How To Get Into Rock Climbing For Beginners


If you are looking for an activity that will keep you fit and send your adrenals into overdrive, then rock climbing will be a rewarding pursuit. But it is also dangerous, hence it requires a bit of guidance for one to get started and hone the skill. 

The good thing about it all? You don’t need to be an elite athlete to get started, neither do you need to read dozens of climbing books to become an expert in it. With a good instructor and a few pieces of the appropriate gear, you can learn how to get into rock climbing. 

We are here to offer great tips for getting into rock climbing. Hopefully, they will make it easier for you to start and the whole exercise less intimidating. Let’s dive in!

5 Foolproof Tips On How To Get Into Rock Climbing 

Tired of watching others climb? Here are things you can do to join the fun too!

1. Find An Instructor

If you want to learn how to get into rock climbing, then the first thing you need to do is find a qualified guide. If you have an experienced friend, they can help you get started. Otherwise, just search for certified guides near you and hire one to teach you the skill, or contact local gyms or climbing organizations for instruction.  

While some people will prefer watching others and learning on their own, seeking guidance from a professional is important, especially in roped climbing where sound mastery of technical skills like knot tying and belaying is required.  

2. Start Indoors

You are itching to take the adventure to skyscraping peaks and rugged rock formations, we get it, but when you are just getting into rock climbing, the best place to start would be a climbing gym. Of course, you can try a real rock once in a while but only with a guide or in the company of experienced friends. 

Gyms offer a wide variety of routes you can climb than most natural destinations ever will. They are therefore the best place to build the techniques and strength you need to excel in rock climbing. Plus nowadays, you can find climbing gyms in almost every city, which makes them much easier to access than natural rocks. 

However, even in the gym, it won’t be all cakewalk and the first steps may be a little nerve-racking. You will even find some of these skillful climbers who will unintentionally intimidate you, but don’t be shy. 

If you want to find out how to get into rock climbing and be better than these experts, talk to the staff and let them know you are new to the sport.  They should be thrilled to introduce you to the facility and the various training options available for beginners. 

As a first-timer, your training will likely start with bouldering, whereby you only climb a short distance from the floor and land on a crash pad or cushion when you fall. Observe how your trainer moves and what routes he does. 

Take your time to learn these easy climbs and practice falling. But go easy on yourself, as perfection is not built overnight. Strength will come naturally with time. 

3. Get The Right Gear

Perhaps one of the reasons why most people don’t want to get into rock climbing is the hefty price tag of the climbing gear. But here is the secret; don’t buy all the equipment at once if you can’t afford it. 

If you can get climbing chalk, a good pair of rock climbing shoes, a belay device, and a climbing harness, then you should be fine. Paying regular visits to the gym, talking to other climbers, and climbing regularly will help you learn and understand what other gear you need so you can purchase it when you are ready. 

But these few pieces of equipment will enable you to climb both in the gym and outside without having to rent gear all the time and with other climbers who own their equipment. People who climb outside often should have some gear that can be shared, but to avoid inconveniencing anyone, you should at least bring the aforesaid personal equipment for yourself. 

4. Find Climbing Partners

Climbing buddies are one of the best ways to learn the ropes of rock climbing, especially if you are just starting. If you do not already know any climbers, start at the gym. 

Those training sessions are where you will meet and talk to other climbers, and climbing is fun and most effective when done in the company of friends. Simply being at the gym and interacting with others increases your likelihood of meeting climbing partners.  

Ultimately, you will find someone with the experience and equipment to climb real rocks and who will allow you to tag along. Maximize your sessions at the gym and acquire as many skills as you can by working routes with others, but if an opportunity to climb outside with a proficient crew comes knocking, do not ignore it. It could be your only chance to hang out with experts and try some of their equipment!

5. Hit Real Rocks

Once you have mastered the art, built strength, obtained the right equipment, and found climbing partners, it’s time to go outside. Go with an open mind and do not set unrealistic goals. 

However, this is a huge step and you will rely completely on your judgment, skill, and equipment. The experience can be dangerous, so if you are not confident in your climbing team, consider a guided trip. 



Q: How Do You Rock Climb For Beginners?


To rock climb as a beginner, the first thing you need to do is acquire training from a certified instructor. After that, buy the right equipment and look for climbing partners. Once you have gained enough experience, you can venture outside.

Q: Can You Go Rock Climbing By Yourself?


Yes, you can go rock climbing by yourself, but it’s generally not safe or fun to do so. If you are just getting into rock climbing and don’t have a partner, it would be best to try indoor climbing. Bouldering, for instance, would be one of the safest and easiest ways to climb without a partner.

Q: Is Rock Climbing Hard For Beginners?


No, rock climbing is not hard for beginners. However, a great deal of training is required for you to master the basics, based on the type of climbing you are doing. If you have a good instructor and the right equipment, rock climbing will be much easier and fun. 

Q: Is Rock Climbing A Good Form Of Exercise?


Yes, rock climbing is a good form of exercise. It helps build muscle strength and endurance, improve flexibility, and reduce stress. Rock climbing is also an excellent way to lose weight and boost brain function. Learn more about the benefits of rock climbing

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Rock climbing is a great way to workout. But it can be an intimidating sport, especially if you are just getting into it. The above tips and tricks, however, can help you hit the rocks with more confidence. 

But the secret to succeeding is making sure you are going easy on yourself. Just have fun with it. And if you fall, get back up and try again.

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