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Intelligent Clothing is on a mission to redefine clothing. Their first product, the Intelligent Clothing jacket, is a super versatile jacket that can be worn in 20 different ways. You can reverse and return it and it comes with a duo-color collar and hood that you can attach or detach to transform the style of the jacket.

It is a jacket with a zipper in front and a sweatshirt with a zipper at the back. A sporty jacket with the hood on and an elegant sweatshirt with the collar on. It is also reversible and returnable with one side the color black and the other side grey. The minimalist design suits all kinds of occasions and goes with all styles of clothing. 

Made of 100% cotton fabric that is soft, breathable, chemical-free, this jacket is skin-friendly and will keep you comfortable whether it is warm or cold. Another outstanding thing about the Intelligent Clothing jacket is that it utilizes a very easy to use magnetic zipper and rim for hood and collar attachment. To learn more about how this jacket works, be sure to check their campaign on Indiegogo and read our full review of the ICone jacket below.


The Intelligent Clothing jacket features innovative patterns and a minimalist style that make it an ultra-versatile garment that transforms from one style to another seamlessly. The 100% cotton material it is made of has characteristics that offer comfort and performance no matter where you wear it and what you’re doing when wearing it.

A patented magnetic system makes for easy to use and secure magnetic zipper closure and hood and collar attachment. Intelligent Clothing also takes quality control seriously and aim to offer well-made and durable garments. Here is a quick overview of these features:

  • Returnable and reversible design
  • Breathable fabric for comfort in warm weather and when active
  • Ability to withstand cold and hot temperatures ( -50°C to 100°C)
  • Made of 100% cotton fabric that is chemical-free
  • Strong neodymium-iron-boron magnets for closure
  • Duo-color hood and collar easily attached using a magnetic rim
  • Anti-perspiration mesh armpits in white or black mesh
  • Pockets on the sporty grey side for practicality when active 
  • Environmentally friendly and ethical production that minimizes carbon impact
  • Hood transforms into a stuffed shoulder bag for the jacket



Style: Unisex

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Fabric: 100% Cotton, Neodymium-iron-boron Magnets

Certifications: OEKO TEX Standard 100

Operating Temperatures: -50°C to 100°C

Color Options: Black and Grey

User Experience


Functionality: A reversible and returnable jacket that comes with a duo-color hood and collar, the Icone is a multipurpose jacket that offers so many possibilities of wearing it. It can transform into 20+ different styles. You can wear it inside out. Wear it with the zipper in front and with the zipper at the back.

Attach the bicolor-collar for an elegant look or attach the bi-color hood for a sporty look. You can change the style or color or both and wear it in the direction you want. With the minimalist style and neutral colors, it goes well with all kinds of clothing styles and colors. The design is unisex and this jacket looks good on both men and women.  

Convenience: One jacket you can wear in twenty different ways, the Icone is the ultimate in versatility and convenience. It is a great travel jacket that will enable you to pack light and yet have you covered in all kinds of situations.

It is the perfect travel jacket to take with you when you want to pack light. If you want to carry it with you in unpredictable weather or if it gets too hot while on the go and you have to remove it, it stuffs into its own hood transforming into a shoulder bag. 

Weather Protection and Comfort: The ICone is designed to offer comfort in all kinds of weather conditions. The soft and warm cotton fabric and the hood will keep you warm and cozy when it is chilly and windy. You can add some layers underneath the jacket or wear a winter coat over it in the winter. The breathable fabric and anti-perspiration armpits will ensure you don’t get too hot and sweaty when you’re active or wearing the jacket in warm conditions.

Safety: Intelligent Clothing takes safety seriously. Both the fabric and magnets have undergone and passed stringent tests for harmful substances. They carry the OEKO TEX Standard 100 label for safety. They don’t contain any toxic chemicals and won’t harm your health or that of the environment.

The fabric is 100% cotton and doesn’t contain toxic chemicals. The magnets are made of neodymium-iron-boron and coated to resist corrosion. They are then bonded to the fabric using silicone-based glue. They don’t contain nickel and don’t release gantry.

Magnetic Zipper, Collar, and Hood: Closure is via a magnetic zipper, which is way easier to use than the conventional zipper. All you have to do is bring the two ends together and the magnets will attract each other. Opening it is just as easy – just pull the two ends apart.  

The hood and collar also attach via a magnetic rim that makes them very easy to snap in place or detach and ensures they stay put even in the face of strong wind. They have used extra-strong magnets with an estimated lifespan of 20 years and positioned them optimally for precise alignment. Don’t worry – the magnets are designed not to interfere with the working of other devices such as pacemakers or credit cards and to pass security checks without issue.

Pockets: As a multitasking jacket, the Icone offers pockets when you need them and hides them out of the way when you would rather not have them. It is equipped with pockets on the grey sporty side for storing essentials you need handy when working out, traveling, or exploring the outdoors. When you need it elegant for the office, the black side doesn’t have pockets.

Wash and Care: This cotton jacket is easy to clean. You can machine wash it at 60 degrees. The fabric is strong enough to hold up well with numerous washes. The magnets can also withstand all kinds of washing without losing their properties. The material is also wrinkle-resistant so you don’t have to iron it. It is also safe to iron if you would like to, as long as you use the appropriate temperature and setting.


  • 20+ different ways of wearing it
  • Comes with a duo-color hood and collar
  • Different colors when reversed and returned
  • Comfortable to wear no matter the weather or activity
  • Minimalist design and neutral colors go with all kinds of clothes
  • The use of magnets makes zipping it up, attaching and detaching the collar easily  
  • Easy to carry – it stuffs into its own hood and becomes a shoulder bag
  • Pockets on the grey sporty side
  • Safe and healthy for both humans and the environment


  • Only available in black and grey, for now. More colors – navy blue, pigeon blue, and khaki – to be made available in the future.

Overall Rating

Material: 95% – 100% cotton is a great choice of material. Since it is soft, breathable, and hot and cold temperature resistant, it is comfortable in a wide range of weather conditions. The fabric is also chemical free and safe for both humans and the environment. The magnets don’t contain nickel or any other irritating element and don’t release gantry.

Design: 95% – The modern world is all about minimalism and the minimalist design of this jacket is spot on. It is both practical and stylish. The creativity, innovation, and attention to detail that went into making it super-versatile are incredible. You can wear it every day without it being conspicuous that you’re wearing the same garment.

Price: 100% –  When you consider the level of work that has gone into making the Intelligent Clothing jacket and the versatility it offers, you would expect to find a premium price-tag on it. Amazingly, this isn’t the case. This 20 in one jacket is accessibly priced and offers fantastic value for money.

Overall: 96% – ICone is the most versatile jacket we’ve come across. The concept is amazing and we’re impressed with the execution. We especially love that the jacket is breathable and cold/hot temperature resistant and the material and magnets are really strong. These features make it a functional and comfortable jacket to wear when working out and exploring the outdoors. The magnetic closure and hood and collar attachment are also brilliant. 

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A minimalist and multi-tasking jacket/sweatshirt, the Intelligent Clothing jacket fits right into modern lifestyles. You can work out with it, wear it to the office, wear it to client meetings, run errands with it, hang out with friends while wearing it, and even go on hikes with it. It is the perfect companion in town, on the road, and in the great outdoors. The ICone also makes a fantastic travel jacket for packing and traveling light. It has got you covered come rain or shine and it packs down into its own hood for ease of carrying wherever you go.

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