Recreational Kayaking And Canoeing Is Great Exercise And Here Is Why


OK, we already know that kayaking and canoeing is a great way to escape everyday routine and change the scenery, but it doesn’t serve only as a soul relaxation activity. Kayaking has many health benefits and is a great exercise. It will help you keep your back, shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, and above all heart in a good shape. This article will show you what benefits kayak exercise and canoes exercise will provide and why you should try doing them every day.

How Long Sessions Should Be?

Both kayak exercise and canoes exercise require the usage of basically your whole body and they work all your muscles intensively. That is why it is important not to overestimate your abilities or you may end up getting fatigued or injured and you’ll have to be towed out of the water. So be responsible, know your limits, and be patient. An hour of kayak exercise will be just enough.

Great For Arms And Grip

The first place you’ll see the result is your arms. Because of all the paddling, kayaking improves your arm size, while it strengthens them up, along with forearms. This is a result of a constant “fight” with the water resistance during paddling, so as you paddle your muscles will work and become nicely toned.

Also, along with arms, your grip will become way stronger because of the strength used to hold kayak paddles firmly and not letting them get away from you.

Shoulders Development

During your trip, you’ll have to constantly repeat some actions to move properly. That means you’ll have to lift the paddle quite often, then paddle through the water resistance, push the paddle, and rotate your torso to maintain the paddler’s box.

As a result, your shoulders, back, and chest muscles will develop in a no-time. There’s a little trick you may do to check this out yourself – take a photo before your first kayaking exercise or canoeing exercise, then do the same after the fifth one. You’ll see the difference more than clearly.

Great For Cardio

Most often you’ll read about swimming as the best exercise for anyone who has heart problems or simply wants to make it stronger. Another option is kayaking. Much like swimming, you’ll have to learn how to breathe properly, and the scenery combined with nature and water will result in a quite peaceful and beautiful workout while keeping you calm and happy along the way.

Helps Growth Of Torso Strength

The strength of the torso is one of the main strengths and most important things regarding someone’s body. To increase it, a person has the option to visit the local gym and spend many hours repeating the same motions over and over again, or could simply sit into the kayak seat and start paddling. The water resistance will cause your torso to work to overcome it, helping it grow along the way.

Overall Body Improvement


While it will make your body stronger, another great benefit of kayak exercise is the fact that it will burn the fat along the way. This is not good just for strength but for a complete health picture, and the speed of muscle development will only make it an easier and better experience.

It’s Great For The Lower Body, Too

Yes, the bigger part of work will be done by the hands and upper body, but your legs, although steady, also work during the kayak or canoes exercise. While you paddle, you’ll have to apply constant pressure to your legs to keep you stable, this way forcing your legs to work even while they’re static, and as an outcome, there will be increased lower body strength.

It’s More Fun Than Hitting The Gym

Unlike gyms, where you’ll be most likely working out in a closed place on different machines, kayaking will allow you to practice while giving you the chance to learn about the world, nature, and the environment from a totally different perspective, while having fun along the way, so when you get back home you won’t be excited just because you’ve done a good job, but you’ll be happy because you’ve learned something new and interesting. Simply, the fact you’ll be exploring along the way makes it non-comparable.

No Stress To The Joints

While you run, every impact causes a bit of stress to the knees and ankles, which will eventually take its toll. Unlike running, paddling doesn’t cause so much stress to the joints and it serves as a great therapy for injury rehabilitation. And, unlike running, once you feel the fatigue and you rest, you’ll be just good to go without any limits.

Kayaking Is Excellent Stress Reliever

Much like swimming, kayaking is an amazing tool when it comes to stress-relieving. The fact that it offers something for everyone – from adventures to simply relaxing paddling, from doing it on a steady lake to paddling over wild waters, from ocean fishing kayaking to winter kayaking – whatever makes you relax and forget about any possible problems is available.

You Could Do It In Company

To make it even more interesting, there is an option of tandem kayaking (you’ll need a tandem kayak for this), or if you want, you may bring your furry friend with you and kayak with your dog. Just make sure your four-legged friend has a dog life jacket, and you may even get a kayak for your dog.

Globo Surf Overview

Kayaking is an amazing activity that will not only let you develop your body and your health, but it will also let you explore the environment and meet nature better. Before your first trip builds your kayak safety kit, make sure you know all the tips for a fun and safe day, and let the water flow take you where you want to go while working out along the way.

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