How To Set Up A Camp Kitchen


Cooking meals on camping trips don’t have to be intimidating, though it requires some preparation. When the weather is good, you could prepare food with only a small gas stove. However, if camping is something you plan to do often, investing in good camping gear makes perfect sense.

A camp kitchen is a great choice for any weather conditions. It makes the food preparation process much easier so it is suitable for most campers. In this article, we will show you how to set up a camp kitchen so you can cook a delicious camping meal wherever you go.

Do Not Cook in Your Tent

Generally, cooking inside your tent is not advised. It simply isn’t worth the risk because:

  • There is still a fire risk even though most tents are made from fire retardant fabric.
  • Tents do not have sufficient ventilation for cooking. Food preparation inside your tent increases condensation which could lead to carbon monoxide build-up. However, there are some ways to prevent condensation in tents.
  • Grease could ruin the water retardant coating or the fabric of your tent.
  • It is advised to keep a gas stove outside of your tent.

However, there are a few exceptions. Some special tents come with cooking pods and extra ventilation. Also, cooking in an open canopy extension is sometimes possible because there is a lot of ventilation.

It is best to place your camp kitchen outside of your tent. With that in mind, you can start working on your camp kitchen set up.

Camp Kitchen Shelter

Firstly, you need a camp kitchen shelter to get organized. For example, you can make it by putting up a tarp shelter. A camp kitchen shelter is essential for achieving maximum campfire safety.

Creating a Tarp Kitchen Shelter

A camping tarp will provide the best protection from the weather, no matter if it is windy or raining. If you have never tried setting up a tarp before, it is a good idea to learn that skill, in addition to learning how to set up a camp kitchen.

Tarps can be installed in many different ways, depending on available space and weather conditions. You can buy a tarp kit, or try following a DIY project.

Using a Windbreak

Using a windbreak is another important part of creating a shelter. Camping windbreaks are great for keeping the wind away from the cooking place, which helps conserve some fuel. But, more importantly, it keeps children away from the stove and blocks off the area around it.

Camp Kitchen Set Up


Learning how to set up a camp kitchen can be compared to building with Lego bricks. You have to choose the most appropriate elements and then find a way to assemble them correctly. Firstly, you should pick a good stove.

Choosing a Stove

Choosing the most appropriate camping stove can be a bit tricky but it is essential for a good camp kitchen. Your shelter is about cooking after all. Though it is possible to camp with a campfire and a single hob stove, most families find cooking with a two hob stove easier. There are many camping stoves available, and you should choose the one that fits all your culinary needs.

Kitchen Tables and Storage

You need a place to store your food and spices. Besides, you need a perfect spot for camping cookware sets, utensils, cups, plates, and cutlery. There are a lot of tables which are for perfect storage.

You will need enough space for your food and kitchen utensils. The table you choose should be sturdy enough for your gas stove, as well as tall enough to ensure easy food preparation. It’s a big plus if the one you choose comes with a windshield too.

Kitchen Storer

Your camp kitchen setup could be even more convenient if you add a kitchen store. It will keep you organized and make transport much easier. You can use it for storing cups, utensils, plates, tea towels, trash bags, sponges, and even more.

Cold Storage

Camping coolers play a big role in any camping trip. You can choose the most appropriate one for your camp kitchen set up according to your own needs. It would be a good idea to purchase a medium-sized one if you do not plan on having longer camping trips. However, in case your whole family travels with you, getting a bigger lunch cooler with more storage space might be the best option.


If you think you have learned everything about how to set up a camp kitchen, unfortunately, you are wrong. Every camp kitchen needs a camping table for even more storage space as well as eating. There is no need to invest in a super expensive table, but it is important to get a quality one.

Cheap plastic tables will do their job, but you could also go for a quality folding table as well. Also, you could get a camping chair to get an even better camping experience.

Cleaning Up

It is a good idea to get a washing bowl, especially if washing facilities are too far away from your camping place. Such bowls do not take up much space so they will not bother you when it’s time to pack. You could either do the cleaning up in the bowl or use the bowl to take your stuff to the washing facilities

Globo Surf Overview

Cooking during your camping trips does not have to be a difficult task. All you need is a bit of an organization. That is why learning how to set up a camp kitchen can help you on your next adventure. It may sound complicated, but it is nothing to be afraid of.

Firstly, choose our shelter to protect your food from the weather. Then, pick the rest of the elements, such as a stove, a kitchen table, a kitchen storer, or even a camping chair. Preparing delicious camping desserts will become a breeze with your new camp kitchen set up. Just be careful to follow the no trace principles wherever you go!

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