How To Stay Safe Kayaking In The Rain?


No matter how hard you try to avoid it, if you spend enough time out on the water you’ll eventually get caught up by the rain. Weather can rapidly change, rain shower could hit suddenly, so it is something you should be always prepared for. Nonetheless, it can also be really fun and it could become one activity you’ll be looking forward to.

But, if you want it to stay that way, there are some things you’ll have to do to minimize the chance of things going south and maximize the kayaking in the rain or canoeing in the rain safety aspects. This article will show you how and help you create the kayaking checklist that will keep you safe and dry.

Knowledge Is The Key To Safety

Most often, kayaking in the rain is safe, but it is recommended to gather as much information as possible about the water conditions. And plan accordingly. For instance, when the rain is falling for a few days, let’s say, the water level will most likely rise. If you’re out on the open water, the rain could mean the rougher sea. And if you’re canoeing in a rain on the river, there may be more fast rapids

Although, the rain will, even without the rapids, increase the overall strength of water currents. That is why it is recommended to visit the local kayak communities, wildlife authorities, or even baits shop or surf shop to gather as much information as possible.

Make Sure You’re Visible

When the rain is falling, the visibility is lowered on a land. Now try to add the water splashing around to the picture and you’ll see how much harder is to clearly see when kayaking in the rain. That’s why it is basically essential to make sure you’ll be visible even when the sight is compromised. Using a white kayak light will help stay safe. Also, check this list about signaling devices for kayaks and canoes.

How To Stop Water From Getting In

To prevent water from entering your kayak all you have to do is to install a spray skirt if you own a sit-in kayak.

There are three types of spray skirts recommended for this type of weather – a nylon skirt, a neoprene skirt, and a Goretex tunnel skirt.

  • A nylon skirt is the most basic one. It is not expensive, easy to use and it will do its tasks of keeping the water out of your kayak. Unless you’re about to face some enormous amount of rain.
  • Neoprene’s skirt is a bit more expensive, but it is also a bit more comfortable and waterproof. It is recommended for stronger rain and it should keep you both dry and warm.
  • Goretex tunnel skirt is the most expensive but also the best option. It guarantees waterproofness and it is breathable. Just make sure they fit you and your vessel and you should be alright.

How To Remove Water From Your Vessel


Sometimes you are going to need a bit of help during your kayaking in the rain to keep the water away from your vessel or to remove it.

If you have a sit-on-top kayak, attaching a spray skirt is not an option, but you’ll be able to remove the water by making sure your scupper holes are open. Don’t worry, most of the time they’ll be more than enough to stop the rain from filling up your deck.

In case it rains hard you could use a sponge to remove the water from the vessel.

Proper Clothing For Rainy Day

This is another important topic and you shouldn’t take on it lightly. Staying dry should be your first objective.

How Many Layers?

This is directly related to the outside temperature. If it is early spring or late autumn, you may need a few layers to stay warm. But, if it is the middle of the summer and if it is hot outside even when it’s raining, you’d be alright with only your wetsuit.

What Fabric Is The Best?

Without competition, the best fabric for kayaking in the rain and canoeing in the rain is synthetic. It will dry quicker; also it will serve as a good waterproof layer, so the moisture won’t get to you as much as it would with some other materials.

Just to be sure, it is always a good idea to bring a bag with spare footwear and additional clothes layers, so you can react if necessary.

What To Wear – Drysuit Or A Wet Suit?

Kayak drysuit will keep all the water away from you, so you’ll be completely dry. A wetsuit will allow some water to reach in, and then use it as isolation, this way keeping you warm. This article may help you decide which one is better for you, wetsuit or drysuit.

If You Don’t Have A Wetsuit…

…the regular rainwear will do, just make sure it is waterproof and comfortable. Also, you’ll need a hoody and tightly cuffed sleeves.  When it comes to pants, waterproof ones are enough, if you can move easily, but make sure they are not loose-fitting, in case you have to enter the water. This is why the wetsuit is a better option.

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This article should be enough to help you keep kayaking in the rain and canoeing in the rain fun. Now pack your bag and off you go!

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