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A large number of people looking for a way to get more in touch with nature opt to try kayaking. After purchasing the best beginner kayak and maybe upgrading the kayak seat to ensure more comfort, the next thing you will be thinking about is kayaking safety and navigation. Technology, through apps, has helped make kayaking safer and more enjoyable.

As kayaking grows, more kayaking apps are cropping up. If you are a kayaking beginner, figuring out which kayaking app you should use can be hard. In this article, we intend to show you the best kayak tracking app you can use. When preparing for your next kayak adventure, you should consider having one of the kayaking apps in this article on your smartphone.

Before we show you the best kayak tracking app that can help you with kayak navigation, let’s see why using kayaking apps is beneficial.

Why You Should Use Kayaking Apps


After sitting on your kayak and heading out, you must know where you are going. Also, you must know how to get back.

Kayaking apps designed to help you find your way around are available. With a kayak tracking app, you should find it much easier to explore new routes and new locations.


Ocean kayaking safety is extremely important. After all, you are out in the water to have fun and not to end up with problems.

Irrespective of whether you are kayaking in the ocean or shallow waters, some apps can help you stay safe. These kayaking apps will help you check the water speeds, water levels, weather conditions, and even tides.

Some kayaking apps will even allow you to send your planned trip length and intended route to colleagues. This will make it much easier for your friends to locate you if you get into an accident or fail to return on time.


If you do own a fishing kayak, you are probably aware that a kayak fish finder is often a requirement. It is possible to find a fish finder that is compatible with your smartphone. When setting up your kayak for fishing, you will only need to download a kayak tracking app that works with your fishfinder. This will turn your device into a screen for your fishfinder.

Kayaking apps that show different types of fishes that have been caught in different areas are available. These apps will help you know where the best fishing spots are.

Photography and Social Media

Kayaking is generally a social activity. There are kayaking apps that let you connect with other kayaking enthusiasts via social media.

On top of letting you access updated kayaking information; the kayaking apps will allow you to upload both pictures and videos. This gives other kayakers a better idea of what they should expect on different kayaking trips.

13 Top Kayaking Apps You Should Consider Having on Your Smartphone


1. AccuWeather

This kayaking app is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. AccuWeather helps eliminate guesswork when you are out kayaking. It will let you know when it is time to use your kayak paddles to go back to the land.

The free app offers minute-by-minute weather forecast updates. If the app detects that heavy storms are headed your way, it will send push notifications.

The kayaking app offers all the information you need to make an informed decision. It shows you the humidity, temperature, dew point, precipitation percentages, UV index, visibility, sunset and sunrise times, wind direction and speed, etc.

2. FirstMate

If you do enjoy kayak fishing, one thing you need in addition to your kayak fishing accessories is FirstMate. For you to succeed at kayak fishing, you must be in the right location at the right time.

FirstMate lets you know the best fishing times. The iOS app lets you plan your fishing schedule around minor and major feeding times, sunset/sunrise, the current moon phase, and moonrise/moonset. If you intend to go on a saltwater kayak fishing trip a couple of months from today, the app makes it possible for you to fast-forward to those days and check the fishing conditions.

3. Boating USA & Canada

This kayak tracking app gives you all the information you need when out kayaking. It is what one can call an all-in-one app.

If you intend to avoid areas with shallow waters, the app has got your back. If you have prepared your ocean fishing kayak and you are headed out to catch some big fish, the kayaking app will show the best fishing areas. The Android app collects data like water temperature, wind direction and speed, wave height, and air pressure via the NOAA buoy trackers.

If you are on your touring kayak, the app will help you enjoy your adventure. It will give you access to weather forecasts, sonar charts, tide tables, numerous maps, and much more.

4. Polaris GPS

While owning a kayak GPS is always a great idea, some kayakers prefer to reduce the number of electronic devices they carry when heading out to start their kayaking adventure. With Polaris GPS installed on your Android device, you can even leave your kayaking GPS watch at home.

