10 Ways To Make Family Ski Vacations More Fun


One of the most important aspects of the answer to how to plan a ski trip question is to include interesting and fun ski activities in your trip. This becomes even more important if you have kids with you on a trip. That’s why it is good to know what kind of ski activities will help you plan your trip and keep it interesting for both you and your little ones. In this article, we’ll show you how to plan a ski trip so it maximizes the fun.

1. Don’t Force Anything, Be Patient

The key to a successful and fun trip is a happy kid. Children are curious by their nature, and they’ll want to try everything they see you do. This includes skiing. If your kid is not interested or afraid for whatever reason, don’t force it. Kids can be overwhelmed and scared of unfamiliar experiences and it may take some time for them to get used to the atmosphere on the mountain. If you decide to force it, you may ruin many future ski trips.

2. Keep Your Sessions Short But Fun

When your kid decides to try to ski, be supportive and persistent, but make sure to keep it short. Kids need more rest than grown-ups and instead of joyful lessons, if you push your kid over the limit, you may end up with a grumpy little one that won’t want to go back next year.

3. Make It Tasty

Treats and candies will become your best friends. As mentioned above, kids can become really tired and grumpy, especially if they can’t learn how to do something properly. To minimize the stress level and to ease up the struggle, always carry candies and treats in your bag and use them as a reward for every good thing your kids do. You could also check out our Camelbak bottles guide to find the one that will keep your hot chocolate or tea warm during your session.

4. Extra Clothes

One of the biggest steps toward grumpiness comes from the fact that kids are uncomfortable. And there may be several reasons for this, but most often the main one is their activity level. Kids love to run around, build a snowman, chase each other and throw snowballs, make snow angels, basically do anything they could think of, so it is good to have extra clothes nearby, in case they become soaked.

5. Help Your Kids


At their age, everything is brand new for your kids and the sensation of skiing can be quite overwhelming.  Especially because it will be like learning to walk again, just on a different surface. Before you go to your ski resort, it is recommended to practice ski movement with your kids, so they become comfortable before you even step onto the snow. Secondly, once you reach your destination and start skiing, be ready to help them out if needed. And don’t show signs of stress, stay cool and patiently guide them through their routine until they learn all the movements and other stuff every skiing beginner should know.

6. Be Ready For Falls And Tears

Kids often break down and cry whenever they feel bad. Because of the nature of skiing and the fact that there will be a lot of falling, you should be ready for a bit of skiing fall followed by tears and maybe even fear. No matter how that fear seems irrational to you, the kid has its reason to be afraid, so try to work through it patiently, without forcing anything. Be the support and don’t tease them if they get scared because of something. It is something they can overcome, but you’ll have to be the one to guide them through it and help them get up.

7. Don’t Focus Solely On Skiing

Skiing is fun, ye, but for your first ski trip with your kids, your main focus should be to make them feel happy and pleasant along the way. This means you should find interesting things to do outside the ski track. Before you hit the road, inform yourself about possible shows or festivals or things your kid loves at home. Once you get there, you could surprise them with tickets for the show or take them to a local festival, tourist attraction, or somewhere you’re sure they’ll get excited about. Visit shops and look for the perfect souvenirs – preferably something you could use every day – and local restaurants, where you should try local specials. If you love board games, this may be the perfect opportunity to play with them.

8. There Are Other Snow-Related Activities, Too

Although it is the most popular, skiing is not the only winter activity you could enjoy. There are many different games you could try out. For instance, you could go ice skating or sledding, but that’s not all. Playing football or rugby in the snow can be quite thrilling and exciting, but you should also try snow soccer.

9. Be Creative

This is the perfect situation to show your creativity. You don’t have to do everything by the books and recommendations, try to think of some activity your kids will enjoy. For inspiration, you could use the following, or combine them:

  • Try out the sledding race
  • Organize snowball tossing tournament
  • If permitted, you could try ice fishing or winter camping
  • Instead of skiing, try snowshoeing
  • Build an obstacle course and measure the time you and your kids need to go through it.
  • Following the leader is another interesting game where you try to create a path of a single footstep to make it look like only one person used the track. You’ll need fresh snow.

10. Embrace The Chance To Learn And Help!

This is also the chance to learn something new. For instance, there will probably be lessons about snow safety where you’ll learn about avalanches. You could also see if there are guides that will show you local fauna and how to create bird feeders, and last but not least, you could have fun by using a construction paper to catch a snowflake and inspect it with a magnifying glass. You’ll be surprised how magnificent and complex it is.

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Now you know what to do – pack your stuff and enjoy your vacation. And if you have your idea that will help, let us know!

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