How To Surf Faster: 5 Tips To Master


In olden days people used to talk of walking in water. Then there came surfers and now people talk of running on water. And every time we see a surfer cruise and wash a wave in an instant, rather than be washed by it, adrenaline rushes into our very core.  We want to be part of the fun so bad!

Yes, you too can add that spurt in gliding on water. And yes, you too can pull stunts at the fraction of a second. Get cozy with the tips below to know how to surf faster.

1. Give Air To Your Flair

Style is the hallmark of every wave rider. As a surfer, you not only intend to pull quick stunts, but also in style.

To create steam on a wave, consider getting over these basics.

  • Get real air into your lungs at an efficient rate. This wastes less of you and gets you energized. To breathe well, practice yoga on the paddle to real spike your arcs with the much needed oxygen.
  • Develop core strength endurance, and balance. Your fitness coach will guide you on proper tips for developing a strong back, which is key to improving performance and speed on the board. For a start, those crunches and leg raises will up your game on the core muscles.
  • Still you can hit the gym and perfect it further on leg speed and hand coordination using a speed bag. Alternatively, you can try the simple but timeless jump ropes and dot drills.

These techniques will reduce clumsiness on the surfboard and help you pump enough energy to meet a wave at its speed.

Once you commit, laybacks, knee bends, and other tricks becomes easier to pull. You will l also be able to transfer weight from one side to the other and ride with the arms without swinging them along, lest you lose balance.

2. Attend To Each Wave With Your Presence

Surfers who cruise like a tornado beside you always know how to read the speed of a wave before they ride on it. They are being actively involved in each wave. This is what they do whenever they approach a swell:

  • Identify the steepest section.
  • Pump toward the steepest section to take the pace of the wave by surfing rail to rail using a sustained angled path across the wave.
  • Initiate the bottom turn, beginning high on the wave ready to take on their favorite stunts.

Their to-do list is quite straightforward, yet it is this magic of committing to the waves that enables them to do two important things:

  • Pump by rearranging their feet on board profile to fit that of the wave. That way they move the board up and down the wave’s face and are able to glide faster.
  • Aim high at the steepest section in order to increase their speed during the turn, since they are simply being pushed by gravity. But don’t let that fool you, because by initiating the angular movement on the arc, they are still assured of increased speed, as the wave push them forward.

3. Right Feet To Gain That Light Speed


You are looking forward to speed, at the expense of power and your ability to control your board. Then at all costs, go for quad fins, thruster fins, twin fin, to single fin in that order. But if you intend to be a hurricane on the way, you may want to consider stiffer and larger fins. .

4. Invest In A Good Board

If you really want to know how to surf faster, you got to let go of any board that will drag you down. That rocker on your nose really doesn’t resemble a fish – it will drag you down on the water. Go for a flatter board that can cut into the wave with ease and top up with basic surfing skills.

Very light boards, that are packed with foam, could also make it easier for you to gain that extra mile.

5. Monitor Your Surfs Not Your Patience

True, it takes time to be a real fast rider, and you got to be patient as you improve your surfing. Even more importantly, a fitness tracker will make sure you improve your flexibility for more heart-rending cutbacks, at zero lower back strains.

Participating in championship cannot get any better when you are confident about your speed, as you have already monitored your durations on the airs, snaps and other timeless stunts, using a good watch. As for your buddy, he will complement the rest of the ride with those fantastic shots you affected. What’s more, you will be having something real-time to post on Instagram!

The ability to surf real fast will however be registered by the number of surfboards you can use with ease, the number of testy surf spots that you can manage to visit within tight deadlines, or how well you can spike your endurance on the high waves for hours on end at a fast pace.

When learning how to surf faster mind the following:

  • Trying to surf faster without putting effort on improving flexibility, might lead to bad posture on the arc. This will only make things worse since fast cutbacks and sharp turns might lead to lower back pain.
  • Avoid very steep sections that can force you to kick out, when you had not planned for it, or even worse, get wiped out.
  • Don’t run ahead of the steepest section. Running away from speed will never make you get it.
  • Get through the bottom turn, but not heading straight toward the shore, as this denies you the much needed speed.
  • The arm swing that accompanies the pumping, should involve twisting your shoulder and head just like a teeing swing. The torso will naturally follow through toward the direction you are heading.
  • Get comfortable clothing. In the blazing sun, bikinis and baggie shorts will be good for the speed, but in cold areas stick to the more conservative wetsuits.

Globo Surf Overview

Surfing faster is a great experience when accompanied by a unique style. Knowing how to surf faster requires a keen eye on the characteristics of waves, and attention to details for each wave. It also demands a flexible body that can maintain balance through the sharp turns, without losing control.

A fit surfboard geared with the right fins will provide a faster ride, which can maximize enjoyment on the wave face, ensure you get where you planned to, and take you in styles where the rest of the surfers do not dare.

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