How To Improve Surf Balance


Better balance makes you a better surfer, but it is one of the most difficult fundamental skills to develop. Strong leg muscles and core stability are crucial for balancing on a surfboard. Once you have strengthened these muscles and work on your technique, it will be easier to keep your balance like a pro, minimizing the chances of falling and crashing.

In improving your balance, you need to know the different forces that will have an impact on it, which include gravity, centripetal force, inertia, and base of support. It all starts with working outside of the water, which entails the need to engage in different exercises as a way to prepare for a surf trip.

Head’s up, surf beginners! In this short guide, we’ll let you know the basics of how to improve surf balance! Read on and learn from these tips.

Exercise at Home

Whether you would like to learn how to surf faster, how to catch more waves in surfing, or how to do a surfing cutback, one thing is important – learn the theory and practice at home. The same thing is true to improve surf balance.

Single leg balance is one exercise you need to learn, which will make it easy to stand on a surfboard and tackle big waves. All that you need to do is to stand, with your dominant leg grounded on the board and the non-dominant leg raised. Keep your hips square and your standing knee slightly bent. While standing on one leg, put your hand on the knee and keep the position for half a minute. repeat with the other leg.

As a variation of the single-leg balance exercise, you can also toss a tennis ball. To learn how to balance while the surface is unstable, which is the case when you are on the water, it is also a good idea to try this exercise when you are standing on a pillow. You should also do this exercise with your eyes shut.

Pay attention as well to the exercises that will improve your core strength. Wide press-ups, diamond press-ups, staggered press-ups, triceps press-ups, and sit-ups are some of the best exercises if you would like to work on your core muscles.

There is a good reason why you should practice yoga for surfers – it improves your balance. One of the well-known benefits of yoga for surfers is that it trains your legs and core, making it easier to stand on the board without losing your form.

Walking on a tight rope is also a good exercise to improve surf balance. This might sound like a scary idea for most people. However, you don’t need to walk a high rope. You can position it low on the ground so there is no need to worry about your safety. Do not be in a rush. You might not be able to walk across on your first try, but this should not be a reason to end up in frustration.

Invest in Gears

From the best surfboards to the best surf gears and gadgets, there are several investments that you will need if you want to get serious in surfing. Do not forget the gears that you can use in your exercise routines that are important to improve surf balance.

One of the most important to have is a balance board. The name can already give you an idea of what it is. It is a rolling cylinder and board combo that will help in improving the stability of your legs and body. This is also a great practice for the placement of your feet.

Fitness balls are also great to have, which are vital in exercise routines that will improve your core strength. It is also used to improve hand-eye coordination.

You might also want to invest in balance cushions. Use it by standing on the top of the cushion, which will allow you to work on your stability.

Maintain the Right Position


Once you are already on the board, you need to maintain the right position. It does not only help in your balance but also critical for surviving a surfing wipeout.

While you bend your knee, make sure to keep the position of the spine straight. Your arms should be relaxed as they hang down. Avoid being too stiff as this can add weight to the surfboard, which can be a reason for you to lose balance when surfing.

To improve surf balance, you also need to learn how to compress your lower body while maintaining a straight position for the upper body. Aside from bending your knees, the secret to better balance is to make sure that your knees are pointed towards each other. If you bend your upper body down, your weight will shift, and you will not be able to regain your balance easily.

Mind Your Board

Another important thing to improve surf balance is the right choice of the board. There are many types of a surfboard, but this does not mean that you can pick just any board and expect it to be good on the water.

It is best to choose a high-volume surfboard. It has excellent weight support and is easy to ride, making it great for balance.

Your board should also have the best surfboard traction pads and you need to use a surf wax. This is important in improving the texture of the surface, preventing it from being slippery. Otherwise, it will be easy for your feet to slip and it won’t take long before you will lose your balance.

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Ever dreamed of finally being able to confront the largest waves ever surfed? It won’t be easy for a newbie. There are many things that you need to master first, and one of the most important is to improve surf balance. Pay attention to the tips mentioned above and it won’t take long before you will learn balancing on a surfboard.

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