How To Ski Crud?


There’s is no question on how much skiers love powdery snow. It is fun to ski on and it is fun to fall on. Skiers just can’t wait for the tracks to be groomed so they can head upon the hills and enjoy the ride down.

But what happens when there is too much activity on the groomed track? It becomes laden with ski tracks and is often not that much fun. Crud skiing conditions also come about as a result of rising temperatures causing snow to crust up and cut. It’s a good idea to learn some skiing terminology.

This is not to say that you can’t have plenty of fun though. This is how to ski crud.


The change and rising temperatures will result in crude skiing conditions. Balance is an important element and crud technique to keep in mind always when skiing in crud. The terrain will become highly unpredictable. You may have started on smooth terrain only to find yourself in crusty snow the next moment.

To keep your balance, you will need to make regular and frequent adjustments to your skiing.

Start smooth

You want to ensure that you start your skiing on smooth terrain when learning how to ski crud. This ensures that you begin in a well-balanced position. Also, you will be able to gain momentum to prevent you from sticking further down the slope.

Search for an area that has soft snow that is not damaged by the sun too much. This will help you enjoy your crud skiing making it less difficult and challenging. Also, before skiing crud, ensure you know how to train for skiing.

Creating rhythm

One of the main reasons for learning how to create rhythm in your skiing is that you can control your speed. The main part about creating rhythm is to shift your weight at the right moment when making turns or when slowing down or stopping.

Pressuring the skis

You should aim to apply even pressure on both skis. This is by applying the same amount of pressure on the underfoot by both legs. It helps to prevent being stuck on one ski and allows for a more enjoyable and even ride while the terrain is not even.

The hands

These should be at the front. This is especially so when you are using the pole planting crud technique. Having the hands in front ensures that you maintain the right stance and that you have the right balance. You will not lean backward as much.

Keep in mind that skiing crud can be strenuous and not having the right balance will get you tired very quickly. Make sure that you understand what to wear skiing and that you are well insulated.

The stance

This is important as it ensures you have the right balance. Maintaining the right stance is one of the most important lessons when learning how to ski crud. You will be able to remain stable throughout the session. You can steer the skis with the lower body while keeping the ankles and knees flexible to absorb the impact.


Note that you should always aim to keep the underfoot out of the snow by raising it. The best way to do this is by hopping on top of the snow. This will demand more energy than if you were skiing on powder snow. Make sure that your upper body remains steady as you hop on the snow.

To bring the legs over the snow, you can bend the knees. Let your shoulders hop while maintaining your head steady. When you are in the air and are just about to land, make sure that you flex your legs. This will allow you to absorb the impact of hitting the crud.

After you hit land it’s good to make a rebound move to ensure that the skis don’t get into the snow. The more the crud the more force you need to make the hops. Also, an important skill to learn is how to turn on skis.

Some problems with crud skiing and how to overcome them


The main problem with skiing crud is rushing to turn. This is a mistake that many skiers especially those with less crud technique experience will make. It is brought by the wrong assumption that it is much harder to make turns in crude. The solution lies in rounding the rolls and this will make the ski turn into the fall line.

Make sure you have practiced how to ski steep slopes as this will prove to be highly useful when skiing crud.

Turning the upper body is another mistake performed when the skier is going to release the ski edge. The upper body and more so the shoulders should remain steady throughout the ski session. Instead, use the legs to release the ski edges. You will have better control of your legs.

Another mistake made by skiers is setting the edge at the end of the turn. This is often when the skiers are leaning up the hill. Avoid doing this and instead, use enough edge to make the right turns.

There is no doubt that skiing crud challenging. You need to be fit and at the top of your game to ski crud. That said it not impossible to have a great time. By knowing the right move and the right stance and avoiding some very common mistakes made by skiers, you will be in the best position to make the most of your time on those slopes.

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All the mistakes and lessons here are easy to learn and easy to avoid. Always take time to practice as this is the only way to gain the much-needed experience. When the ski season is almost over, you will be pleased to have the skillset to extend your stay on these hills and have great fun.

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