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Camping is rarely as fun as it should be without a campfire, but starting a campfire may be a bit of an issue because sometimes it takes lots of time and effort before you achieve what you want, especially if you don’t have a lighter with you. There are multiple ways to do it but with the questionable outcome, there also is a way to start a fire that includes a fire starter. In this article, we’ll show you how to use firestarter to safely and easily start a fire. Before we go, don’t forget – fire is dangerous, and stay extremely cautious as you use a fire starter!

Where To Find A Fire Starter?

Firestarters are a part of essential camping gear. This means you should be able to find a fire starter magnesium blocks in basically any store with camping, fishing, or general sports equipment. You could also check out the online stores, or even local meat and grill stores.

1. Location And Place

Starting a fire requires a bit of preparation. The first thing you’ll have to do is make sure your campsite allows campfires in the first place. If it does, now you’ll have to find a proper place for your fire. If started in the wrong place, fire can become extremely dangerous, so you should pay attention to the following details:

  • Try to find a place hidden from the wind. Even the smallest breeze can spread the fire around and cause massive destruction.
  • An ideal location is a clear area or the one with as little grass as possible, distant from the trees, but near enough, so you can easily gather more “fuel” in the shape of branches, leaves, but also heavier wood parts.
  • For more safety tips and tricks, check out our campfire safety guide.

2. Preparation

Once you’ve found the proper place, it is now time to prepare it for your fire:

Clean The Area

As already mentioned above, fires can spread really easily and quickly. To lower the chance of that happening, the area should be clean and all potential fire-spreaders like leaves, branches, or grass should be removed.

Start Digging…

Dig up the small pit a bit larger than the fire you’d like to make. This way it won’t be able to reach the grass and spread anywhere further.

…Or Building

Alternatively, you could build a mound using sand or dirt. It should also be larger than the fire, and this way you’ll keep the flame above the level of the grass. This way is becoming more and more popular in recent years.

Create A Wind Shelter

Finding a place hidden from the wind may not be as easy as it sounds, so you may need to make your own windbreaker. Basically, anything that will keep the wind from blowing into your fire will be enough. If you can, go with something fireproof, but if you can’t, make sure it is distant enough so the fire can’t reach it.

3. Gathering Materials


Fire needs fuel to burn, but it’s not that simple. Using a fire starter requires different materials than those needed to keep it going.

To start a fire you’ll need anything dried out and easily flammable, like dried leaves, needles, small tree twigs, sticks, and branches not bigger than a grown-ups finger. Place those dried materials on a place where you’d love to start the fire while keeping larger branches and logs nearby, so you can easily add them to sustain the fire once it starts.

4. Using A Fire Starter

After you’ve done all the preparation steps, it is time to learn how to use firestarter. You’ll need a knife with a fixed or a blade that can be locked.

Shaving Off Magnesium

Take the blade and shave off a bit of magnesium. You could do it somewhere earlier and place it over your previously prepared tinder. Be careful as you operate with magnesium because the wind can blow it away. You’ll need around the size of a quarter of magnesium. Sometimes even less will do the trick, but if even this is not enough, add some more slowly and try again. Magnesium is extremely combustible, and if you put too much of it, it may spread where you don’t want it.

Providing The Spark

Now all you need is to provide a spark. The best option is to scratch the knife against the opposite side of the magnesium block. Try your best to move the embedded Ferro rod against the knife whit as steady as possible. If you don’t, you may throw sparks all around, which is something you’d want to avoid. Also, it is important to try your best to keep that tinder and magnesium pile at the place.

If your knife has a more sharp back-side, you should use it to provide the spark, but if it is not a possibility, use the blade. You could also visit your camping equipment shop and ask for a knife with a backside made for spark creating. If you have to use the blade side, go with the bottom of your knife instead of the upper part. You’ll have better grip and control while you’ll also avoid dulling the blade.

5. Turning Spark Into The Fire

Once thrown, spark, when connected with the magnesium, will produce a fire that won’t last long. Use that time to add grass, sticks, and basically anything that will burn quickly to catch the flames. If you have it, you can use even paper. When it starts to catch on, add bigger wood branches to maintain the fire. As it forms, make sure it doesn’t spread.

6. Putting Out The Fire

Once you don’t need it anymore, put out the fire. Use water and once you remove all the flames, stir the ashes and pour some more water to make sure it is completely out.

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Campfire is one of the main camping attractions and it is quite easy to light it up with a firestarter. With this article about how to use a firestarter, using a fire starter shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you stay responsible and do it all by the rules. Now, when the campfire is up and running, check out all the campfire cocktails and campfire skewers recipes you could do with your loved ones!

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