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If you are a skiing beginner, you may not know how to ski moguls. While it may take some time to get used to skiing moguls, the skills you will need are not too complicated to learn. If you come across moguls the next time you put on your ski jacket, you will need the tips in this article.

What Exactly Are Moguls?

The term “moguls” is used to refer to the bumps usually present on groomed slopes, at some of the downhill ski areas. While the bumps can be constructed by the ski area, the majority of the moguls form naturally as the skiers carve turns down the slopes.

When the skiers make sharp turns, their all-mountain skis will carve some of the snow out and away. If more skiers follow the same line, the snow may end up accumulating and forming large bumps. These bumps are what we are calling moguls.

Skiers will link turn after turn when they are going downhill. For this reason, the moguls will form in the fields.

Moguls feature a downhill and uphill side, as well as a flat top. The often scrapped-off, icy areas existing between the bumps are called troughs.

How to Ski Moguls

If you come across moguls after leaving your winter camping tent and putting on your ski gloves, the tips we have outlined below should help you have a good time:

Focus on Maintaining Balance

One of the major challenges you will have to deal with when skiing moguls is maintaining your balance. If you are not careful while navigating around and over the moguls, the chances of being knocked off-balance will be high. To stay balanced when skiing moguls, use the tips below:

  • Your hands should be in front of you – This helps keep your weight evenly distributed. Additionally, it will keep your body facing downhill, giving you the momentum into the next bump.
  • Stay limber – You should always be prepared to flex and extend your legs. This will help keep your ski in the snow.
  • Pay attention to the poles – Mostly, you will need to plant your ski poles at the top of the mogul. Ensure that the pole gets at the top of the bump before the feet do.

Skiing on Top of the Moguls

If you haven’t been wearing your ski gear and exploring moguls for a long time, standing at the top of a bump can be quite daunting. The best way to find an easy way down the mogul field is to make turns when you are on top of the moguls. These tips should come in handy:

  • Pick your line – The best line you can pick, while you are still on top of the run, is the one featuring consistently spaced and sized moguls.
  • Aim high – Focus on skiing up to the highest possible point on the bump, plant the skiing pole, and then use the slope to reduce your speed. If you do this right, it should feel like a hockey stop.
  • To turn, twist – Twist the skis to make a turn around the ski pole. Next, slide down the mogul. Since the ski tails and tips will be off the snow, you should have the ability to pivot the skis.
  • Look ahead, always – Don’t let the first mogul take all your attention. Your eyes should always be looking ahead so that you can get in position on time.

How to Ski Around the Bumps


Once you get comfortable turning around the mogul top and you would like to move faster, you should try turning outside the trough. Rather than sliding into the bump, you will be going around it. After getting your boots out of the ski boot bag and putting them on, use the tips below to ski around the bumps:

  • Stay Outside – When approaching the mogul, be sure to make your turn on the outside of the trough. You will need to crest the turn on the uphill slope of the next bump over. If necessary, consider that slope to be a banked track, where you are using the bank to aid you with the turning.
  • Cross the trough – Cross the trough and then crest your next turn on the other side. Contrary to what you might be thinking, you will realize that room for a bigger turn exists.
  • Keep your eyes up – Ensure that you do not forget to look ahead. This will help you execute the next turn perfectly.

Take All the Moguls on

A common mistake that skiers who are learning how to ski moguls make is trying to find bumps that can offer them an easy ride. If you do this, you won’t have a good experience in the moguls. You should focus on adapting and learning how to tackle all the bumps, irrespective of their sizes and shapes.

After getting all your gear out of your backpacking backpack and putting it on, select your line down the slope. If necessary, focus on a location or an object in the distance. After fixing a straight line between you and the chosen point, initiate with conviction.

Mix up your turn shapes – short and long turns – depending on your ability and/or confidence. This should help you adapt to the terrain as you approach it.

Find and Stick to a Rhythm

When skiing moguls, getting into a rhythm is important. An ideal way to achieve this is to count to a certain number and then turn, again, count to the same number and then turn. Find a technic, try it and if it works, put it into action.

Keeping a steady rhythm will help you with both your balance and stability. It will help you avoid skiing more erratically, improving your fluidity and confidence.

Globo Surf Overview

Contrary to what most beginning skiers think, it is possible to have fun on moguls. However, you will need to know how to ski moguls. In this article, we have shown you important mogul skiing tips. Reading the tips may not be as helpful as you might think. Practicing these tips, however, should help you see significant improvement in your mogul skiing skills.

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