How To Properly Clean Hot Tub Filters


Having clean filters is essential when it comes to proper hot tub care. Cleaning may seem pretty straightforward, but there are some dos and don’ts. There are special ways you can clean your hot tub filters in order not to damage them.

There are many methods you can try, and you have to see what works best for you to maintain your hot tub with ease. Also, there are some things you should never attempt when washing the filters. In this article, we will show you how to clean hot tub filters and everything else you need to know about them.

How to Clean Hot Tub Filters Guide

Main Hot Tub Filter Parts

Hot tub filters have different parts that serve different functions. Learning about them can help you remember how to clean spa filters. Generally, there are three main parts:

  1. It is often pleated, white, and it looks like fabric. While the water is passing through it, it serves to catch all the debris. It is made from a specific type of polyester which is transformed and pleated.
  1. This is an essential part of any hot tub filter. The water which passes through it gives it strength. If this part is not properly working, it may affect the flow.
  2. End Caps. These are made from plastic material and they serve to attach hot tub filters to the hot tub. End caps typically come with openings. Some are equipped with two openings, while some have a slip attachment or a threaded end.

How to Clean Spa Filters

It is essential to know how to clean hot tub filters to prolong their life and avoid damage. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Turn off your hot tub, open the filters, and remove the cartridges.
  2. Carefully spray the filters with a hose of high pressure to remove debris.
  3. Soak the cartridges in Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) solution for 8 hours. Use 1 cup of TSP solution per 5 gallons of hot water. Next, rinse everything.
  4. Soak the cartridges in the acid solution for 1 hour. Use 1 cup of acid per 1 gallon of cool water. Rinse thoroughly.
  5. Soak the cartridges in the TSP solution again to neutralize the acids. Leave them for 10 minutes.
  6. Completely dry the filters before installing them to kill any microbes.

*Bear in mind that steps 3 and 4 are not necessary in all cases. TSP removes oil from filters, while acid removes calcium deposits. You should always be protected when handling acid, and never add water to acid, but vice versa.

Additional Cleaning Tips

Knowing how to clean spa filters effectively will not damage your filters. It is very important to know what is allowed and what is not to prolong the use of your hot tub filters. Here are some cleaning tips to be aware of:

  1. Do Not Use Bleach

Bleach indeed does a great cleaning job, but it should not be used on hot tub filters. Even though bleach can thoroughly clean almost any surface, it can also seriously damage the fiber. This will reduce the life and the quality of your filters.

2. Avoid House Cleaners

While you can clean the majority of your home with household cleaners, they should not be used with spa filters. Using inappropriate cleaners can lead to various problems, such as damage and foam problem. If you are having similar problems, you could use hot tub defoamers.

3. Avoid Dishwashers

Hot tub filters may seem like a perfect fit for dishwashing. The dishwasher is surely capable of removing all the dirt, but doing this is not recommended. If you wash your filters in the dishwasher, you are risking a lot of things. A powerful dishwasher session can reduce the quality of the filters by degrading the fiber. That is why you should never try this method, even if it looks tempting.

4. Do Not Use a Pressure Washer

Filters are sensitive and can be easily damaged. Not knowing how to clean hot tub filters can lead to damage which can cause many inconveniences. Pressure washers are too strong for the filter fabric, so you should avoid using them.

5. Do Not Forget to Clean the Rest

You should pay special attention to filter cartridges. Aside from using hot tub sanitizer, you should take care of other parts that regularly purify the water. Filter cartridges need additional care in case you regularly use the hot tub.

Cleaning the filter cartridges ensures the water stays clean and lasts longer. This will allow you to enjoy relaxing hot tub sessions when you feel like doing it.

6. Do Not Forget to Rinse and Dry

Rinsing the filters thoroughly is essential because it will remove all chemicals. Bear in mind you should always reinstall completely clean and dry filters. By doing this, you minimize the potential chance of damage and get rid of all the microbes.


Q: What Can You Use to Clean Hot Tub Filters?


You can use hot tub filter cleaners, TSP solution, acid solution, dry detergent, and even vinegar to clean hot tub filters. Just keep in mind you should rinse everything off and dry them completely before reinstalling them.

Q: Can You Clean Hot Tub Filters With Vinegar?


You can clean hot tub filters with vinegar. Simply place the filters in a 50 percent water 50 percent vinegar solution. Soak them for at least 3 hours and then rinse and dry before reinstalling. Keep in mind vinegar cannot remove all kinds of dirt. If your filters are very dirty, you may need to add a bit of hot tub filter cleaner as well.

Q: Can You Put Hot Tub Filters in the Dishwasher?


You should not put hot tub filters in the dishwasher because it can seriously damage the fiber. Dishwashing is generally too powerful for hot tub filters, so you should avoid doing this.

Q: How Often Should I Clean My Hot Tub Filter?


You should gently rinse the filters with water once a week, clean them with chemicals once a month, and give them a chemical soak every three months. Cleaning is very important, but you should not overdo it because you do not want to damage the filters.

Q: How Long Do Hot Tub Filters Last?


Generally, good-quality hot tub filters last from two to five years. Regular cleaning is essential when it comes to prolonging their lifespan and ensuring maximum comfort.

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Knowing how to clean spa filters is an essential part of hot tub care. Filters are made from sensitive fabric so they require special cleaning treatment. It is important to note that you can clean them with TSP solution, filter cleaners, acid solution, and even vinegar.

Never put your filters in the dishwasher since it can damage it. Rinse them with water once a week, clean them with chemicals once a month, and soak them in TSP and acid solution every three months. In case your filter seems damaged in any way, replace it with a new one.

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