How To Remove And Replace Bike Grips For A Smooth Ride


Providing a comfortable connection between the rider and bike steering, handlebar grips are one of the most important bike accessories. In addition to eliminating strain while riding a bike, handlebar grips offer a non-slip surface, eliminating the struggle that is often associated with slippery handlebars. 

Handlebar grips are, however, a consumable item. Sooner or later, replacing handlebar grips becomes necessary. Before you can replace your handlebar grips, you have to know how to remove bike grips. In this guide, we will show you how to install a new pair of handlebar grips on your bike. 

A Detailed Guide on How to Remove Bike Grips

Bikes use two main types of handlebar grips – regular grips and lock-on grips. The steps you need to follow when replacing handlebar grips vary for the 2 types of grips. Below, we will show the exact steps you need to follow for each type. 

How to Replace Regular Grips 

1. Gather the Necessary Tools 

Regular grips are pretty simple. They use a combination of tension and friction to stay on all types of handlebars. To remove the grips, you will need three main tools – the purpose of these tools is to reduce the friction and tension, allowing you to slide the grips off and on the handlebar: 

  • Degreaser 
  • Flathead screwdriver 
  • 3 long cable ties 

2. Spray the Degreaser Under the Grip 

Using your flathead screwdriver, prise the inner end of your handlebar grip. Push the screwdriver under the grip from your MTB handlebar, being extra careful to avoid scratching the handlebar. Next, spray a small shot of degreaser under your grip. 

3. Pull the Grip Off the Handlebar

The next step on how to remove bike grips should be easy. Simply grab the grip and pull it off the road bike handlebar. If the grip still has a lot of resistance, you may need to add more degreaser. 

4. Clean the Handlebar 

Before replacing handlebar grips, you will need to clean the bike’s handlebar first – this will prepare it for the new grips. Use the degreaser for cleaning and be sure to wipe the handlebar dry afterward. 

5. Install the Regular Grips 

Place 3 long cable ties through your commuter bike handlebar grip. This acts as a low-friction rail for your grip to slide over. 

Next, start fitting the grip onto your handlebar with the cable ties still in place. Your grip should pull along the handlebar with ease. Once the handlebar grip is in place, remove the cable ties one at a time. 

How to Replace Lock-On Style Grips 

1. Gather the Necessary Tools 

Lock-on handlebar grips use either Allen/hex key heads to lock on the handlebar. For this reason, you will need tools that allow you to unscrew these heads to remove the old grips. You will also need these tools to screw the heads tight once you install the new grips: 

  • Bike multi-tool 
  • Allen key 
  • Hex key

2. Loosen the Allen/Hex Key heads 

Using your Allen/hex key, loosen the heads on your handlebar grip. If you are learning how to remove bike grips featuring 2 clamps, you will need to loosen the two clamps, one at a time. 

3. Pull the Grip Off the Handlebar 

After loosening the heads, removing the handlebar grip from your mountain bike should be easy. You will simply need to give the grip a light tug towards the end of the road bike handlebar – this should remove any attached plastic caps. 

4. Assemble the New Grips 

Parts of the bike grips will most likely come assembled. However, you will need to double-check to confirm that they are assembled correctly. You may also need to push the alloy collars into the grip’s plastic body. 

5. Install the Lock-On Handlebar Grips 

Once you have got the end cap on the plastic bits, you can move on to replacing handlebar grips. Simply slide the entire handlebar grip assembly into place – this should be easy with the handlebar heads loosened. 

Once your handlebar grip is in place, use the Allen/hex key to tighten the grips heads on the collar. This should secure the handlebar grip in place. 



Q: How Do You Remove Bike Grips Without Cutting Them?


If your bike has regular grips on it, you will need to reduce the friction existing between the handlebar and the grip. This can be done using a degreaser. Simply use a flathead screwdriver to raise the end of the grip and spray some degreaser under it. Next, pull the grip off the handlebar. If your bike has lock-on grips, you will simply need to loosen the Allen/hex key heads to slide them off the handlebar. 

Q: How Do You Change Bike Grips?


For regular grips, you can use a degreaser to reduce the friction so that you can remove the old grips. Once the old regular grips are off the handlebar, use 3 cables to slide the new ones in. For lock-on grips, simply loosen the Allen/hex key heads to remove the grips. Next, assemble the new lock-on grips, slide them on the handlebar, and then tighten the Allen/hex key heads.

Q: How Do You Remove Mountain Bike Grips?


To remove mountain bike grips, you will need an Allen/hex key. Use the tool to loosen the heads that lock the grip on the handlebar. Next, give the grips a tug towards the end of the handlebar to remove them.

Q: How Do You Remove Foam Grips?


Slip a thin flat-head screwdriver under the foam grips taking care to avoid scratching the handlebar. Next, spray some degreaser under the grips to reduce friction. Finally, pull the foam grip towards the end of the handlebar.

Globo Surf Overview 

Over time, handlebar grips lose their performance capabilities. Replacing handlebar grips is the only way to avoid issues that often result from deteriorated grips. In this article, we have shown you how to remove bike grips and replace them with new ones – with the instructions above, you should be able to make your biking trips much safer.

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