10 Ways To Remove Self Tanner


While being quick, safe, and easy to apply, self-tanners offer a beautiful and natural-looking tan. However, this only happens if you apply the tanning product correctly. Generally, most people tend to make mistakes while applying their self-tanners. 

While mistakes are inevitable, having streaks and splotches on your skin is not appealing. The best way to correct tanning mistakes is to remove self-tan. In this guide, we will show you how to remove self-tanner. 

How to Get Tanning Lotion Off


There are various ways to get tanning lotion off. You can use toothpaste, nail polish remover, vinegar, lemon juice, and alcohol. For most of these solutions, you will only need to apply the product to your skin and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off with water. 

It is worth noting that different people will prefer using varying options. To make it much easier for you to choose the right solution, we will take a deeper look at the different solutions you can use to remove a self-tanner. 

10 Tips on How to Remove Self Tanner

1. Use Lemon Juice 

When it comes to how to remove self-tanner, lemon juice is one of the most effective solutions. It is particularly useful when you need to just lift away a couple of spots of self-tanner. 

Simply soak a cotton pad or cotton ball in lemon juice and then use it to dab your skin. If you do not have lemon juice at home, simply purchase a small bottle at the grocery store. 

2. Use a Body Scrub 

When applying tanning lotion or any other tanning product, exfoliation is extremely important – it is the key to getting a stunning and youthful appearance. However, it is not uncommon for self-tanners to leave spots and streaks even after exfoliation. 

If you have splotches and streaks, you can use the body scrub to remove them. All you will have to do is use circular motions to scrub away the tanning product. 

3. Use White Vinegar 

Being a multi-purpose product, most people already have white vinegar in their homes. You can use it in your beauty regimen to get rid of self-tanner. 

If you are wondering how to get self-tanner off hands using white vinegar, you will simply need to rub the white vinegar on and then allow it to sit for approximately 10 minutes. Next, rinse it off using clean water

4. Baking Soda 

One of the easiest ways to remove self-tan only requires some baking soda. If you already have baking soda in your house, you can use it to make a body scrub. Simply mix the baking soda with water before getting to work exfoliating away the self-tanning product. 

5. Baby Oil 

If you are trying to understand how to get self-tanner off your hands so that you can fix major mistakes, baby oil may be a good solution for you. When used correctly, it can help you reduce color over a large area to achieve a natural tanned look

To make this solution work for you, simply lather up with some baby oil and then allow it to sit on your skin for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Next, hop in your hot bath to rinse away the tanning product. In addition to smelling wonderful when used to remove self-tan, baby oil leaves the skin soft and supple. 

6. Baby Wipes 

While not all baby wipes will offer you ideal results, some do work. The ones that work feature a nice smell and are much easier to use compared to a body scrubber or baking soda. Irrespective of whether you had used tanning oil or lotion, simply use the baby wipes to slowly wipe away the product from your skin. 

7. Acetone or Rubbing Alcohol 

When trying to figure out how to remove self-tanner, chances are, neither alcohol nor acetone will be on top of your list of choices. This is understandable considering that both products smell kind of stinky. Also, the products can be a little harsh on the user’s skin. 

However, on the plus side, both products are extremely effective. Simply use the products just as you would use baby oil or vinegar. Rub the acetone or alcohol on your skin and allow the product to sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off. If you only need to remove the self-tanner from a small area, you can put the alcohol or acetone on a cotton ball or tissue and then gently rub the area. 

8. Use Toothpaste 

If you decide to go this route to remove self-tan, you will need to use a whitening toothpaste. Learning how to get self-tanner off hands using toothpaste is extremely easy. All you will need to do is rub it on, allow it to sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing it away together with the self-tanner. 

9. Nail Polish Remover 

This is one of the most effective methods – although rather harsh – of removing fake tan. If you decide to use this solution, you must use it for small areas and opt for a gentle polish remover. 

The acetone in nail polish breaks down the self-tan even after it has set on the skin. To remove self-tan using the nail polish remover, simply rub it on your skin and watch the tan disappear. 

10. Take a Bath

The most relaxing way to get rid of fake tan from all over your body is to take a nice and long bubble bath with essential oils. A combination of the oils and water will soften the skin cells, making it easy for you to scrub off the tan. After taking your long bath, you will simply need to use an old swim towel to wipe off the tan. 

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From speckled blotches to uneven streaks, there are numerous ways to spot a faulty fake tan. To fix these beauty blunders, you need to know how to remove self-tanner. It can take weeks for the tanning product to fade naturally on its own, hence, you have to invest in speeding up the process. In this article, we have outlined the top solutions you can use to remove self-tan. 

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