all your gear, you can always take advantage of the rental shops. 

After a long day on the water, you can enjoy some great cuisines on the islands’ east end. In addition to the drinks and food, you also get great nighttime entertainment on the island. 

Globo Surf Overview 

Very few things beat the perfect feeling of harnessing wind power to ride. If you have caught the bug, kiteboarding can become an obsession, inspiring travel to even the far-flung reaches of the globe. 

This article outlines the best kiteboarding spots. With our list of kitesurfing destinations, figuring out where to kitesurf and kiteboard should become easier for you.

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