The Kideaux Dragon: Ski and Bike Visibility Pack Review


The idea behind the Kideaux Dragon visibility pack is simple, yet devilishly effective. It looks like a normal backpack but is a container for high visibility wings and tail. Their purpose is to increase a child’s visibility and space they occupy while sliding down a snowy slope or biking. This, in turn, is meant to greatly reduce the chances of somebody colliding with the child because they haven’t seen them. Given the unpredictability of children’s movements, this possibility is something all parents are afraid of.

Worrying is an integral part of parenting, whether you like it or not. Taking your kids out for a skiing or biking adventure sounds ideal, but it’s very unlikely that you will manage to get rid of that underlying and ever-present worry of them getting hurt. On the other hand, you cannot force them to live under a glass jar or stop them from going anywhere just so you can be sure nothing ever happens to them. A compromise has to be reached, and the Kideaux Dragon visibility pack might just be what you need.

The pack is also very easy to operate and quick to deploy, with the whole rig being extractable in just a few seconds. The wings are flexible enough to safely bend out of the way in case your child falls on its own, and the tail can be stowed away if it is not needed. Overall, the Kideaux Dragon visibility pack is an inexpensive and well though-out item that has the potential of radically changing your adventures for the better, making them more enjoyable and worry-free.


  • Fun dragon design will make it easy to make children wear it
  • Vinyl encased uprights hold the wings all the while being flexible
  • Very easy to deploy or to stow away thanks to wing flexibility
  • Velcro closure on the top for quick opening and closing
  • Designed to be easy to use even with thick gloves on
  • Additional pockets provided for extra storage
  • Made of resistant polyester which is also resistant to water
  • One tree will be planted for every kit sold

The Kideaux Dragon visibility pack looks like a simple backpack, but on the inside, it hides a different secret. Open the strap and you will find a pair of foldable, high-visibility wings as well as a dragon tail. These are easy to extract and make your child instantly much easier to spot, whether you’re on a slope skiing or riding a bike through the woods. The wings are built to be very flexible so they can avoid getting snagged on twigs or branches and provoke the damage they were built to prevent, while the tail can be left in if your kid is on its bike and doesn’t have space for it.

The top of the kit is lined with a thick velcro strap. Since skiing is one of the situations where you’re most likely to be using this pack, it’s nice to have a feature that allows it to be opened and closed quickly even while wearing big gloves. The Kideaux Dragon pack has been made so simple to operate so that even kids can manage it on their own. The dragon theme gives a story to the product and makes it much more enjoyable to wear, sparking fantasies in the always active imaginations of little ones. Additional pockets always prove useful to have and the Kideaux Dragon kit features several, to be used for any item. The whole item is made from very durable polyester, built to withstand tears and a great amount of use, such as only kids can do. The wings and holders feature a blend of aluminum and vinyl to make them tough yet bendable.

Another effect of the Kideaux Dragon kit and a very welcome one is that by wearing one your child becomes almost three times wider, given the reach of the wings. This adds extra protection as they as moving around since other people will be even more careful about coming close to them. The flexibility and ease of use of the whole package also prevent any potential problems from arising on ski lifts or any other ascent machine. The wings and tail are very easily foldable and storable and the whole package has been designed with rounded edges and a streamlined profile.

Finally, if you care about the environment and are worried about your carbon footprint, you won’t have to worry about anything in the case of the Kideaux Dragon visibility kit. The manufacturers have made it very clear that they also share your concerns and have promised to plant a tree for every item they manage to sell.



Backpack material: Polyester

Wing and support material: Aluminum and vinyl

Thickness: less than 1 inch

User Experience


Usability: The Kideaux Dragon visibility kid is extremely easy to use and doesn’t take up much space. Its lightweight lets kids move around freely and soon enough they forget they have it on, also thanks to its well thought out design. Once the wings and tail are out, your child automatically becomes the center of attention on the slopes or the trail. This makes them much less likely to be accidentally hit by someone and also very easy to keep track of, thanks to the bright colors that the pack is made of. As anybody who needs visibility knows, bold fluorescent colors are what you need to be noticed and provide you with an extra layer of safety, and this is precisely why the Kideaux Dragon kit is made the way that it is.

Features: The Kideaux Dragon kit is not an item designed to stun you with an enormous amount of features, but rather strives to do the best with the few, well thought out ones it does possess. The wings are sturdy yet flexible, safely connected to the inside of the bag while easy to flip out, they provide excellent visibility without being of any impediment to the child’s enjoyment of his or her ride. The tail is easy to roll up and tuck away on the underside of the bag, all the while staying safely attached to it. The wide velcro strap at the top and the extra available pockets round up a very well thought out product, which is ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box.

Quality: Build quality is very good on the Kideaux Dragon visibility kit. It combines the features of a high visibility vest into a package that is fun to wear and easy to carry around. The product delivers that nice, reassuring feeling of being well designed and built with quality materials that will last many seasons. This is harder to achieve than one might think, especially given the fact that an important part of the setup has to be flexible, something that doesn’t always rhyme with durability. Overall, on the quality side of things, there is very little to complain about and you’ll be sure of taking home an excellent product if you choose to buy one.

Overall Rating

Price: 98% – What is usually a very touchy subject, the amount of money you need to get what you want, is not a problem for the Kideaux Dragon, since it is not a product whose price tag will raise eyebrows or make your eyes wide with shock. Price is very well contained for an item of such intelligent design and important use. It doesn’t come close to other pieces of ski gear, such as a helmet or a jacket, which you can’t be without, and this makes it a piece of equipment that you’ll have a hard time justifying not buying, instead of the opposite.

Design: 97% – When products involve parts sticking out or flapping around, things usually tend to go very wrong. The Kideaux Dragon visibility kit is unique because it not only avoids these potential problems but does so in an elegant way combining effectiveness with ease of use. There is not a huge number of features, but everything is in its proper place and is doing what it is designed to do. This might seem like a simple statement, but unfortunately, not many products can always say so. The Kideaux Dragon visibility kit has the elegance and style of a simple solution to a complicated problem.

Globo Surf Overview

When you’re out on an adventure with your children, as a parent you want to feel safe that nothing is going to happen to them in case of an accident. The Kideaux Dragon visibility kit does even better than that, by making it much less likely for those accidents to happen in the first place. When you think of things this way, this item becomes almost as crucial as a helmet, which is something you would not let your child be without. Adding a Kideaux Dragon visibility kit to your outdoor equipment can let you focus less on the worry and more on the fun.

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The Kideaux Dragon: Ski and Bike Visibility Pack Review
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