How To Properly Do An Underwater Dolphin Kick


The underwater dolphin kick is a whipping movement of both legs with slightly bent knees used mainly in the butterfly technique, which has completely changed swimming. It is considered one of five crucial parts of this sport, which is why it is referred to as ‘the fifth stroke’.

Dolphin kicking is the best way to improve efficiency in the water. Also, it is very beneficial if you want to make progress in overall race time. In case you are wondering how to do dolphin kick and improve your swimming, check out the following tips.

Why Use Dolphin Kicks?

The moment when you push off the wall is one of the fastest parts of a race. After doing that, you usually perform a kicking movement to maintain your speed. Try doing dolphin kicks rather than doing flutter kicks because they are generally more powerful.

Even though flutter kicks are fast, they cannot increase your speed off the wall in the same manner dolphin kicks can. An underwater dolphin kick engages more parts of your body, not only focusing on the legs, which makes it more powerful. It allows you to swim faster because it provides less underwater resistance.

How to Do Dolphin Kick

Use Your Whole Body

Do not rely solely on your legs when performing this kick. Even though kicking may be associated with just legs, your whole body should be engaged as you perform a dolphin kick. Getting a comfortable active swimsuit or swim trunks may help you move more easily.

Keep the Core Tight

Always keep your core tight while performing the dolphin kick movement. This will ensure your shoulders are still while you move through the water with the lower part of your body. Make sure your arms are completely still. As you are pushing your body off the wall, straighten your back, tighten your stomach, and focus on a kick of relatively low amplitude. Getting a pair of swimming goggles will protect your eyes in the pool.

Swim on Your Back

If you are not sure how to do the dolphin kick, try practicing on your back. This will make it much easier to maintain body movement while you keep the core tight. Simply flip back to get immediate results. You could use a swim cap to feel more comfortable in the water.

Feel Your Movements

People sometimes perform very jerky movements when trying to do an underwater dolphin kick. Try to keep your feet moving instead of making an abrupt pause at the end of your kick. Start moving your feet upward as soon as you are done with the downward movement. Focus on making fluid kicks, with a flow between your hips and toes.

Speed Up Your Kicks


Many swimmers perform slow and large dolphin kicks as soon as they leave the wall. However, dolphin kicks should be fast. Olympians kick so fast that you may not even be able to see their feet. Controlling the amplitude may speed your kicks up. Besides, practicing with swim fins may get you better results.

Find Out the Right Size

Maintaining a ‘’relatively low amplitude’’ may seem vague when you are learning how to do dolphin kick. Every swimmer’s kick is slightly different since everyone’s body is made differently. You should practice until you find what works best for you, even if it means swimming with a kickboard.

Find the Balance

If the underwater dolphin kick is too big, you may feel powerful. But, you are most likely producing too much resistance, putting a lot of effort but not moving that quickly. On the other hand, if it is too small, you may feel fast. However, the kick is probably not as powerful as it can be even though you are moving quickly.

You will have to find a balance between the two to learn how to do dolphin kick. Incorporating both speed and power is the key to creating the most proficient kick. Start with a really large one and see how long it takes to reach the break out point. After that, try a really small one and compare your time. Repeating this process may help you realize where to make adjustments.

Globo Surf Overview

The simultaneous leg movement of the underwater dolphin kick is very powerful. It makes you swim faster, improving your swimming efficiency. Even though you may associate kicking with legs, you should engage your whole body to perform a proper dolphin kick.

Keeping your core tight and finding the right size of the kicks is crucial. Speeding up your kicking may help as well. If you are having difficulties, try swimming on your back or swimming with fins. With these tips, you will be making progress in the pool in no time!

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