10 Best Kayaking Destinations In Ohio


Ohio is ripe with relaxing, slow, and scenic lakes and rivers that are ideal for kayaking. If you are preparing for a kayaking adventure in Ohio, you need more than just a properly maintained kayak. You also need to know the best places to kayak in Ohio.

We have done our research to find places to kayak in Ohio which have the potential to give you a memorable adventure. Irrespective of whether you are just getting started with kayaking or you have been involved in kayaking camping trips before, you should find the following areas enjoyable.

10 Best Places to Kayak in Ohio

1. Hocking River

Hocking River features peaceful surroundings and calm waters. This makes the kayaking destination ideal for you and your family.

Along the river, various launch areas, where you can even launch kayaks for kids, are available. The availability of several camping sites makes it possible for you to enjoy your time fully while kayaking in Ohio.

Hocking River does have several spots where you can stop for a bit of exploration or picnics. You can hike up to the famous Rockbridge which was formed through landscape erosion.

2. Mohican River

If you intend to enjoy a relaxing day while kayaking in Ohio, you should consider visiting the Mohican River. The river is slow-moving. This means that you can relax while enjoying being surrounded by nature. The destination offers kayakers both excellent paddling and a scenic setting.

Mohican State Park does offer campsites. Hence, if you do own a camping kayak, you should take it with you when heading to the Mohican River. Kayakers do enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities, including fishing.

3. Lake Erie

Lake Erie is one of the great lakes in the US. This makes it one of the best places to kayak in Ohio. Lake Erie features little islands and rocky cliffs which make exploring the vast water expanse even more appealing.

Before starting your adventure in Lake Erie, you need to consider the weather. Because of its huge size, the lake can become very choppy. Also, conditions can change pretty quickly.

4. Cowan Lake State Park

To enjoy a peaceful day when kayaking in Ohio, you should consider visiting Cowan Lake State Park. The park features a 700-acre lake.

Plenty of fishing takes place in the Cowan Lake State Park. Hence, if you do own a fishing kayak and kayak fishing accessories, you can put them to use while navigating the kayaking destination. If you do need to take a break from paddling, you can enjoy checking out the numerous picnic areas and hiking trails. The state park does have a camping site.

5. Vermilion-Lorain Water Trail


The river has its beginning at the Vermilion River Reservation. It continues all the way to Lake Erie’s shorefront. The kayaking destination offers kayakers an opportunity to either paddle on the lakefront or the quiet river.

The 27-mile long river has numerous access points. Some of the access points include the Vermilion River Reservation, Shows Park, and Black River Reservation. Kayakers can choose to either paddle the whole trail or just part of the trail.

6. Hinckley Lake

This 90-acre lake is ideal for anyone planning to spend their time kayaking in Ohio. While the water is both calm and easy to navigate, the kayaking spot is big enough that kayakers can spend all day exploring new areas.

If you get tired of sitting on your kayak seat, you can consider exploring other attractions in the surrounding reservation. One of the most popular attractions on the reservation is rock climbing.

7. Grand River

One thing which makes Grand River one of the most preferred places to kayak in Ohio is its numerous access points. The river has over 25 access points. It spans over 90 miles. While paddling your kayak, you will be able to enjoy great views, including a gorge, farmlands, wooded areas, and forest animals.

If you are just getting started with kayak fishing, the Grand River should be an ideal destination for you. The river is slow and seeing fish from your kayak shouldn’t be too tough.

8. Cuyahoga River

This paddling spot has quite a history. Back in 1969, the river did catch fire. In 1998, the river was named one of the 14 American Heritage Rivers.

This paddling destination spans approximately 100 miles and empties into Lake Erie. The river features Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Summit County. While paddling through this national park, you should be able to witness serene natural scenery.

9. Kokosing River Water Trail

When planning to go kayaking in Ohio, you can consider visiting the Kokosing River. The river spans approximately 50 miles. If you are well prepared, you can paddle the whole river length.

The river features several access points. This allows you to paddle as much of the river length as you wish. While paddling through the river is relatively easy, you need to be cautious. The river has a few tricky obstacles, including boulders and rocks.

10. Put-in-Bay

While Put-in-Bay is not technically in mainland Ohio, the island is considered to be part of the state. If you are feeling adventurous, you can consider launching your kayak at the mainland and paddle out to the island.

If you would like to begin paddling once you are on the island, you can pack your gear and take a ferry to the island. While the island is not too big, it has a lot of interesting paddling spots.

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There are numerous places to kayak in Ohio. If you are planning to go kayaking in Ohio, this article shows you some of the ideal spots where you can enjoy paddling your kayak.

For you to be safe when kayaking in Ohio, you need to research different spots before starting your adventure. Since nothing beats personal experience, you should consider talking to kayakers who have been to the spots you intend to visit next. The kayakers can help you understand what to expect.

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