5 Best Kayaking Destinations In Lancaster County PA


There is no shortage of kayaking destinations in Lancaster PA. However, planning a kayak camping trip to Lancaster PA can be tough if you don’t know the ideal kayaking destinations.

To ensure that you have fun kayaking in Lancaster PA, we have done our research to determine the best places to kayak in Lancaster PA. If you stick around to the end of this article, you should know the ideal kayak paddling spots in Lancaster Pennsylvania.

Where to Go Kayaking in Lancaster PA

1. Susquehanna River

The Susquehanna River is one of the best places to kayak in Lancaster PA. The 53-mile water trail features numerous access points. This means that you can always stop along the way for picnics.

The kayaking destination has numerous islands and creeks that you can explore. The river is ideal for kayak fishing. Hence, if your goal is to reel in some fish while out paddling in the Susquehanna River, you can consider bringing your kayak fishing accessories.

Several campgrounds are available along the Susquehanna River. Some of the campgrounds include Otter Creek and Susquehannock State Park. These campgrounds make Susquehanna River an ideal destination for kayakers who enjoy overnight kayaking trips.

2. Pequea Creek

This kayaking destination features both small rapids and calm waters as it proceeds to the Susquehanna River. Pequea Creek features a small section of Class III rapids between Colemanville Bridge and Martic Forge.

There are several access points along the creek. These allow you to either paddle the whole water trail or just part of it.

A campground is available along with the kayaking destination. If you brought your camping kayak and you intend to continue your paddling into the Susquehanna River, the Pequea Creek Campground should be an ideal stop for you.

3. Muddy Run Power Reservoir


If you would like to enjoy kayaking health benefits, you can consider making the Muddy Run Power Reservoir your next stop. This is one of the few places to kayak in Lancaster PA where you can spend the whole day paddling in new areas. The Muddy Run Park features a 100-acre lake.

If you do own an inflatable kayak or a gasoline-powered vessel, it would be a good idea to leave it at home. These types of vessels are not allowed into the lake.

If you are camping in the park, you will have free access to a boat dock that provides access to the lake. If when kayaking in Lancaster PA your goal is to catch some fish, the dock does sell live bait. If you did forget to bring your kayak, you can rent one at the dock.

If you get tired of paddling, you can always enjoy hiking through the 700 acres of woodland. The picnic area and the woodland make the reservation an ideal spot for people who want to have fun with the whole family. You and your family can also enjoy watching the wildlife.

4. Conestoga River

If when kayaking in Lancaster PA you decide to paddle the whole Conestoga River length, you will eventually end up in the Susquehanna River. Conestoga River is one of the places to kayak in Lancaster PA featuring ease of access.

The paddling destination has relaxing scenery. This makes the river an ideal spot for people looking for a calm paddling spot.

The destination is ideal for both canoes and kayaks. Several take-out and launch areas for both canoes and kayaks are available along the river. If you would like to take kayaks for kids with you, you can choose the launch area that allows the kids to paddle a shorter distance.

5. Speedwell Forge Lake

If you are well prepared to exercise your kayaking muscles, you can visit Speedwell Forge Lake with your kayak. The 106-acre kayaking destination is managed by the PA Fish and Boat Commission. It is a quite popular destination for unpowered crafts.

The kayaking destination is an ideal spot for fishing. However, it is worth noting that fishing is simply catch-and-release. The fishery was re-established back in 2016.

The lake features deep and relaxing waters. It is an ideal location for people who are looking for a relaxed kayaking destination. The lake does offer wildlife viewing. If you are lucky, you should be able to view rare birds, including Cormorants, Tern, and Osprey.

Globo Surf Overview

The places to kayak in Lancaster PA are surrounded by nature. They also feature beautiful and peaceful sceneries. If you are planning to spend a day out on water relaxing and having fun, choosing to go kayaking in Lancaster PA can never be a bad idea.

When kayaking in Lancaster PA, you must understand the rules and regulations for each paddling destination. For example, you should avoid using a gasoline-powered craft or an inflatable kayak in Muddy Run Power Reservoir. Also, you should keep in mind that only catch-and-release fishing is allowed in Speedwell Forge Lake.

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