The app has the ability to track speed, altitude, distance, magnetic heading, coordinates, and time. The app features NOAA marine charts which allow you to view both the marine features and the depth. Polaris GPS gives you access to marine navigation via its Military Grid Reference System (MGRS).

5. Go Paddling

In some cases, especially if you are new to kayaking, deciding where to go kayaking can be tough. If you are finding it difficult to decide the ideal place for kayaking, you can consider using Go Paddling.

Go Paddling already has more than 25,000 locations pre-loaded into it. The app has detailed notes and sites for each location from other kayakers who use the app. The kayaking app is compatible with Android devices.

6. River Data

If your device runs on iOS, you should consider installing River Data. The app offers water-related data for 14,000+ kayaking sites. One of the features which make this app stand out from other kayaking apps is its dissolved oxygen reading. This can be useful to you if you have already loaded your kayak with kayak fishing nets and heading out to catch some fish.

If your goal is not to fish, the dissolved oxygen feature can still be useful to you. If you have just purchased the best kayaks for your kids and you are planning family time out in the water, the feature will help you avoid locations filled with stagnant waters and mosquitoes.

Other features that make River Data appealing include National Weather Service data for all kayaking sites, navigation app compatibility, social media sharing options, and more.

7. KayakLog

If you do enjoy making videos, taking pictures, or making mementos of your outdoor experiences, this iOS and Android app are for you.

The kayaking app collects information as you continue enjoying your adventure. Some of the information it collects includes air temperature, wind speed, kayak speed, the photos you snap, and the trip length.

The app will allow you to upload the captured data to the app’s website. You can also share your data on social media.

8. Trip Journal

This kayaking app works on both iOS and Android devices. It is capable of documenting your experiences and sharing them with people close to you. It features photo geotagging and waypoint recording. This makes sharing extremely easy.

9. Mountain Buzz Whitewater Community

This is one of the best whitewater fora. Mountain Buzz started as a website. However, currently, both Android and iOS apps for the forum are available. The app makes it extremely easy for you to stay connected with other kayakers while you are out kayaking.

Before hopping into your whitewater kayak and heading out, you can talk to other kayakers on the iOS or Android app. The users will help you figure out where the best whitewater spots are, near you. The app does give kayakers access to weather information and river data.

10. Tides Near Me

The Android and iOS app versions provide tide tables for each day. You can use Tides Near Me to plan kayak camping trips. This is simply because the app does provide tide tables for future days.

The app is ideal for kayakers based in the US, Ireland, the UK, Australia, India, and New Zealand. On top of offering tide tables, it offers both sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset information. The app features 5500+ tidal stations that communicate accurate readings.

11. Paddle Ready

Kayak beginners may want to get into the ocean the moment they put on their best kayak helmet and other gear. However, there is a reason why you should install Paddle Ready on either your iOS or Android device. Paddle Ready is an ideal tool for reviewing or learning rescue techniques and kayaking safety.

Paddle Ready has a large number of ACA-certified instructors. In addition to the instructors, the app gives you access to weather, river, and wind speed readings.

12. Pocket First Aid and CPR

CPR instructions do change regularly. As a kayaker, it is always a good idea that you stay up-to-date on the changes.

The iOS and Android versions of the app make it easier for you to learn child, infant, and adult CPR via illustrations and videos. The app also gives you access to the American Heart Association’s guidelines on how to handle cardiovascular care during emergencies.

13. Juice Defenders

If your smartphone runs out of power while you are out kayaking, the kayaking apps mentioned in this article will be useless. Juice Defender ensures you get the most out of the battery power currently available on your Android device. By managing your device, it eliminates unnecessary power usage.

Globo Surf Overview

Having useful kayaking apps on your Android or iOS smartphone can make your adventure much more enjoyable. Apps can help you find your way even in new areas. They can also help you stay safe by providing weather updates and information on how to handle emergencies.

In this article, we have shown you the best kayak tracking apps you can use. We have also shown you the kayaking apps you can use to avoid being caught unawares by severe storms. While some apps mentioned in this article do need users to pay some cash, they do offer value for the money you spend on them.

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