10 Best Kayaking Destinations In Connecticut


There is a reason why Connecticut is a charm for tourists – it is densely packed with unique attractions, breathtaking natural beauty, and watersport activities. If you are interested in outdoor fun especially a watersport activity in the US, grab your kayak and follow us as we take you through kayaking in Connecticut.

Kayaking in CT is not just having fun on the water and keeping fit but also a brilliant way of reconnoitering the gorgeous nature around you. Whether you are learning to kayak currently or have taken several kayak camping trips before, Connecticut gives all a chance to explore the soft motion of the water and the bountiful marine life and capture beautiful shoreline photos.

If you are preparing for a kayaking adventure, then here are the 10 best-kayaking destinations in Connecticut to get you started.

1. Bigelow Hollow State Park & Nipmuck State Forest

Bigelow Hollow State Park and the adjoining Nipmuck State Forest offer attractive spots for recreational activities like hiking trails, water sports, and enjoying the scenic landscapes. There are boat launches at Bigelow pond and Mashapauq Lake, which enables novice kayakers to enter the water effortlessly.

The park does not offer rental services, so kayakers will need to come with their own kayaks or rent from a different locality. If you have a kayak roof rack, then transporting your craft to the site will be a piece of cake.

2. Squantz Pond State Park

Squantz Pond State Park offers the best paddling in southwestern Connecticut. This park is great for novice kayakers and even kids to try out. Boating and swimming from the gorgeous sandy beach bounded by spectacular wooded hills provide an abundance of scenery to admire while hitting the waters.

Rental services are available for kayaks and canoes and so are boat launches for easier access to the water. You are also provided with some of the best kayak accessories you might need, which makes Kayaking in CT and especially in Squantz Pond so much fun.

3. Cockaponset State Forest and Pattaconk Lake Recreation Area

Cockaponset State Forest is the second-largest state forest in Connecticut. It offers a variety of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy the allure of the land, woods, and watercourses within the forest.

The Pattaconk Lake Recreation Area is fairly picturesque along the lake and gets remote and craggier towards the north. The lake recreational area floods with visitors during the summer months. Make sure you know how to paddle a kayak properly to simply avoid crashing into other boaters in the area.

4. Mount Tom State Park

Mount Tom State Park is among the oldest parks in Connecticut and is renowned for the crag within its borders. It is a perfect spot for a diversity of summer activities like hiking, lake swimming, summer kayaking, picnicking, non-motor boating, and even scuba diving.

There is a pebble tower on top of the crag that marks a 1325 feet summit above sea level and 125 feet higher than its Massachusetts counterpart, which is a favorite destination for hikers.

5. Lighthouse Point Park


Lighthouse Point Park is an 82-acre park on Long Island Sound of Ponce Inlet. The natural beauty of this land displays nature trails, picnic grove, swimming, bird sanctuary, tower, surveillance area and provides a pet-friendly area for dogs to swim.

This is one of the few parks where dolphins regularly show up on the shoreline, gopher tortoises can be seen in sandy areas, and a diversity of wildlife like raccoons, skunks, possums, armadillos, shorebirds, and birds of prey frequent.

6. Bluff Point Coastal Reserve

Bluff Point Coastal Reserve offers guests a pleasant combination of ligneous hiking and biking trails extending into Long Island Sound. It provides a variety of recreational activities and features gorgeous wild floras.

The mixed desolate reserve supports wildlife creation like raccoons, deer, and woodland birds. Dogs are allowed to use the trail but on the condition that they are kept on a tether.

7. Mashamoquet Brook State Park

Mashamoquet Brook State Park is a wooded park popularly known for water sport activities and camping. Hiking paths and fishing areas are available here.

You will be mesmerized by the topographies of the Wolf Den and the two natural rock formations; the table rock and Indian chair. Two open campgrounds are hosting a sum of 73 campsites where you can set up a tent for a night or two.

8. American Legion & Peoples State Forests

American Legion and Peoples State Forests are located on opposite sides of the Farmington River’s West branch in Barkhamsted. The wild waters and scenic rivers entice kayakers and anglers from all over the state and even the surrounding states. Hunting, fishing, and winter sporting activities are allowed here within the timbered magnificence all year round.

9. West Rock Ridge State Park

West Rock Ridge State Park is a crescent-shaped sliver park seated in 1700 acres of land and positioned in four towns, Hamden, Woodbridge, Bethany, and New Haven. It is the only desert park situated near a key city and is now the second-largest park in CT.

This park will enable you to have an outstanding view of approximately 200 square miles on various locations of New Haven Harbor and Long Island Sound. Some trajectories here allow mountain biking, horseback riding, and cross-country walking.  Kayaking and canoeing can be done at Lake Wintergreen.

10. Stratton Brook State Park

Stratton Brook State Park was established in 1949 and became the first wheelchair-accessible state park in Connecticut in 1996. It offers recreational activities like picnicking, biking, kayaking, skiing, fishing, and swimming in exquisitely forested scenery.

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Kayaking in Connecticut is an experience you don’t want to miss. As you can see, this part of the universe has a wide variety of places to take your boat for a ride.

All the spots listed above will assuredly give you the experience to remember. Tag a buddy along and enjoy the trip together. Don’t forget your camera too or this whole trip didn’t happen!

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