Kids In Sauna: Read This Before Allow Children In Sauna


Saunas have many positive sides and benefits which makes them popular around the world, which also means a lot of kids will come in touch with them. To keep the little ones safe and sound, there are some sauna rules you should follow. In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about the kids in a sauna, so when you decide to bring them with you, you know what to avoid to prevent any negative effects on their health.

How Safe Are Saunas For Children?

First and the most important question about children in the sauna is how safe is it. The line between all those benefits sauna provides, like pain relief, which can strike their joints as their body develops, or detoxication, and the negative ones like heat stroke can be extremely thin, especially for kids younger than 8. 

That’s why you should never let your kids under this age use the sauna all by themselves. However, if you follow all the safety rules, there shouldn’t be any issues. So, to answer the question of whether saunas are safe for children or not – yes, they are safe for children, as long as you’re responsible and careful enough.

Best Age To Start Using Sauna

Saunas work by rising the temperature of both the room and the human body. While grown-ups can easily and quickly adapt to those conditions, the kid’s body is not as efficient, which means the older the kid, the easier it will be for them to adjust to stress. 

Before your kid reaches 6, you should limit their time in the sauna to no more than a few minutes per day. When your kid reaches 6, it is OK to use it for 15 minutes max, but not without you. And once your kid hits puberty, that limit should rise to half an hour.

How To Use Sauna With Kids

It sure does sound simple – you enter the sauna, sit there for a specified amount of time, and then you leave, but there are still some things you should do to keep your kids in the sauna safe. 

Build Their Endurance

To be completely sure everything will be OK with your kids in the sauna, you’ll have to be patient and take things slow and easy. Start with up to 5 minutes in the sauna at first, then raise the limit to 7 minutes after a week, 10 after two weeks, and finish with 15 after three weeks. Keep it at 15 until they reach puberty.

When To Stop

No matter which sauna type you’ll be using, the red flags are more-less the same. If your kid starts to feel dizziness, cramps, nausea, or is simply overheated, take them out of the sauna as soon as possible. Also, pay attention to your kid, and if you see anything alarming, don’t wait to exit. It is better to prevent any possible problems. These symptoms should all disappear as their endurance rises, but if they keep happening, then it is suggested to visit a doctor because there may be some other issue involved that prevents your kid from staying in a sauna for a longer period.

Always Be Alert

Taking kids to the sauna may mean you’ll have to kiss your relaxation goodbye as you’ll have to be on constant watch. Children are full of energy, curious, so they may start to run, jump around, or want to touch walls, and they can end up being either burnt, overheated, or dehydrated.  Before you enter the sauna, tell your kids what they can and can’t do, how to behave, and keep your attention on them all the time.

The Steam Sauna And Kids

The steam sauna is safe for anyone older than 8, but with constant adult supervision. In steam saunas the air is wet and all the symptoms may show rapidly, so it is essential to pay attention to their behavior and react if something bad happens. Also, the walls are hot and the heater is easily accessible, so too much curiosity may lead to serious burns. 

Another possible issue is hydration, so make sure your kids are well hydrated. This means a glass of water before and one after the session is recommended.

The Infrared Sauna And Kids


Infrared saunas are different by the way they heat the body, but they are also more suitable for kids. As mentioned above, children in sauna tend to become curious thanks to the lack of other fun things to do, and thanks to the lack of a heater, the infrared sauna will prevent your kids from getting burnt. This also means the chances for anything going south are slightly slimmer compared to the steam sauna, but you shouldn’t let your guard down. 

Pay attention to your kids and their behavior, prevent them from jumping, running, and other similar activities, keep them hydrated. Limit the time in it to 15 minutes max, but if you see anything wrong, stop the session and get out. Also, check out the list of most common infrared sauna dangers.

The Portable Sauna And Kids

If you own a portable sauna, you should know that most of these saunas are infrared saunas, but still, if your kids are yet to reach their teen years, be present when your kids use them and limit their time to no more than 15 minutes per day.

Use The Chance To Teach

Sooner or later, even the smallest kids will grow up just enough to start to enjoy the peace and relaxation the sauna provides. That’s why you should use this opportunity to teach your kids everything there is to be known about sauna usage, so they can stay safe for many years to come without having to worry about any negative effect the sauna may provoke. Remember, responsibility is essential, and as long as you stay responsible, the chances of something going south are less than slim. Our guide about how to use the sauna will help you with this.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about kids in the sauna:

Q: Are children allowed in sauna?


Yes, they are. If you plan to take your kids to sauna on a regular basis, it is a good idea to take them to their doctor and make sure there are no limitations. So, unless the doctor says no, there is not a single reason why kids shouldn’t use the sauna.

Q: How old should the kid be before using the sauna?


Recommended age to start using the sauna is 6 years, with adult supervision and no longer than 15 minutes. Of course, you could start even sooner, but the time spent inside shouldn’t be longer than a few minutes.

Q: Can kids use an infrared sauna?


Yes. This type is the most suitable for kids in sauna,  due to lack of heaters that can cause burns. Still, even in this type of sauna, there are the same precautions you’ll have to take to make sure your kids are safe.

Q: Can kids use steam rooms?


Yes, as long as there is an adult to supervise.

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Some countries, like Finland, think of sauna usage as a part of their culture. This means the kids are also included and allowed to use them, so your kid shouldn’t be an exception. This article will help you show you how to keep your children in the sauna safe and get the most out of the experience so you and your kids can learn at the same time. 

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