How Do You Dispose Of Waste From A Portable Toilet


Camping trips and similar large events would not be the same without the help of portable toilets. They are convenient, affordable, and necessary for any outdoor group gathering away from civilization. Since many people can be using the same toilet, it is crucial to learn how do you dispose of waste from a portable toilet.

Waste can be hazardous for both people and the environment if not properly dealt with. There are certain rules you should follow to maximize everyone’s safety during your next trip. That is exactly why we will answer all of your questions on how do porta potties work and how to dispose of waste. Keep reading to find out all you need to know for a successful camping trip.

How Do You Dispose of Waste From a Portable Toilet Guide

Portable toilets, also known as porta-potties or porta johns, are an essential part of maximizing outdoor convenience, just like portable chargers. While most of us have used them during camping trips, not everyone indeed knows how do porta potties work and what should be done with the remains. To decrease the risk of hazard, you should become more familiar with this topic before you pack your camping gear next time. We will tell you all you need to know about these kinds of toilets and safe waste disposal.

How Do Portable Toilets Work

Knowing how to properly dispose of porta potty waste is very important. But first, you should learn more about how do porta potties work. Most of them use the same basic principles. The waste typically falls into a large enough bin that has many gallons of capacity. Even though they are large, you should never wait until the waste starts overfilling the bin.

This can quickly turn into a messy and unpleasant situation, which could, in turn, become hazardous. This goes against leave-no-trace principles and should be avoided. Each portable toilet comes with an output hole. It is placed on the side of the bin and is used for emptying. Besides, many of them have sensors that indicate whether you need to empty the bin. This feature is very beneficial because it saves you from checking the toilet now and then which can be very unpleasant.

Disposing of Waste from a Porta Potty

To empty the waste, contact a sanitation company that specifies in that field. They will come on-site using trucks carrying large tanks used to store the waste. Next, they will start the process by connecting big hoses and portable toilet output holes. The waste will be sucked out through the hoses with the help of vacuum technology. The remains will be stored in the tanks which are specifically made for this type of waste.

This process is usually done very quickly, but the speed can vary depending on the functions of the truck. After everything is done, the sanitation crew will fill the empty bins with a certain chemical substance that keeps the toilets fresh. Also, it helps fight the bacteria and protects everyone’s health. Furthermore, the crew will bring a fresh stock of toilet paper, which will further optimize your outdoor convenience or leave a fragrance or a deodorizing substance.

After the dirty work is done, the trucks will get ready and leave the site. They will head to one of the authorized cleaning facilities that will sanitarily and safely take care of the waste. You can then return to normal activities, such as using portable toilets or playing camping games.

If you decide to host a large camping grill event, it is a good idea to rent a few portable toilets. The renting company will usually have a contract with sanitation companies that specialize in removing the waste. Ask the company about these details, and contact the person responsible for your venue in case the porta potty company does not cooperate with sanitation companies.


Q: How is Porta Potty Waste Disposed?


In order to dispose of waste from a porta potty, you should call a specialized sanitation company. They will reach the spot using trucks with large waste disposal tanks. Next, they will connect the trucks and the waste bins using hoses and suck out the waste. The waste is then properly taken care of at special cleaning facilities.

Q: Where to Dispose of Camping Toilet Waste?


Most camping toilets come with bags that can be safely disposed of in a landfill. Bear in mind that the disposal should be done properly, and only at special locations. On the other hand, if you are using a portable toilet, you should dispose of the waste by contacting a sanitation company that will do the work instead of you.

Q: How Often Does a Porta Potty Need to be Emptied?


According to the BSI standard, porta potties need to be emptied at least once a week, typically during the weekends. Emptying the toilets is generally a part of the portable toilet contract. Of course, if the number of users is significantly larger than the number of available toilets, they might need to be emptied on a more regular basis.

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Spending time away from civilization, such as during camping trips, requires relying on different items that can optimize outdoor convenience. For that reason, portable toilets, also known as porta-potties, or porta johns are considered an essential part of most outdoor group events.

To achieve maximum safety for both you and the environment, you should take proper care of waste disposal. Learning how do you dispose of waste from a portable toilet is needed for a successful camping trip. Contacting a sanitation company is the best way of disposing of the waste since it will be done professionally and sanitarily. The procedure typically does not last long, and it is usually done once a week. Happy camping!

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