Inflatable Kayak Care And Repair


Just like human beings, inflatable kayaks need to be taken care of. Imagine you having to work all day and night with no food or refreshments; you will definitely wear out or even break down. Same thing happens to an inflatable kayak.

Going out in it every time without care or maintenance will cause it to slowly wear out and soon you will be going back to your supplier to purchase another one.

No matter how good or high end it is, inflatable kayak care and repair is very important as it gets it to last longer and serve you better without frustrations.

We are giving you amazing tips on how to care and maintain your inflatable kayak or boat so that you can enjoy more paddling days. Keep reading!

How To Care For Your Inflatable Kayak

1. Cleaning It Severally

After a long day at work, you immerse yourself in a bathtub or take a hot shower to relax and make you feel better, right? Then why don’t you do the same to your inflatable kayak? It would cost you nothing anyway!

If you are back to the shores and feel you have had enough for the day, you may consider cleaning your kayak immediately especially if you were kayaking in salty water.

But wait. Maybe you just remembered you had promised your family a dinner date and it’s already six in the evening! Well, your kayak can wait. However, this doesn’t mean you should store it like that for days. No, it can only wait for as long as the following day!

Rinsing your inflatable kayak with fresh, clean water is one of the best ways to care for your merchandise as it removes the dirt, algae from the ocean or any other trash that may have stuck underneath your kayak.

However, doing this with your bare hands may be a little unpleasant, you know! Nobody wants to touch anything slippery. Just use a piece of cloth with some detergent, and rinse it thoroughly.

During this cleaning process, ensure the valves are properly fastened to ensure that water doesn’t get to the inner structure of your kayak. Also, be very careful with the detergent you use, as just like your skin some of them may be very harsh on the material of your kayak and could end up damaging it.

Once you are done cleaning your inflatable, make sure to dry it properly. Never store your kayak when it’s wet, you don’t go to bed wet either! So get a few pieces of dry towels and wipe it to dry. This will ensure that no molds pile up on your kayak when you store it.

2. How To Store You Kayak

The kayak may not dry completely on the very same day you clean it. If this is the case, you can hit it with a drier. This will ensure that your inflatable kayak dries completely before you fold and store it. Just make sure the temperatures of your drier are regulated so that you don’t end up burning it.

You don’t just store your inflatable, you have to deflate it completely and fold it. Well, if you were very keen on the first day you purchased it and saw how it was folded, then this should not be difficult for you.

Ensure that you store your kayak in a cool dry place. You are probably thinking about your garage, aren’t you? That’s a no! The high temperature from the garage equipment will cause the material of your kayak to get damaged even faster.

3. ‘’Sunscreen’’ For Your Inflatable Kayak

Yes, you read that right. Just like you, an inflatable kayak needs something to protect it against the ultra violet rays from the sun.

You may think of purchasing an inflatable kayak made of a material that is UV resistant but that may not be a solution. This material may wear out and may not be functional anymore. The best thing is to invest on a UV protector for your kayak and apply it on its surfaces whenever you go kayaking in the sun.

Always avoid exposing your kayak to direct sunlight for a very long period. This will prevent your inflatable kayak from fading, and thus it will maintain its original color.

Repairing Your Inflatable Kayak


This is a crucial part of the inflatable kayak care and repair. Taking good care of your kayak doesn’t completely prevent it from accidents.  A kayak is always prone to accidents provided it’s out there in the ocean or wherever your kayaking spot is. However there isn’t much about this because the furthest it can go to is a leak.

You just can’t avoid them, they will always be there; probably from too much exposure to the sun, due to pressure, a scratch from a piece of glass, a poke from rough vegetation when duck hunting…the list is endless.

1. How To Find One

Finding where the leak is especially if it’s a small one can give you a headache. But with some soap spotting a leak can be easy peasy.

All you got to do is apply some soap all over your inflatable kayak, put it outside in the sun and observe keenly. Spotted some bubbles? That is exactly where the leakage is! As the kayak expands, the air inside it tries to escape and it uses the easiest route possible.

2. How To Repair It

You already found the leak and to avoid more hassle it would be wiser for you to mark it with a different colored mark pen, probably red if your inflatable kayak is blue.

If it’s just a small leakage well this should not worry you much. You will just need to deflate your kayak and clean the part that need to be repaired properly.

After it’s completely dry, apply an appropriate amount of glue on the surface and let it dry. We normally recommend letting the glue dry up for as long as 12 hours.

However if you want to get back to water immediately you can give up to a minimum of half an hour. But, as soon as you are out of the water ensure you make a permanent repair.

If the leak is bigger than a pinhole, just patch it up. Gluing it won’t get the job done. Just get a patch that matches the color of your boat and fix it on the leak.

Round or oval shaped patches are considered better than triangular ones because you don’t leave corners or points as you patch. The sharp corners may cause your patch to loosen up faster even after repairing it.

You may notice a patch that is larger and think that you can’t do it. Well, there is always a plan B. You can consider contacting your retailer or choose to hand over your inflatable to kayak techs. Inflatable kayak care and repair center may be exactly what you need.

Globo Surf Overview

The possibility of your kayak being damaged while you are out there will make you feel there need for always caring for your kayak and bringing a repair kit with you.

It would be very disappointing for a fun filled kayaking adventure to be cut short by a simple leak that could be repaired with a regular check. Leaks are dangerous as they may cause your kayak to sink and as if that is not enough when the water gets to the inner part of the kayak, it may cause damages.

Apart from all the other safety precautions you may be aware of, inflatable kayak care and repair should just be next thing you put in your list of do’s to ensure that your experience out there is smooth.

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