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Granted, few things compete with the thrills you get when skiing or snowboarding down a mountain. The cold air in your face, the speed of the descent plus the fact that you get to try out some cool stunts.

However, it is not without its risks and a bad fall can cause major injury to the head. That’s why you need to know how to buy a ski helmet to protect your head from hard knocks. And what’s more, you get to keep your head warm against the cold air.

This ski and snowboard helmet buying guide teaches you everything you need to know when shopping for the best helmet.

Check for standard stickers

You want to make sure that you look for a CE sticker and an EN Number. These show that the helmet model is tested and can withstand a certain amount of force. This is how you know you are getting the best quality ski and snowboarding helmet.

The CE logo shows that the helmet meets European standards while the EN number will tell you just how much of an impact that the helmet can withstand. Of course, the higher the number the more the helmet can take.

As you learn more about how to buy a snowboard helmet, note that the outside of the helmet is referred to as the shell. Often it will be constructed from hard plastic. In case of an impact, it will spread the force throughout the helmet and this is how it protects the head.

It’s a good idea to read through the guide to ski and snowboard gear.

Get the right size

Next check the size. You will need to go through the manufacturer’s size chart and pick one based on the size of your head. If you are buying online, you may not be able to try on the helmet to find out how it fits. This is why it’s important to always have the correct measurements with you.

Also, you may be planning on wearing a beanie underneath. In this case, measure your head with the beanie and choose wisely.

A rule of thumb is that the helmet should never move back and forth when on your head. Whether you are wearing a beanie or otherwise. If it does, then it is too loose and will not offer you the best protection because it can easily come off during a fall.

After wearing your helmet shake your heads from one side to the next. If you feel like it’s moving, then you need to try on a smaller size. The best-fitting helmet should be tight and snug around your head and should most of all feel comfortable.

Ensure that you have the best snowboarding gloves.

Check out for vents


When deciding on how to buy a ski helmet, it’s always a good idea to go for a helmet that has vents. This will come in handy when skiing or snowboarding in the spring when it can get quite warm.

Vents will help regulate the temperature. Also, if you will be wearing a beanie underneath, it can get quite hot.

The goggle straps

This may not be the most important factor to consider, but it’s worthwhile nonetheless and it’s important to always keep in mind when deciding on how to buy a snowboard helmet. Goggle straps and clips located on the outside of the helmet will allow you to hook on your goggles.

Some skiers and snowboarders will prefer to strap the goggles on and then wear the helmet on top. It’s a matter of preference. The bottom line is that both the goggles and the helmet should be a good fit for each other to allow you to feel comfortable.

Removable earpads

When skiing and snowboarding in dry, cold weather you want to go for a helmet that has a plush lining as well as earpads. However, always keep in mind that you can get warm in the helmet especially when the sun comes out.  In this case, the earpads should be removable.

Also, make sure that you have the best all-mountain snowboard.

Moisture-wicking fabrics

The interior of the helmet should also contain moisture-wicking fabrics. This will absorb the sweat away from the skin. Something to keep in mind, however, is that the fabric should be removable to allow you to wash it before it starts to smell of sweat.

Many times, the inner liner will be constructed from EPS, short for expanded polystyrene foam. It can absorb plenty of impacts as well. During a fall it will cushion your head from the impact. That said it will also compress so it’s important to always a good idea to decide on how to buy a snowboard helmet after a big fall.

Some in-mold ski and snowboard helmets have both the shell and the EPS molded together. They are lighter than the other type of helmet which we look at next.

Injection-molded helmets, unlike the in-mold helmets, have both the EPS foam on a different shell to the main shell. They may not be as lightweight but they are durable and can take repeated knocks before needing to be replaced.

If you are just starting snowboarding, a good idea is to go for the best beginner snowboard.

Clips and clasps

These should be simple to adjust to allow the shin strap to feel comfortable on your chin. They will also make it simple to wear and remove the helmet. Some models have magnetic clips. They are super easy to wear and adjust and you can even do this with your gloves on.

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Several different factors need to be considered when deciding how to buy a ski helmet or snowboard helmet. From moisture-wicking lining to the best in clips and clasps. The bottom line is that the helmet should be comfortable, offer protection, while keeping you warm.

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