How To Use A Pole Spear


Spearfishing with a pole spear is one of the most exciting ways to catch your next dinner. Very few fishing methods can compare to the thrill and joy that you get while prowling for your catch and seeing it squirm as the tip of your spear pierces through its flesh. This is exactly why so many people are getting into the sport and are learning how to use a pole spear. If you identify with such a group, then our guide on how to spearfish with a pole spear can help you get started.

Using a Pole Spear for Fishing

Before attempting spearfishing with a pole spear, you first need to learn how to dive. Keep in mind that most fish will be holding near the bottom and you’ll need to dive down to spear them. Also, you may need to use your scuba diving gear or freediving gear in your spearfishing adventures.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the different steps on how to spearfish with a pole spear.

1. Prowling for Fish

Before you can spear any fish, you first need to look for them. This is easy if you’re hunting in open waters with clear visibility and fish are swimming just a few feet below the water’s surface since you should be able to see them with little to no trouble at all with a good spearfishing mask.

However, some fish species like lionfish or hogfish that stick close to rocks, corals, or seafloor can present more of a challenge to spot. That said, you need to keep your eyes open and observe your surroundings. Kelp weeds and underwater man-made structures also provide excellent homes for fish and even more excellent hunting grounds for you.

2. Scanning the Area

Scan your surroundings for any signs of fish. Just float along the surface and use your head and eyes to look around instead of moving your body and limbs to shift your view. If you need to swim, do so slowly and steadily to minimize your presence and avoid spooking the fish. Some hunters who know how to use a pole spear well often scan their hunting grounds without cocking their spears since this is less taxing on their arms. Only when they see their prey do they cock their pole spears.

3. Diving Down

If you’re hunting in deeper waters, you’ll want to approach the fish directly from the above. Slowly swim until you are directly above the fish, kick with your freediving fins, and dive down towards it. This will minimize the chances of your prey spotting you and scrambling away.

On shallower waters though, you can approach the fish from the side. This will be more challenging since you will likely be spotted by the fish, so you’ll want to do this as quietly and as quickly as possible.

4. Aiming and Shooting

This sounds pretty simple but is one of the most difficult parts of learning how to spearfish with a pole spear. Ideally, you’ll want to hit the fish at its spine which can be challenging if you’re approaching the fish from above. If you’re approaching from the side, you’ll want to aim for the fish’s head to minimize the damage to its flesh. Once your aim is set, it’s time to let your spear loose and hit that fish on the bullseye.

Now that you know how to use a pole spear, it’s time to bring out your pole spear, put on your spearfishing wetsuit, and hit the water for practice.



Q: How do you use a lionfish spear?


To use a lionfish spear or pole spear properly, follow the steps below:

  1. Insert your hand in band, with the band between your thumb and forefinger.
  2. Pull the band and move your hand up the pole spear towards the tip. The farther up you hold the shaft, the more that the band stretches. Hence, the more power is generated.
  3. When you’re ready to shoot, simply release your grip on the shaft and let the spear fly. Remember to grab the end of the spear or the band afterwards so you don’t lose your spear.

Q: How do you spearfish for beginners?


Beginners are advised to take spearfishing training and lessons to gain knowledge and first-hand experience about how to spear fish with a pole spear. They can then supplement these knowledge and experience by doing further research about how to use a pole spear, underwater breathing techniques, and others.

Q: What is tip of the spear?


The tip of the spear is simply called the “tip” and is available in different types like a paralyzer or multi-prong, a single barb, a double barb and others. Which type of spear tip you should use will depend on the size of the fish you are hunting. For smaller fish like the lionfish, a paralyzer is more than enough to do the trick. Bigger fish like groupers will require the use of a single barb spear tip (the barb helps to prevent the fish from sliding off), while anything larger will require a double barb spear tip.

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The pole spear is a great alternative to a spear gun, and going to the roots of the sport and using the most basic spearfishing tool will amplify that exhilarating feeling you get after every kill. Beginners may find it challenging at first, but in time it will become easier. That’s why actual training experience on how to use a pole spear and how to spearfish with a pole spear is essential for those who are planning to enter the sport. Once you gain enough knowledge and experience, you can now start booking trips to the best spearfishing spots in the world and start hunting for your next dinner.

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