5 Tips How To Avoid Shark Attacks


With more and more people adventuring the aquatic world, attacks from one of the oldest marine predators, the shark, continue to rise each year. And even though most of these attacks aren’t fatal, anyone who ventures into waters inhabited by sharks still needs to be vigilant and respect these fish to stay safe in their territory. 

If you are planning a visit to the beach, this post will show you how to avoid shark attacks and stay out of harm in this environment. So here we go!

How To Avoid Shark Attacks – 5 Things You Should Do

Here are a few rules you should observe next time you go swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving with sharks.

1. Leave Shiny Jewelry At Home

Sometimes, how to prevent shark attacks will depend on what you wear. Gold chains, necklaces, rings, and other shiny jewelry may get a shark mistaking you for prey. Light-reflecting off a piece of bright jewelry may look like shiny fish scales, which could attract a shark towards you. 

Most shark bites happen as a result of the fish mistaking the victim for a food source. This type of attack is common to paddlers and surfers because quite often, sharks mistake their paddling and splashing movements for fish movements. 

2. Do Not Swim Alone

Whether you will be entering shark-infested waters or not, avoid going alone. It is always a good idea to go with a friend or a group, to ensure your safety. 

Sharks will be more skeptical to go near a group of people. Moreover, traveling with someone ensures that help is readily available, in the event you get attacked. When swimming with sharks, have one person watch them detect their changes in movement and behavior. 

However, if you can’t find anyone to travel with you, make sure to devise a way to keep sharks at bay. A shark repellent, for instance, would be a good place to start. This one will interfere with the sharks’ sensory organs, lowering their ability to detect your presence in the water. 

3. Avoid Areas With Fishing Activities

Sharks and anglers are all always hunting the same prey. Want to know how to avoid shark attacks in areas with fishing activities? Steer clear of these waters!

Sharks may be attracted by discarded fish in anglers’ lines or nets, so ditch waters where fishermen are luring. Even if you don’t see fishing boats, if you spot diving sea birds, there is a high possibility of fishing or feeding is going on.

4. Don’t Spread Blood In The Water

Did you know sharks can smell blood from a distance away? Not only that; they can taste blood and track down its source. So, here is the secret on how to prevent shark attacks by ensuring blood is not traced back to you – avoid going into the water if you are injured. 

Bleeding cuts or wounds can attract sharks, so let them heal before entering the water. Women need not worry if they are on their period, as tampons can remedy this. Besides, studies have found that sharks don’t like menstruation blood, so even without a tampon, it is unlikely that one would be at risk of an attack. 

5. Avoid Going At Dawn Or Dusk

Most sharks go food hunting at dawn and dusk, and they are harder for you to spot in the dark. If you don’t want to be mistaken for food, avoid visiting the waters at this time.  

Shockingly, not many shark attacks happen at this time. Most of them occur during the day especially in summer because this is the time when most people go to the beach.


Q: What Repels A Shark?


The smell of a dead shark has long been believed to naturally repel sharks. However, artificial shark repellent technologies are available and include magnetic repellents, electrical repellents, electropositive repellents, and semiochemicals.  These will keep you safe by driving sharks away from places where they are likely to harm you. 

Q: What Is The Main Cause Of Shark Attacks?


The main cause of shark attacks is prey identification mistake. In murky water, strong currents, or pounding surf, a shark may mistake human movement for that of their normal prey, fish. It makes a quick grab, then releases and gets away immediately. Such bites are usually negligible and cases of death rarely occur.

Q: What Time Of Day Are Sharks Most Likely To Attack?


Sharks are most likely to attack at dawn, dusk, or night. These are the times when sharks are most active and better able to spot you than you are able to find them. Surprisingly, most shark attacks are recorded between 0800hrs and 1900hrs, as this is the time when most people visit water bodies.

Q: What Color Are Sharks Attracted To?


Sharks are most attracted to high contrast colors like yellow and orange. These colors are easy to spot even in murky water. A wetsuit or swimsuit made of any of these colors will therefore make you look like shinning fish scales, which will draw sharks to you. 

Q: Are Sharks Afraid Of Magnets?


Yes, sharks are afraid of magnets. Magnets interfere with the fish’s ability to sense the electrical currents produced by the muscle movements of their prey. Magnetic shark repellents may be one of the perfect ways to keep sharks at bay while in the water.

Q: Do Sharks Like Period Blood?


No, sharks do not really like period blood. Sure, sharks can smell blood due to the chemical substances it contains, but period blood is not just blood. Its composition (remains of the uterine wall, mucus, and vaginal secretions), smell, and physical properties are different from the normal blood, and a shark will not interpret it as its dinner bell.

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Even though humans are rarely on shark’s menu, sharks are still dangerous and every watersport enthusiast should know how to prevent shark attacks. Avoiding fishing areas and shiny jewelry, going with someone, and diving during the day, are some of the ways to keep sharks away. But if you do get attacked, fight back and do everything you can to save yourself as quickly as possible. 

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