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Winter is a wonderful season – it allows you to do things you can’t do in summer. You get to take your skis and snowboards for a spin in the majestic off-piste sites, let your kids play with snowballs, and watch polar bears!

But those blissful moments can turn catastrophic in a matter of seconds and an unexpected snowstorm can leave you confused, isolated, and fighting for survival.  When you find yourself in such a situation, you must know how to stay alive until the blizzard has subsided.

Here is a piece of advice on how to survive a snowstorm that could save your life if you ever find yourself stranded in a whiteout.

1. If You Are Outside

If you are not inside a shelter, seek one since the cold can lower your body temperature and expose you to frostbite and hypothermia. Here are a few tips on how to survive a blizzard if you are stuck outside.

Light A Fire

You need to light a fire to keep yourself warm. If your clothes are wet, the fire will help to dry them.

Drink Water

Ensure that you stay hydrated during a snowstorm. No, not eating snow. If you have no option but to eat it, melt it first.

Always pack enough water bottles before leaving your house. If not, consider investing in hydration packs and make sure they are filled up before heading out.

Wear Warm Clothing

Always ensure that you are dressed appropriately before adventuring any snowy backcountry. Loose and warm layered clothing helps to increase blood flow and warmth.

Hand warmers will keep your hands warm while a hat will keep your head covered.  It is better to go for mittens, as they tend to be warmer than gloves.

Wear a pair of wool socks to keep your feet warm and ski goggles to keep snow from your eyes. Just make sure your clothes are bright enough so you can stay visible to other snow hobbyists.

2. In A Truck Or Car

You need to know how to survive a blizzard if you get stuck in a car or trunk too. The first rule is not to leave your car, as it is in itself a form of protection from the cold.

It is only sensible to stay in one spot until the storm passes. Do not try to drive as the visibility on the road will not be good and the atmospheric conditions can be unpredictable at this time.

It is wise to inform someone about your trip and the route you hope to take so they can send assistance if you get stranded. The following tips will help you survive a blizzard if you get stuck in a car.

Stay Together

Do not send a person to seek help, as it is not safe for this person to be outside. Stay together and don’t separate. Meanwhile, look for something to do until the storm passes over.

Check Your Car

Consider checking the exhaust pipe once in a while to ensure that it does not get clogged by the snow. Ensure to run your car for about 10 to 15 minutes every hour to ensure that it will start when you need it. This will also provide heat in the car.

You may also want to open one of the car windows to allow for air circulation. Harmful exhaust fumes will build up pretty fast especially if the tailpipe is buried in the snow.

Ration Water And Food

Ensure that you are well fed and hydrated. Consider rationing your supplies so you don’t run out while still under the snowstorm.

Keep Your Emergency Kit Close

Always have an emergency kit in your trunk in case you get stuck in a snowstorm. Stock it with a flashlight, water, snacks, batteries, first aid kit, compact shovel, flares, blanket, and a sleeping bag. Make sure to keep your emergency kit close so you can reach it faster whenever you need it.

3. In The House

It is always safe to wait for a snowstorm to subside while indoors. Inside the house is warm, comfortable, and keeps you protected from injuries. Do not try to venture outside as there will be very low visibility and extremely cold temperatures that could expose you to frostbites. Here are a few tips on how to survive a snowstorm at home.

Get A Good Supply Of Water

Ensure you have constant running water in case a blizzard hits your town. Water pipes can freeze up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. In case the temperatures keep dropping, ensure you leave your faucets running albeit at a slow drip.

Pay Electricity On Time

You must pay your bills on time. Trust us, you don’t want to lose electricity just before a snowstorm. Waiting in the dark for the snowstorm to pass is no fun.

Ensure you have your phone charged at all times, in case you have to make an emergency call when stranded in a snowstorm.

Dress Appropriately

Always avoid heavy clothes during this time, but instead go for lightweight clothing that has layering. You can also look out for earmuffs, hats, mittens, and any other accessory that has the potential to keep your body warm. Our winter camping guide offers valuable lessons on how to dress warmly during winter.

Stock Up On Food

Ensure that you stock up good healthy foods if you are anticipating a snowstorm. Go for dry and canned foods that will last long.

Avoid stocking up too many canned fruits and vegetables. These do not have enough calories and may not be the best at such a time when your body needs more heat. Always go for dried foods, as they have high levels of calories and minerals.

Ensure you stock up medicines and have a first aid kit you can use if any person in your household needs medical assistance. Avoid last-minute shopping, as the stores tend to be overcrowded with fewer items on the shelves as early birds get to scoop all the best items.

Buy Batteries

You can stock up fully charged batteries, as these will come in handy if the power goes out. Keep them in a secure location that each person can access.

Consider placing an extra flashlight with plenty of batteries. You can buy an AM/FM radio that uses batteries to keep you updated on the weather forecast.

People tend to be worried in times of danger. It is a good idea to engage them in games that keep their mind occupied so they don’t have to think about the troublesome blizzard. Cards, scrabble, chess, and darts are a brilliant way to keep everyone busy. It is important to stay calm and with a positive mindset to keep the worry away.

Avoid Shoveling Heavy Snow

It might seem like a good idea to shovel snow to create a way to pass. Shoveling can be dangerous so while at it, be very careful.

Keep in mind that is easy to die from shoveling snow as a result of a heart attack caused by an inactive lifestyle. You can also injure your back if you do not use the appropriate tools.

Important Tips

  • Ensure that you check on your neighbors especially the elderly to know whether they have survived the storm or been hurt in any way that you can offer assistance.
  • Consider asking a neighbor to assist you to remove snow from the rooftop. Snow can be heavy and can cause a roof to cave in. Use a snow rake to clear the snow or any other item that has the ability to do this.
  • It is appropriate to check your internal and external ventilation to ensure that it is not clogged up with snow.

Globo Surf Overview

Surviving a blizzard requires you to be prepared. It is essential to learn all there is to learn about snowstorms so you are not caught unawares. Whether you are stuck outside, in a car, or at home, you can survive a snowstorm if you remain calm and maintain a positive mindset.

The tips listed above set you up for a successful snowstorm survival. Do not forget to do the most important thing like stocking food and water for yourself and your loved ones. And always remember to have an emergency kit close in case the whiteout lasts more than two days.

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