How To Skin Dive


There are not many things that provide absolute peace, amazing and unbelievable sights, and feeling like you’ve left the Earth and went to visit the still unexplored planet. And remain stress-free during the process. One of them is called skin diving.

What is Skin Diving?

This sport, as its name already says, is from a “diving” family. But, there is a difference between scuba diving, free diving, snorkeling, and skin diving. And while it is easy to separate scuba diving from the others, because for scuba diving you need an air tank, with others situation is a bit more complicated.

Snorkeling is probably the most popular one. You’ll need full-foot fins, the right mask, and snorkel gear. Also, you could use a buoyancy vest. You do it by swimming on the surface and looking down, in the water, observing what is beneath you.

Freediving is more competitive, where participants inhale air and try to stay underwater as long as they can while swimming vertically for depth dives or horizontally, for long time dives. Masks that are being used in free diving have lower volume than dive masks and look more like swim goggles. Also, the fins are longer than the diving ones. The main goal is to simply stay under the surface as long as possible.

Skin diving is a combination of the two. Unlike snorkeling, you don’t stay on the surface and observe but dive instead to give something a closer look. And unlike free diving, the goal is not to stay under surface for some time, but to see something while you do it.

Benefits Of Skin Diving

Every diver’s goal is to see or learn something new, thrilling, and exciting. But, sometimes it is hard because the heavy equipment you use in scuba diving doesn’t allow you to move so freely end easily. Also, it is sometimes easier to approach animals if you don’t exhale bubbles from your mask.

Another great benefit is the fact that while you learn how to skin dive, you also learn proper breathing techniques and how to ascend and descend, which can be used in scuba diving. But that’s not all. Skin diving has a similar effect to yoga because being surrounded by sea creatures reduces the level of stress, calms your nerves, and relaxes you.

Another benefit is improved focus because it requires concentration. If you dive without any equipment, you have to closely follow what is going on around you to stay safe, and you have to learn to listen to your body and know how to act in different situations. You have to know how far you’ve dived and to know your limitations. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to push them forward, but if you don’t feel like you can do it, then leave it for another day. Pay attention to the level of oxygen. If you feel like you’re running out of it, go up, because a mistake could be fatal.

Therapeutic Effect

Skin diving is not healthy just for your mental state, it also has a positive influence on your body. Being underwater relieves the pressure on your joints and helps them relax. It is also good for your heart because it helps your lungs become stronger, much like any other cardio workout. It teaches you how to properly breathe and how to keep your lungs in a good shape. When you dive, your body will face water pressure and will be forced to work to overcome it, making your muscles stronger and more endurable.

Discipline As A Goal


Skin diving requires strict discipline and knowing your limitations is required if you want to stay safe and dive without any risk. Follow the procedure and don’t force it if you don’t feel comfortable. Once you feel you’ve reached the limit, it is time to slow down. Let your body grow with each dive and learn each time you go in. That way not only you’ll stay safe but will also help you breaking your own records and pushing your limits. If something goes wrong, try to relax, stay calm, and think clearly.

Other Useful Tips

Avoid diving alone. Skin diving includes visiting places deep underwater, contact with sea creatures, and learning something new. Although inspiring and attractive, it can be tricky, especially if you’re a beginner. It is easier to have someone who could help you if something goes wrong, not to mention the fact that it is way more fun if you have someone to share the experience with. And if you have friends who do not dive, this is your chance to make them fall in love with it.

Get a wetsuit. It is not a necessity, but it will keep you warm and provide you with buoyancy. It will also provide you with flexibility and make your dive more comfortable. As you progress, you could buy long blade fins,  dive watches, or a dive computer. But for the beginning, low volume mask will do the trick. And, of course, and a waterproof camera to capture these moments.

Learn, Relax and Have Fun

Another important aspect of skin diving is learning. Don’t be afraid or shy to ask if you’re not sure about something. There are lots of diving enthusiasts who would love to share their knowledge and help you improve.

Don’t forget to relax! This is absolutely crucial because diving loses its point if you don’t find it relaxing or if it stresses you out. Do it as long as you enjoy it. If it’s not fun, stop and find other entertainment. It is not hard, especially when the summer arrives and you hit the beach.

Globo Surf Overview

Skin diving is a sport where you can not only have a good time but also learn about the sea, its living world, and the environment. It is challenging and to do it right you have to know your body and your limitations. If you don’t overestimate your strength and abilities, you should have an amazing adventure discovering the sea world and seeing things that will make you think you’re on some other planet.

But it is also important to know that you have to be responsible, not just for yourself, but for your environment. If you want to meet it, learn how to protect it, how to keep it clean, and how to help it last longer.

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