How To Fold A Pop Up Tent


For people who enjoy camping, pop up tents are quick and easy shelters. However, folding pop up tent is not always easy – for people who have never done it before, it tends to be an unexpected hassle. 

To store pop up tent, you will need to fold its poles together and then over each other. This will collapse your tent into a compact circle that you can easily seal in a bag until you require it again. In this detailed guide, we will show you how to fold a pop up tent. 

A 10-Step Guide on How to Fold A Pop Up Tent

1. Remove the Tarp or Rain Fly

Allowing you to waterproof your tent, a rain fly or a tarp is an important addition to any tent. If you had used a tarpaulin under your tent or a rain fly to keep rainwater from destroying your camping experience, you will need to remove them before folding pop up tent. 

After removing your camping tarp or rain fly, clean it thoroughly. Next, fold it and place it in your bag – folding a tarp is very straightforward. 

2. Clean Your Pop Up Tent 

Before preparing any camping tent for storage, you should clean it. Most of the time, cleaning the tent will just involve shaking out the pine needles, sand, and dirt – while you can attempt this later, it is worth noting that the debris can get stuck in the tent’s folds. 

Tip your pop up tent to pour out the debris. If you have time, wipe the tent down with a moist rug and some powdered laundry detergent. 

3. Dry the Tent 

Most people learning how to fold a pop up tent for the first time tend to ignore the importance of drying a tent. If you pack away a damp tent, you will end up having mold – this can make your pop up tent unusable in the long run. 

If you have time, you can allow the tent to air dry. Simply open the windows and doors and leave it for approximately 1 hour in the open air. 

4. Remove the Tent Stakes 

If you had used tent stakes to secure your pop up tent to the ground, you will have to pull them out – this should make tent folding possible. After pulling the stakes off the ground, wipe them to make sure that they are clean before packing them in your backpack.

5. Fold the Top 2 Poles Together

After pulling the stakes from the ground, stand beside the pop-up tent. The tent poles will be the ridges on top of the tent to your right and left. Stretch out to grasp both poles and then pull them together. 

6. Fold the 2 Bottom Poles Together 

On a pop-up tent, the bottom poles form the outer edges – these stick out to both your right and left. Reach out for both poles. Fold one of these poles up and over your top poles. Do the same with the second pole – if you do this correctly, you will end up holding all your four poles together. 

Note: Be sure to leave the tent’s door open – this will allow you to let out the air. 

7. Stand Your Pop Up Tent Up On Its Side 

If you have followed the first 3 steps on how to fold a pop-up tent, your tent should now look like a big taco. Keep holding onto the tent’s 4 poles as you flip it onto its side. Move it so that the open side of the tent’s taco shape is resting on the ground. 

8. Fold Your Top Poles to Your Back Hand

This part of the folding pop-up tent will require some flexibility. Stretch out your 2 hands again. As you hold the 4 tent poles together, reach out over the tent’s uppermost part. 

Grab the back of the tent’s taco shape and then proceed to bring it down to your other hand. Wrestle your pop up tent to the ground to flatten it. 

Since the tent poles are lightweight, you will need to apply a minimal amount of force to bring the tent down. Also, since the poles are flexible, breaking them is unlikely. 

9. Slide the Pop Up Tent Halves Together 

At this point in the process of folding pop up tent, your tent should look like 2 side-by-side fabric circles. To make the tent easy to pack, bring 1 circle over the other. 

10. Seal Your Pop Up Tent in a Bag 

Pop up tents are made to spring back into the shape you need when sleeping in the tent. A common mistake made by people who are folding pop up tent for the first time is relaxing their grip on the tent poles. 

To keep the tent from springing back into the shape it had before you started folding it, you will have to maintain a firm grip on the poles. Most pop up tents have an attachment that keeps the tent from popping up once it is folded – if your tent does have one, be sure to use it to secure the tent. If you cannot find the attachment in your tent, you can use a rope to tie the tent down.  

Press down on the tent with both your knees and hands to get rid of any leftover air that could be keeping it from laying flat. Finally, slip the pop-up tent into its bag for your next camping trip



Q: How Do You Fold A Pop Up Tent?


When folding a pop up tent, the first thing you will need to do is fold its four poles into the middle, beginning with the 2 top poles. Once the 4 poles are folded correctly, your pop up tent will resemble a large taco – grab this shape and put it on its side. Next, grab the top poles and fold them towards your backhand – this will give you 2 circles on the ground. The final step will involve sliding the 2 circles together and then popping your tent in its bag.

Q: How Do You Fold A Pop Up Castle Tent?


To fold your castle tent, simply press it down to bring both the top and bottom rings together. When pressing the tent down, ensure that all its parts – that is, windows and door – fall inside the rings. Press its top cone to remove any air keeping it up. 

Grab the bottom and top rings together and fold the castle tent to resemble a taco. Put one side of the taco shape down and then bend it back toward the center – this should give you 2 circles. Finally, bring the 2 circles together and put the castle tent in its bag.

Globo Surf Overview 

A folding pop-up tent is not as complicated as most beginners might think. With a little knowledge about folding techniques, you can re-pack your pop-up tent in just a couple of minutes. 

In this guide, we have shown you how to fold a pop up tent. The steps above are designed for all pop-up tents. However, slight modifications may be necessary for varying brands.

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