Hot Tub vs Jacuzzi: The Ultimate Comparison Guide


Most people often use the term “Jacuzzi” to refer to all hot tubs. The truth is that Jacuzzi is only one of the numerous brands of hot tubs you can find in the market.

While Jacuzzis and hot tubs may not differ that much, they do feature a subtle but crucial difference. In this hot tub vs jacuzzi comparison guide, we will help you have a better understanding of both types of equipment.

Hot Tub Vs Jacuzzi Differences

In this section, we will answer 2 important questions – what is a Jacuzzi? and what is a hot tub? Exploring the definitions for “Jacuzzi” and “hot tub” should make it much easier for you to understand the main Jacuzzi vs hot tub differences.

What is a Hot Tub?

The term “hot tub” is typically used to refer to a small pool or large tub full of heated water and used for pleasure or hydrotherapy. While hot tubs and spas do feature some differences, the term hot tub is often used to refer to portable above-ground spas.

Traditionally made out of wood, modern hot tubs are manufactured using smooth acrylic material. They generally feature simple designs with bench seats and an average of 4 to 8 jets around the sides.

Hot tubs are usually complete and self-contained units – this means that the electrical control system, plumbing, filter cartridges, and other components required to operate the hot tub are built into its cabinet. Available in varying sizes, it is possible to find small hot tubs capable of fitting only one person and bigger 2-person hot tubs. Most 1-person hot tubs will hold approximately 300 gallons of water while the 2-person hot tubs feature the ability to hold an average of 800 gallons.

What is a Jacuzzi?

Simply put, Jacuzzi is a brand that makes and sells hot tubs. They are the most well-known hot tub brand but they are not the only brand. Other hot tub brands are available in the market.

The jacuzzi brand began back in 1956 when the Jacuzzi brothers invented the first hydrotherapy jet. After establishing a solid lineup of bathroom products and hot tubs, Jacuzzi managed to become the trade name for hydrotherapy.

The first hot tub was sold in America in the 1970s. At this point, the Jacuzzi brand had already become very popular, thanks to years of innovation. As a result of this popularity, the brand name later became synonymous with the term hot tub.

Jacuzzi does have its patents and unique technologies. However, ultimately the Jacuzzi is still a hot tub. Similar to other hot tub brands, Jacuzzis are available in a variety of sizes and styles. This means that you can select the Jacuzzi that fits your specific needs.

The Main Difference Between Hot Tubs and Jacuzzis


After going through the above definitions, you have probably realized why most homeowners use the terms Jacuzzi and hot tub interchangeably – both terms refer to equipment featuring the same design, uses, and benefits. The only Jacuzzi vs hot tub difference is that Jacuzzi is a brand (and hence it is only manufactured by one company) while hot tubs can be manufactured by a wide range of companies.

Hot Tub vs Jacuzzi Similarities

Hot tubs and Jacuzzis have numerous similarities. These include:

Their Features

Many Jacuzzis and hot tubs share the same amenities. Some of the shared amenities include:

  • Massaging jets
  • Electronic controls
  • Hot tub heaters
  • Cushioned headrests
  • Cascading waterfalls and spillways
  • LED lighting
  • Ample seating

It is important to note that the features you get on your Jacuzzi or hot tub may depend on the quality of the product. For example, premium Jacuzzis and hot tubs may include flat-screen TVs, Bluetooth technology, MP3 audio systems, and more luxury amenities – these may not be available in the standard hot tubs and Jacuzzis.

Their Benefits

Irrespective of whether you use the Jacuzzi or the hot tub, you will end up enjoying the same health benefits. Both offer numerous benefits but most people usually recognize their worth once they suffer from some form of pain. The general health benefits offered by hot tubs and Jacuzzis include muscular relief, relaxation of sore muscles, accelerating natural healing of back injuries, relieving stress and anxiety, improving blood circulation, decreasing pain in the joints, and helping with relieving arthritis pain.


Jacuzzi vs hot tub maintenance does not differ for the majority of the equipment. Both Jacuzzis and hot tubs feature the same maintenance procedures. For most hot tubs and Jacuzzis, you will need to follow the same draining and cleaning procedures.

To keep both types of equipment in the best condition, you will need to check the pH, chemical levels, and alkalinity regularly. Both the Jacuzzis and hot tubs require shock at least once every week.

Materials Used

When comparing hot tub vs Jacuzzi similarities, one thing that you need to understand is that both use the same material. If you are going for a more traditional Jacuzzi or hot tub, you may want to invest in one manufactured using wood – in particular, most manufacturers use redwood and cedar to manufacture their hot tubs.

People looking for a modern Jacuzzi or hot tub can buy one manufactured using acrylic, vinyl, and thermoplastic. It is worth noting that you can find inflatable hot tubs in the market – these are usually made from PVC and polyester.

Globo Surf Overview

After going through this hot tub vs Jacuzzi comparison guide, one thing you have probably learned is that there is no significant difference between the two pieces of equipment. After being in the market for too long (since 1956), the term Jacuzzi has become associated with all the products in the hot tub industry – this, however, does not mean that all hot tubs are manufactured by Jacuzzi.

The Jacuzzi vs hot tub similarities outlined in this article indicates that hot tubs manufactured by different brands will have the same amenities and benefits. However, the amenities and benefits may vary, depending on the quality of the hot tub. When buying a Jacuzzi or hot tub, the best thing that you can do is ensure that the product has all the standard and luxury amenities you need.

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