6 Tips For Prepare For A Surf Trip


So your friend mentioned these fat waves in Indonesia and you have been all excited about giving them a ride! Now you are probably counting down the days and can’t wait to hit the heck out of these currents. Well, hold on a minute! How well are you prepared for this trip?

You want to savor every moment of your surf adventure, right? Great! Then don’t waste your time telling all your buddies about it. You are thrilled, we understand that, but none of your friends will be there when those monster swells sway you away and your shortboard comes smashing into a cliff!

Instead, use this time to get yourself ready for the trip and do it thoroughly. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to prepare for a surf trip to help you have the safest and most enjoyable ride.

1. Get Surf Fit

Not only fit but SURF fit! You will be spending time in a not-so-friendly environment and exposed to elements that may harm you. Also, depending on where you choose to go for the surf, you might be dealing with heavier waves than what you are used to. Being physically fit gets you more flexible, prepares your body to take up more challenges, and gives you the energy you need to surf away from danger.

To get surf fit and ensure that you have a trip of a lifetime, you need to start working on these areas:

Paddle endurance

The best and easiest way to improve your paddle fitness is to paddle! Even when the weather doesn’t seem so friendly, just grab your paddleboard and go out for a wave ride. If you totally feel not up to the task, you can try swimming instead and you will still reap the same benefits. The idea here is to work your arm muscles and both exercises will strengthen these and build paddle endurance.

Cardiovascular Strength

Cardiovascular exercises will build your endurance and enable you to ride the waves for longer periods without gasping for air. Take a morning jog, go biking, skip the rope, do whatever, as long as it makes your heart race. But make sure not to overdo it. You don’t want accidents or injuries just before the big getaway!


You remember that yoga class you ditched six months ago just because you couldn’t keep up with a simple eagle pose? Well, it’s time you picked it up from where you left off! Why? Yoga will be your best buddy if you want to be more flexible in the ocean.

Flexibility is important in surfing. It enhances your surfing skills and prevents injuries. Yoga complements surfing in that it gets you more stretchy, improves your balance, and gets you more flexible.

2. Research Your Destination

Finding more information about your travel destination gives you an idea of what kind of waves you will be dealing with. You also get to know how to prepare for a surf trip and get everything you need in good time. Research on:

  • Wave sizes
  • Type of boards you will need to navigate the waves
  • How deep or shallow the ocean is
  • How the breaks are accessed; whether on a kayak, fishing kayak, or a paddleboard
  • How cold or warm the water and the outside air is
  • Local dress code
  • Most prominent diseases
  • How far the surf spot is from a medical facility
  • Areas where you can buy necessities in case you forget to pack something

3. Choose The Right Surfing Equipment


You already know where you want to go for the surf and what to expect. So what are you going to pack up in that travel bag?

If you are traveling to a remote area that has no shops around, bring EVERYTHING you require for the trip. You will need sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses for UV protection during sunny days. Put these in the bag. You may need to bring a pair of leashes too just in case one breaks.

Choose the right wetsuit for the occasion. If you are going to surf in cold water, you may consider getting a thick wetsuit and even a heat vest for extremely cold temperatures.

Check your surfboard. When is the last time you had it waxed? You don’t want that layer of cold-water fuzz from last winter to melt in your bags and leave everything wet, do you? Buy some wax and give that board a brand new layer before packing it up!

Don’t forget your first aid kit. You may be the most experienced surfer the world will ever see but accidents are inevitable. A few things could go wrong during the surf so it is important to throw a few first aid items in your travel bags especially if the area you are visiting is far from medical facilities.

4. Pick The Most Convenient Means Of Transport

You have just landed at the airport, how are going to get to your surf spot? Depending on how far the coast is from the airport, you may decide to hire a car to get you there. But remember you will be driving in areas that you are totally unfamiliar with so it might be a little hassle getting to your surf spot. On the brighter side, however, renting a car will allow you to explore the shore and discover spectacular surfing spots at your discretion.

If you are not comfortable about driving yourself around, you can employ a driver or a guide to chauffer or show you around. Guide packages are a great idea because you will always be in the right place and there are no chances of you getting lost in a foreign land.

5. Take Care Of Your Travel Documents

The last item on how to prepare for a surf trip guide is about your travel paperwork. Have your passport, surfer insurance, driver’s license, and your emergency contacts in order. Check to see whether there is any travel document that is expired and renews it before the trip. Also, make sure that the numbers listed as your emergency contact are available 24 hours just in case something goes wrong at the beach.

6. Bring A Few Friends

Never ignore the power of the buddy system. You never know when you might need someone to do some bandaging on your foot after hitting it on hard rock.

Unless you know a few people in your area of travel, never make a trip to a foreign land solo. Ask a few friends if they would like to tag along. You need someone to watch your back while in the ocean and bringing along your surf buddy will go a long way in ensuring your safety in the ocean.

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Surfing is breathtaking. It is actually one of the most enjoyable things to do in life. If you are planning to go on a surf trip, it is important to get yourself ready so that you can have the best moments with the waves.

The above tips on how to prepare for a surf trip will get you acquainted with things you need to do before your travel. Read these to the end and you will surely have a mind-blowing experience with the waters.

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